Don’t Restrict Voter Access Two Weeks Before the Election

Curbside voting has been banned in Alabama thanks to a recent ruling by the Supreme Court and an order from the Secretary of State. This essential service is crucial, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, for older and disabled voters to take part in the election safely. Demand the secretary of state immediately reverse his decision to restrict voter access.

Success: Historic Peace Agreement Signed in Country Ravaged By Civil War

Libya’s decade-old war has finally been brought to a close with the signing of a permanent historic ceasefire agreement. Libyans will soon be able to return to peace and progress with the cessation of hostilities. Praise the work of the negotiators in bringing about this long-awaited peace agreement.

Protect Disabled Voters’ Access to Ballots

Millions of American voters with disabilities could be forced to forgo voting or risk their health to participate in upcoming elections due to restricted access to polling stations and unreasonable rules for mail-in ballots. Urge state elections boards to ensure that no one has to give up their safety to exercise their democratic rights.

Punish Perps Who Use Painful Steel-Jaw Death Traps to Ensnare Animals

A coyote pup died as a result of injuries apparently sustained from an agonizingly painful, illegal steel-jaw trap. The man allegedly responsible for using this torture device should be held accountable. Demand full justice for this innocent pup and other animals endangered by willful disregard of the law.

Trump: Stop Attacking Top Infectious Disease Expert and Downplaying COVID-19

President Trump called Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s top infectious disease expert, “a disaster” and an “idiot.” This comes despite the fact that the U.S. has reached its highest peak in COVID-19 cases since July. In order to prioritize public health, demand Trump stop trying to turn the public against a trusted scientist.

Take Immediate Action to Prevent Disastrous Oil Spill

A tanker carrying approximately 1.3 million gallons of oil is at severe risk of sinking, which could lead to one of the worst oil spills in history. If immediate action is not taken, marine life and the Southern Caribbean region as a whole will face imminent ecological disaster. Demand President Nicolás Maduro urgently address the sinking vessel.

Trump’s Vulnerability From $1 Billion in Debt to China and Others Must be Revealed

Donald Trump has made himself vulnerable to extortion by accumulating up to a billion dollars in debt to China and other unknown entities. The prospect of these debts being leveraged by foreign governments is downright dangerous. Trump’s billion dollar creditors must be revealed.

Mitch McConnell: Don’t Push Millions of Americans Into Poverty During Pandemic

Mitch McConnell is blocking a much-needed Covid-19 rescue package that would keep millions of Americans out of dire poverty. Urge an end to his sick political games.

Hundreds of Animals Reportedly Found Starving in Filth Deserve Justice

Over 200 dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other pets were reportedly found starving and living in their own filth. The suspect apparently intended to transport them across the country on a harrowing journey. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Trump: Stop the Separation of Migrant Children From Their Parents

Over 500 children are without their parents as a result of the “no tolerance” policy enacted by the Trump administration at the southern border of the US. Finding their parents has proved difficult, if not impossible, as the majority of the parents have been deported to Central America. Sign this petition to urge President Trump to stop separating families.

Vote Here sign - Jay Phagan

Trump: Denounce Reported Placement of Unofficial Ballot Drop Boxes by Republicans

Republican officials in California have reportedly been setting up unregulated ballot drop off boxes and marketing them as official places to cast a vote. State officials ordered that the boxes be removed. Sign this petition to urge President Trump to denounce this apparent scheme and promote official voting practices.

Trump: Denounce North Korea’s Development of Huge Nuclear Arsenal

North Korea recently revealed a huge missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons to any part of the mainland United States in a single rocket launch. Conspicuously silent in the wake of this reveal is President Trump. Sign this petition to urge the president to denounce North Korea’s development of its nuclear arsenal.

Vista Outdoors: Don’t Invest in Tool for Mass Shootings

The owner of Camelbak and Giro just announced a massive investment in the notorious maker of the AR-15 military style weapon. Tell this company to stop selling tools of war to mass murderers.

Justice for German Shepherd Allegedly Stabbed to Death by Owner

A family’s German Shepherd was allegedly stabbed to death by his owner, and his body is still missing. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Don’t Endanger Vital Wetlands with Ineffective Flood Controls

A once-dead flood control project which would destroy crucial wetland habitats and drain public money has been revived by those who would profit from its construction. Demand that the project be ended to protect life and public funding.

Don’t Give Climate Change Denial a Voice on the Supreme Court

Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court has been filled with its share of controversy, but the judge’s concerning actions on one of the world’s most urgent problems often gets overlooked. Judge Barrett has refused to acknowledge climate change and holds a troubling anti-environmental track record. Urge the Senate to vote “no” on Barrett and “yes” on critical environmental action.

Protect Black Trans Women from Violence and Murder

2020 is the most violent year on record regarding crimes against trans and gender non-conforming people. In Pennsylvania, two trans women have been killed since spring. Demand protection for trans women and all members of the LGBTQ community.

End Trump’s War on the Environment

Donald Trump has promoted the growth of oil and gas drilling in fragile ecosystems, rolled back restrictions on air and water pollution, and weakened protections for endangered species. His actions contradict his claim in the debate that he supports clean air and water. Sign this petition to demand an end to Trump’s war on the environment.

Protect the Mojave Desert Tortoise from Extinction

The Mojave Desert tortoise has seen its population plummet due to hunting, development, global warming, and disease. Demand immediate, permanent protections for the species.

“Why Should I Care?”: President Trump, Character Counts in America

National Character Counts Week is kicking off in the United States, with arguably the worst possible ambassador in the world spearheading the cause. Urge President Trump to take this moment for serious self-reflection and finally stop his inflammatory, divisive words and actions.

Demand Control and Closure of Water-Poisoning Coal Ash Ponds

The Trump administration has announced that it will allow poisonous coal ash to continue to be dumped into rural water supplies in the latest attack on the environment and public health. This toxin has been linked to a rise in cancers and internal organ ailments. Demand that this administration protect life and the environment rather than corporate profits.

Disband Violent Police Unit With a Reported Record of Human Rights Violations

Calls to disband a controversial Nigerian police unit with an apparent record of brutality and corruption have been answered with the unit’s replacement with a near-exact copy. This move signals a complete disregard for Nigerians’ demands for simple respect and fair treatment from police forces without offering meaningful change. Demand that this new unit be disbanded before the cycle of violence begins again.

Protect Indigenous Fishermen From Potentially Racially Motivated Attacks

Indigenous Canadians have reportedly been attacked and seen their property destroyed by fishermen angered by their traditional fishing rights as defined by long-established treaties. Despite calls for intervention, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not offered assistance. Demand that he protect the rights of Indigenous Canadians immediately.

Trump: Denounce Harmful QAnon Conspiracy Theory

President Trump again refused to denounce QAnon, a conspiracy theory asserting that top Democrats are running a child sex-trafficking ring and attempting to overthrow the president. Trump has retweeted statements associated with QAnon and even praised the group for being “against pedophilia,” yet he claims to know nothing about them. In order to slow the spread of misinformation, demand Trump condemn the harmful conspiracy.

Shut Down Fur Farms to Protect Humans and Animals From COVID-19

Minks on fur farms could be responsible for spreading a mutated form of COVID-19 to humans, representing a serious danger to human and animal life alike. Demand that Governor Herbert order the suspension of farming until the danger has passed.

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