Abolish Federal Death Penalty and Set Life-Affirming Standard

The death penalty has become a stain on a civilized society that claims it values life. Discrimination and lethal misuse have long plagued this instrument of cruel and unusual punishment. Demand President Biden keep his pledge to prohibit the American government from killings its own people.

Husky Apparently Abandoned on Roadside by Fleeing Car Deserves Justice

A husky was reportedly left stranded on a Texas roadside by his caretakers. The young dog’s heartbreaking chase after his apparent abandoners was caught on video. Demand the suspects face a fitting punishment.

Don’t Give Sanctuary to Gun Violence

Missouri is placing more value on guns than on the safety and the lives of its citizens by restricting state officials from enforcing federal laws. Urge power-hungry politicians to reassess their priorities in the wake of a nationwide gun violence epidemic.

Animals Covered in Oil and Lit on Fire, Smashed by Rock, and Drowned in Trash Can Deserve Justice

A squirrel was sprayed with oil and set on fire, another squirrel was stomped to death, and a possum was drowned in a trash can, according to reports. Apparently, a 19-year-old man recorded himself performing these acts of abuse and then posted the videos online. Sign this petition to demand justice.

Kitten Apparently Shot and Swept Into Street Deserves Justice

A man allegedly shot a kitten, then had his friend sweep the cat into the street to be run over. This innocent animal died from her injuries. Urge full accountability for all involved parties in this shocking and deeply disturbing case.

Stop Playing Tug-of-War With Embattled Consumers

Northern Ireland is the latest center of dispute between the United Kingdom and the European Union. The region’s consumers are set to bear the brunt of the burden of these continued fights. Urge cooler heads to prevail and a unified plan of action to emerge.

Shame on Toyota for Making Climate Change Worse

Toyota has been secretly lobbying governments across the globe to prevent climate change regulations. The time for this type of greedy and reckless corporate behavior is long past. Sign this petition to demand Toyota stop undermining climate change efforts.

‘Tiger King’ Zoo Owners Must be Punished For Reported Abuse of Tigers, Lions and Jaguars

Dozens of wild animals were seized from the private zoo featured in the controversial series Tiger King, and the new owners now face accusations of trafficking and animal cruelty. Demand punishment that truly fits the alleged crimes.

Dogs Mutilated, Burned With Chemicals, and Strung Over Fence Deserve Justice

A dog was so horrifically cut-up and mutilated that the images cannot be shown without being blurred. Another dead dog was found with chemical burns across its body, while another dog was discovered strung up over a fence. Authorities must devote more resources to finding and prosecuting these horrific crimes.

Stop Unfairly Cutting Consumers From Credit Options

Credit is too often the death blow to consumers wanting that long-sought-after big purchase. Individuals with the ability to pay should not be defined by one number. Demand the replacement of credit scores with a more inclusive and accurate system for lenders and borrowers.

Stop Flunking College Prospects With Unfair Admissions Tests

College testing has become an exclusionary process that prevents countless otherwise-qualified students from reaching their full potential. Demand a deemphasis on SAT and ACT tests that hinder educational opportunity for disadvantaged populations.

Over 30 Maimed and Killed Pelicans Deserve Justice

A brown pelican was found with its humerus bone protruding through its skin, and its wing had been twisted several times around. There have been over 30 attacks of this nature in the past year. Demand authorities devote more resources to finding the attacker.

Success: Wasteful Trump Water Rule Washed Away

A non-sensical proposal for souped-up showerheads has been eliminated. Applaud this re-prioritization of water conservation and environmental wellness over reckless wastefulness.

Cat Found With Arrow Through Chest Deserves Justice

A cat was shot with an arrow and left to die. The arrow penetrated the cat’s chest, breaking numerous ribs, but miraculously missed the animal’s heart. Sign this petition to find and prosecute the monster responsible for this attack.

Protect Vulnerable Populations From Exploitative Conservatorships

Britney Spears’ struggle to liberate herself from the legal control of her father has shone a harsh spotlight on conservatorships and their potential abuse in America. Help restore fairness and equity to this controversial process.

Man Accused of Throwing Puppy Into Building He Lit on Fire Must be Punished

A 9-week-old puppy was burned alive when an arsonist threw her into the flames he lit, according to reports. Sign this petition to demand the stiffest punishment possible for this alleged crime.

Chihuahua Used as Bait for Dog Fights and Dozens of Imprisoned Pit Bulls Deserve Justice

Dozens of pit bulls used in fights, a Chihuahua used for bait, testosterone boosting supplements, animal skins, sticks used to pry open a dog’s mouth when it has bitten and held, and a contraption designed to “immobilize” female dogs for coerced breeding were reportedly discovered at an alleged dog fighting house.

Stop Sweeping Away Suffering of the Homeless

America’s homeless are swept away and forgotten by leaders. Homeless sweeps deprive these already-at-risk human beings of their safety, their belongings, their dignity, and sometimes even their freedom. Demand the U.S. extend a helping hand and not a closed fist to one of its most ostracized and demonized populations.

Give Minors the Choice to Protect Themselves From COVID-19

Minors are suffering and dying from preventable illnesses through no fault of their own. If these youth are of sound mind and body, they should be allowed to make their own critical medical decisions. Demand mature minors receive unfettered access to COVID-19 vaccines and other potentially life-saving healthcare.

Stop Exxon’s Climate Change Misinformation Campaign

An Exxon lobbyist was caught on tape admitting to the company’s efforts to oppose climate change legislation. Sign this petition to demand politicians stop taking their orders from Big Oil when it comes to the health of our planet.

Dog Tied to Bumper and Dragged Down Road Deserves Justice

A dog named Marley was tied to the bumper of a car and dragged a half mile down the road. The individuals who did this to Marley are still at-large. Demand authorities devote more resources to finding and prosecuting those responsible for this horrific abuse.

Dog Reportedly Shot and Killed in Dispute Deserves Justice

A dog and his owner were reportedly shot in a dispute. Unfortunately, the dog did not survive the alleged attack. Sign this petition to ask for the strictest penalty under the law if the accused is found guilty.

Don’t Further Destabilize Country on Verge of Collapse

Haiti’s people are suffering in the wake of another political earthquake. A president and accused dictator has been assassinated, and the country still struggles with the repercussion of authoritarian rule. Demand a deemphasis on military intervention and a commitment to helping rebuild a badly fractured democracy.

Don’t Pay Hunters to Trample Protected Land and Kill Reptile Species

Snakes are being rounded up and killed in a cruel slaughter disguised as a friendly competition. In the process, hunters are invading protected habitats. Urge an end to this killing for sport.

Hundreds of Indigenous Children Hidden in Mass Graves Deserve Justice and Peace

Widespread genocide may have been taking place in North America as recently as the 1970s. More mass unmarked graves of indigenous children are uncovered by the week, shedding light on some of Canada’s darkest events. Demand answers for grieving communities and a nation calling for accountability.

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