Justice for Alligator Bound and Impaled by Arrows

An alligator nearly died after being bound with rope and shot with arrows. The gator endured serious wounds and just barely survived. Sign this petition to ask authorities to find the attacker, who is still on the loose.

Success: Vital Wetlands Protected From Invasive and Toxic Industry

Uganda’s government will soon remove encroaching farms, mines, and factories
from its wetlands and lakes, preserving threatened species from extinction and giving conservationists the opportunity to better understand rare animals. Congratulate the minister responsible for his decisive action.

Mitch McConnell by Gage Skidmore

Stop Republican Party’s New Plan to Suppress Voters

The Republican party is doubling down on efforts to weed out Democratic voters for the 2020 election. The party was repeatedly banned from taking part in “voter fraud” investigations after suppressing and intimidating voters, but a recent court ruling has lifted this restriction. Demand that this attack on voting rights be stopped.

Stop Sending Refugees Back to Dangerous Conditions Due to Coronavirus Fears

Over 20,000 migrants and refugees have been turned away from the United States recently, using the coronavirus as an excuse. This attempt to satisfy President Trump’s anti-immigration agenda redirects many refugees back to life-threatening circumstances in their homelands or to crowded camps where they are more likely to be infected and infect others. Demand the country be sympathetic and accepting of refugees fleeing persecution and violence.

Doctor - Piqsels

Protect LGBTQ Health Clinics from Shutting Down in the Wake of COVID-19

Tens of thousands of LGBTQ citizens may be left without access to healthcare if life-saving health clinics close due to COVID-19. Demand the government step in to prevent these clinics from shuttering.

Protect Japan’s LGBTQ Community from Discrimination

Discrimination against Japan’s LGBTQ community remains legal in healthcare, housing, employment, and more. Demand equal rights for LGBTQ citizens.

Justice for Beagle Found Beaten and Drowned in Pond

A Beagle was found drowned in a pond after an alleged attack by his owner. Sign the petition to demand justice for this poor animal.

Don’t Use Threat of Coronavirus to Force Detained Parents to Permanently Give Up Children

Thousands of migrant parents in immigration detention centers are being encouraged to permanently give up their children to save them from the risk of coronavirus. Demand that this choice be withdrawn and replaced with a compassionate offer of help instead.

Dog Reportedly Starved Nearly to Death and Abandoned Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly starved nearly to death in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Dog wardens apparently found her on a street corner so emaciated that all of her ribs were clearly visible. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Trump: Stop Using “Obamagate” as a Distraction From Coronavirus

President Trump is accusing his predecessor, Barack Obama, of masterminding the 2017 Russia investigation in a blatant attempt to distract from his administration’s dismal response to the coronavirus crisis. Demand President Trump stop using “Obamagate” as a distraction from Covid-19 and instead start focusing on adequately addressing our country’s public health crisis.

Classroom - Asawin

Stop Diverting Coronavirus Relief Funds to Help Wealthy Private Schools

Betsy DeVos is pushing school districts to funnel coronavirus relief funds towards private schools. This puts the public schools that need it most at risk of closure and the students they serve out in the cold. Demand that DeVos put her political agenda aside and make sure the neediest schools receive the most help.

Stop Vastly Inflating Prices on Essential Goods During Pandemic

Consumers are feeling the stranglehold from unethical businesses that are pricing them out of essential goods and services. Price-gouging is the latest disastrous consequence of COVID-19, but national leaders can ease the pain. Demand consumer protection from preposterous price-gouging.

Don’t Threaten Native Americans Over COVID-19 Protections

Checkpoints that may be saving hundreds of vulnerable Native Americans from coronavirus are in danger of being removed, thanks to demands made by the governor of South Dakota. Legal action has been threatened if the tribes do not comply. Demand that the governor stop her efforts to bully tribal governments.

