Don’t Let Deforestation Kill Appalachian Foothills

The Appalachian Foothills are on the brink of devastation, their very essence under siege from deforestation, illegal dumping, and the relentless march of urban sprawl. Demand immediate, sweeping action to save this irreplaceable tapestry of life and culture.

Justice for Horses and Dogs Allegedly Victimized by Serial Abuser

Dozens of dogs and horses were allegedly severely neglected, leading to multiple reported deaths. Demand the twice-charged suspect face a full legal reckoning.

Protect Theodore Roosevelt National Park From Encroaching Development

Theodore Roosevelt National Park stands on the edge of ruin, besieged by creeping development, toxic pollution, and the relentless march of climate change. Shield this irreplaceable sanctuary from the jaws of destruction now.

Do Not Poison the Missouri River With Untreated Sewage

The Missouri River is gasping for breath, choked by industrial waste, farm runoff, and raw sewage. Demand swift, unyielding action to cleanse this vital artery of life and nature.

Don’t Let Ducks Go Homeless Due to Climate Change

The Prairie Pothole Region, the cradle of America’s waterfowl, stands on the edge of ecological ruin, battered by habitat destruction, pollution, and the relentless march of climate change. Take a stand now.

45 Animals Reportedly Horrifically Abused Deserve Justice

A staggering 45 animals have reportedly suffered at the hands of two people who also face accusations of child abuse. Demand an immediate, unflinching investigation to ensure justice is served.

Justice for Dog Reportedly Abused for Months and Buried Alive

Luna the dog was reportedly found buried alive, starving, and beaten so badly that she had to be put down. Demand a thorough investigation and a punishment that sets a no-tolerance precedent for animal cruelty.

Don’t Let Faulty Fridges Sicken Consumers

One of the nation’s most frequently used appliances is allegedly hurting consumers’ wallets and endangering their well-being. Demand consumer protection watchdogs take long-overdue action on America’s most maligned refrigerator.

Horse Allegedly Thrashed After Collapsing at Race Track Deserves Justice

A gut-wrenching video appears to show a licensed racer partaking in the merciless kicking and whipping of a faltering horse at a harness track. Demand a meticulous investigation into this alleged cruel spectacle.

Cats and Birds Allegedly Killed in Violent Attacks Deserve Justice

A rash of alleged animal cruelty cases and violence against defenseless creatures have recently come to light. Demand thorough investigations and stringent penalties.

Heroic K9 Sacrifices Life in Line of Duty: Demand Justice in Tragic Armed Robbery Case

A police dog named Kenzo lost his life when attempting to apprehend armed robbery suspects. One of the suspects apparently stabbed Kenzo to death during the chase. Demand justice for Kenzo.

Stop Cities From Drowning in Toxic Sewage

Recent extreme weather events have led to a perilous rise in sewage and contaminant discharge into rivers. Demand stringent policy reforms.

Save Young Girls From Diseases Caused by Early Menstruation

Children as young as eight are beginning their menstruation, which can put them at risk for multiple diseases later in life. Reports show that air pollution could be to blame. Save these children from needless suffering.

Do Not Poison the Neuse River With Industrial Discharges

The Neuse River is gasping for breath, choked by pollutants, industrial filth, and agricultural toxins. Demand swift, unyielding action.

Save the Appalachian Highlands From Rampant Deforestation

The Appalachian Highlands are on the brink of devastation, their very essence threatened by the relentless march of deforestation, mining, and climate upheaval. Preserve this irreplaceable tapestry of life, culture, and natural splendor.

Save the Catskill Mountains From Illegal Logging

The Catskill Mountains are bleeding, their very essence under siege from illegal logging, toxic pollution, and the relentless march of development. Protect this ecological stronghold now.

Stop Wildfire Smoke From Suffocating Vulnerable Populations

Deteriorating air quality in major cities, caused by pollution and wildfire smoke, casts a haze over these beautiful destinations and puts vulnerable populations at risk. Demand immediate action to curb this danger.

Don’t Choke People With Polluted Air in the Name of Festivity

Air quality in one major cosmopolitan city has been on the decline, putting those with pre-existing conditions at risk during cultural celebrations. Demand stringent regulations and preventive measures.

Stop Rapid Urbanization and Let People Breathe Clean Air

Air pollution is choking residents of one major cosmopolitan city and putting those with respiratory ailments at high risk. Demand stringent regulations and preventive measures to protect public health.

Restrict Recreational Activities to Safeguard Adirondack Park

Adirondack Park stands on the edge of annihilation, its ancient trees felled, its untouched lands invaded, and its ecosystems teetering under climate change’s dark shadow. Rescue this irreplaceable sanctuary.

Justice for Dogs Allegedly Starved in House of Horrors

Hundreds of animals were allegedly endangered—with many tragically dying—in a seeming house of horrors. Demand the couple charged with these reported acts of atrocious cruelty face the full measure of justice.

Protect Majestic Gypsum Dunes From Off-Road Driving

Gypsum Dunes, a fragile masterpiece of nature, teeter on the edge of annihilation. They are being marred by reckless driving, litter, and illicit camping. Act before the sands of time run out.

Stop Reckless Over-Extraction of Groundwater

Arid lands are gasping for water, a lifeblood drained by climate change, reckless groundwater extraction, and dismal management. Address water scarcity.

Stop Defacing Organ Mountains and Desert Peaks With Irresponsible Littering

The very essence of Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument is under siege from rampant development, desecration, and plunder. Save these irreplaceable cathedrals of nature and history before the sands of time run out.

Stop Damaging Chihuahuan Desert With Unsustainable Energy Projects

The Chihuahuan Desert stands on a razor’s edge, its delicate ecosystems and endangered species teetering between the promise of renewable energy and the peril of reckless development. Let’s honor the desert’s role as a vital carbon sink and sanctuary for life.

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