Stop Forcing Animals to Live in Plastic Prisons

Beloved pets find a gruesome death through the use of plastic in their cages. Guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, gerbils, and other rodents suffocate within constrictive tunnels and suffer internal damage due to ingestion of sharp objects. Sign this petition to save innocent animals from this wicked material.

Reopen LGBTQ+ Community Center Raided by Security Forces

An LGBTQ+ community center in Ghana was raided and shut down by security forces, denying the LGBTQ community their safe space. Demand the center be reopened.

Demand Justice for Asylum Seekers Abused by Border Patrol

The French and Italian border patrol has been allegedly abusing asylum seekers and denying their basic rights. There have been several reports of violence and destruction of documents necessary for refugees to seek asylum. Demand justice for persons abused by the authorities at the border.

Stop the War on Drugs

The war on drugs has always served as a vehicle of oppression. It is time to put it to an end and reconnect with the benefits and healing properties of psychedelics. Demand that the war on drugs be put to end and that entheogens be legalized.

Don’t Import Palm Oil Produced by Forced Labor

The world’s leading palm oil producer has been accused of several human rights violations, including violence, coercion, and sexual abuse. Demand a ban on imports from FGV and take a stand against forced labor.

End Exploitation, Kidnapping, and Terrorizing of School Kids

Hundreds of Nigeria’s schoolchildren have been taken from the safety of their classrooms by armed gangs and subjected to physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse. Little has been done to stop these mass kidnappings. Urge stronger protections for these at-risk youth.

Don’t Shield Animal Abusers from the Law

Iowa has the least restrictive animal abuse laws in the nation. Now, the little protections animals face will be stripped away even more. Demand that animal abusers not be shielded from legal punishment.

Puppy Reportedly Found Covered in Ice and Frozen to Death in Texas Backyard Deserves Justice

A puppy was found allegedly frozen to death on a Texas property. Another four dogs were found, reportedly covered in sheets of ice. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Support Healthcare, Education, and Housing, Not America’s War Machine

Ten percent of the Pentagon’s budget could eradicate homelessness and hunger in the United States, and guarantee tuition-free education and Medicare for all. Make these possibilities a reality. Sign this petition to demand President Biden support the defense budget cut.

End the Escalation of Violence in the Middle East

President Joe Biden issued an airstrike on Syria without congressional authorization. The attack compromises diplomatic initiatives and poses a risk of massive conflict. Demand that Biden stop bombing Syria and commit to peace in the Middle East.

Stop Senselessly Killing Animals for School Dissections

A learning institute promotes the mutilation of animals who were cruelly killed for science. Disfiguring animal corpses has no benefit whatsoever. Sign this petition to end dissection.

Stop Imprisoning Fish in Torture Chambers

Pet betta fish are routinely forced to endure endless torture, confined to tiny containers and fed an unnatural diet. Demand that these beautiful beings be freed from their agony.

Stop Cancelling Republican Leaders Who Voted to Impeach Trump

Cancel culture is alive and thriving…in the Republican party. Condemnations and censures continue to rain down on Republicans who defied their party’s dictates during the impeachment trial. Demand an end to this political retribution that undermines independent discourse.

Stop Driving Migrant Workers to Premature Deaths

Thousands of workers have been sacrificed in the lead-up to the World Cup. Exploitation, forced labor, and preventable deaths have hit migrant employees especially hard. Help protect these human beings from further tragedy.

Idaho, Stop Taxing Periods

Menstrual products are subject to a sales tax in Idaho, where hair loss treatment is not. This taxation of menstruating individuals is an act of discrimination and must be put to a stop. Tell Idaho to stop taxing periods.

Stop Poisoning Infants With Toxic Baby Foods

Infants are victims of poisoned and improperly labeled baby foods due to a lack of regulation surrounding heavy metal content. These toxins can cause illness that lasts throughout their lives. Sign this petition to protect children from harm.

Protect Vast, Biodiverse Nation From Environmental Cataclysm

The lands, air, water, and wildlife of Venezuela are at imminent risk due to years of environmental recklessness. Demand global action to rescue this haven of biodiversity.

Save Hippopotami From Gruesome Slaughter

Hippos in Colombia face an unjust cull due to their illegal import into a foreign environment. People’s wrongdoing has put these animals in a deadly predicament that must be resolved ethically. Demand the safeguard of these majestic creatures.

Extend a Helping Hand to Working Moms

Women, especially mothers, have been hit the hardest by the pandemic’s crushing economic effects. Demand needed reforms that will give moms the respect and the support they deserve.

Stop Logging Wildlife Habitats to Fund Children’s Education

For too long, Washington state has relied on the revenue of timber sales to pay teachers and keep libraries open. This is not sustainable and has caused extensive devastation to the land. Demand that the state find an alternative means of financing dependent counties that does not put everyone’s future at greater risk.

Success: Wolves Potentially Saved From Cruel and Horrific Death Due to Strychnine

The brutal and cruel killing of wolves with strychnine may soon be banned, thanks to Canada’s Health Ministry. Sign this petition to thank those undertaking this important battle and encourage further success.

Give a Voice to the Victims of Police Brutality

The “immunity defense” has allowed members of local police departments to get away with discrimination and violence without any consequences. Demand an end to qualified immunity and give a voice to the voiceless victims of police brutality.

Denounce Ted Cruz for Abandoning Dog in Freezing Texas Storm

When disaster struck, Senator Ted Cruz not only abandoned his state but also his family pet. In the midst of a frigid winter storm that left thousands without heat or power, Cruz left his dog Snowflake in a freezing house while he went on a tropical vacation. Sign this petition to hold Cruz accountable for his disgraceful and cowardly actions.

Wisconsin: Stop Taxing Periods

In Wisconsin, menstrual products are subject to luxury tax, while gun club memberships are not.This inequitable taxation of menstruating people is discriminatory and unconstitutional. Tell Wisconsin to stop taxing periods.

Stop Exploiting Inmates for Cheap Labor

Private companies that are contracted with government prisons are profiting from the forced labor of inmates. It is time to reclaim the rights of people who have been exploited by this corrupt system. Start by signing this petition to demand labor by choice and fair compensation for incarcerated individuals.

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