Justice for Railway Worker Killed by Coronavirus Due to Lack of Protective Equipment

A London railway worker died of coronavirus after being spat on by a passenger, but this could have been avoided if the company she worked for had listened to her concerns and given her protective clothing. Demand that her employers offer her family their support and protect their employees from similar dangers.

Protect the Public From Contaminant Linked to Fetal Brain Damage

A contaminant that has been linked to fetal and infant brain damage continues to be pumped into drinking water with no established limit, thanks to a decision made by the Environmental Protection Agency. This comes despite a 2011 study that states the chemical, which is found in rocket fuel, should be regulated. Demand the EPA reverse its decision to deregulate this chemical and instead impose limits in order to protect the public.

Dog Allegedly Kidnapped and Choked Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly kidnapped from an apartment complex and savagely choked. Demand that the suspect in this sadistic act of abuse be given the toughest penalty under law if he is found guilty.

Sick Dogs Allegedly Not Provided With Adequate Shelter Deserve Justice

Twenty dogs were allegedly not provided with safe shelter, and six of those dogs were thought by authorities to be sick. However, authorities released the suspect shortly after his arrest, and they are allowing him to improve the situation and to be re-investigated at a later date. Demand the dogs be rescued and placed in a shelter if it is thought he neglected or abused them to ensure they are safe.


Success: Government Commits Millions to Bushfire-Affected Wildlife

Australia’s government has committed to spending millions of dollars to aid in the protection of wildlife affected by recent bushfires. This is a huge step forward for the overall continent, which has a poor track record in handling wildlife crises due to climate change and the logging industry. Sign this petition to thank the government for taking this important step.

PATRIOT Act protest - Ashleigh Nushawg

Stop Government’s Attempt to Enable Surveillance of Private Citizens

The Republican-controlled Senate is attempting to erode American privacy rights while the nation is distracted by the coronavirus. The Senate passed a new bill that would reinstate that PATRIOT Act while rejecting amendments that would protect the rights of private citizens. Demand that the House pass these amendments to stop this dangerous attack on human rights.

Rescue Service Dog From Home Where Two Dogs Reportedly Starved to Death

According to reports, two foster dogs were found dead, and another foster dog was allegedly found emaciated inside Nicole Hutcheon’s home. Despite this, Hutcheon is being allowed to keep her service dog. Demand her service dog be rescued and taken to a reputable shelter if it is thought she abused or neglected other dogs in her care.

Dog Allegedly Infested With Maggots, Feces, and Urine Deserves Justice

A dog named Diamond was allegedly found to be infested with maggots, and was also said by a veterinarian to have feces in her hair and to stink of waste. Demand this dog’s owner be punished to the fullest extent of the law if she is found guilty of having treated Diamond in this horrific manner.

Dog Allegedly Dragged and Beaten Deserves Justice

An innocent Shepherd mix named Maverick was allegedly dragged and beaten by his owner. Demand the person responsible for this alleged animal abuse spend the maximum time behind bars and that the dog be re-homed to better ensure his safety.

Dog Reportedly Shot in Head and Mouth Deserves Justice

A helpless Labrador retriever mix was reportedly brutally shot in the head and mouth by an individual also recently accused of possessing illegal weapons and drug trafficking. Demand the alleged perpetrator be given the toughest sentence under law if he is found guilty, so that he will not be able to harm more animals or people.

Trump: Stop Making Vaccine Promises You Can’t Keep

President Trump is suggesting a COVID-19 vaccine will be available by the end of the year, a prediction that is unrealistic and misleading. Demand that the President of the United States stop lying to the American people and tells us the truth about COVID-19, the pandemic, and the potential future of a vaccine.

Success: Endangered Monk Seal Granted Safe Haven

The endangered monk seal has been given a second chance at a former prison island turned conservation paradise. The island has been repurposed to provide the perfect protected habitat for a species threatened by hunting, fishing, and coastal development. Thank those responsible for this conservation success.

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