Push for Gender Equality to Prevent Mass Abortion of Female Fetuses

Millions of girls never have the chance to be born strictly because of their sex. Even if they do survive this prenatal gender bias, they face a lifetime of oppression and relentless discrimination. Advocate for fair and equal treatment of India’s women, from birth to death.

Stop the Violent Suppression of Peaceful Protests

Peaceful protests in Belarus are being violently suppressed with weapons of war, such as rubber bullets, water cannons, Molotov cocktails and reported torture. Hundreds of demonstrators have been arrested and dozens of journalists attempting to cover the movement have been detained. Demand that President Lukashenko put an end to these inhumane and oppressive acts of terror against protesters.

Dogs Reportedly Found Covered in Fleas and Painful Sores in Filthy Homes Deserve Justice

Two dogs were reportedly found with fleas and sores all over their bodies, in buildings where cats and children also apparently lived in filth. Demand the people accused of this animal cruelty receive a strict, just punishment if found guilty.

Dog Allegedly Kicked Repeatedly and Slammed on Ground Deserves Justice

A young dog named Angel was reportedly beaten for refusing to walk. Demand the person allegedly responsible for this crime receive the harshest prison sentence the law will allow.

Dog Allegedly Starving and Living in His Own Waste Deserves Justice

An elderly dog was reportedly found surrounded by urine and feces without access to food or water. Demand the person thought to be responsible for this horrific crime receive a stringent legal sentence if he is found guilty of mistreating this helpless animal.

Punish Petting Zoo Pranksters Who Allegedly Rode and Put Lipstick on Miniature Donkeys

Several miniature donkeys were reportedly harassed, and other animals carelessly released during an apparent break-in at a New Jersey petting zoo and farm. A SnapChat photo apparently showed a girl riding one of the donkeys. Demand justice for the animals still suffering from the after-effects of this alleged act of cruelty.

Ban Tik Tok Users Who Participate in Cruel “Holocaust Challenge”

Tik Tok users are posting videos of themselves mocking Holocaust victims on the social media platform. In what’s been dubbed the “Holocaust Challenge,” users wear striped uniforms and Star of David armbands. Urge Tik Tok to ban those who so senselessly and casually portray this cruel and horrific time in world history.

Dog Allegedly Left Zipped in Filthy Backpack on Truck Floor Deserves Justice

A tiny dog was reportedly held captive inside a zipped up backpack, while a woman drove around with the bag inside her truck. Demand that she be punished for this alleged act of dangerous animal cruelty.

Kenosha Police: Denounce Alleged Murder of Two Black Lives Matter Protesters

A teenager from Illinois reportedly killed two Black Lives Matter protesters and seriously injured another with a semiautomatic rifle during a march against the police shooting of Jacob Blake. The suspect seemingly acted in support of Kenosha police forces. Urge local law enforcement to denounce the apparent actions of this teen and all other militia members.

Don’t Suspend Groundbreaking Anti-Corruption Work

Extensive investigations into corruption in Brazil are under threat of being halted, despite significant successes in bringing dozens of dishonest individuals to justice. This would leave hundreds of cases unsolved and allow corruption to go unpunished. Urge the official responsible to renew permission for the investigations to continue.

Compensate Families of Migrant Medical Workers Killed By COVID-19

Hundreds of immigrants who served as key medical staff in combating COVID-19 in vulnerable communities have died from the disease they fought to eliminate. Demand that the families of these selfless people be financially supported by the federal government in their time of grief.

Federally Recognize Hundreds of Disenfranchised Native American Tribes

Native Americans in the United States have been consistently left behind, including hundreds of tribes that as of right now are not federally recognized by the government. In many cases this is in spite of treaties that should be granting them tribal status. Demand justice for the unrecognized Native American tribes.

Create Climate Change-Fighting Forest Shelters for Endangered Species

Assisted migration of depleted forests could write a promising new chapter for endangered plants, animals, and a world endangered by escalating climate change. Urge replenishment and resurgence of the country’s vital plant populations.

Release Nonviolent Criminals to Reduce Spread of COVID-19 in Prisons

The prison system in the United States has become a hotbed of COVID-19, and something needs to be done to stop the rapid spread the virus. Demand that nonviolent criminals be either released or transferred to home arrest situations to stop more people from dying from this horrible illness.

Don’t Give Mining and Logging Companies Free Reign to Destroy Environment

Vital protections for Indonesia’s environment could soon be eliminated despite widespread criticism. Foreign mining and logging companies’ demands for fewer restrictions have taken precedence over the welfare of communities and wildlife. Demand that the president of Indonesia put a stop to this destructive injustice.

Protect Teenage Mothers’ Access to Education

Thousands of teenage mothers in Kenya are denied access to basic schooling due to unplanned pregnancies. Without effective sex education, many more young women are vulnerable as Kenya maintains its COVID-19 lockdown. Demand that these teenagers be given funding, support, and instruction to guarantee their futures.

Don’t Undermine Fight for Women’s Rights With Seemingly Discriminatory Working Environments

Prejudice and discrimination may be infesting one of the world’s most important human rights movements. Mass resignations from the Nobel Women’s Initiative came in the wake of toxic work environment, misogyny, and racism allegations. Demand better for this global advocate of equal opportunity.

Cat Reportedly Impaled With Arrow and Left to Wander Streets for Days Deserves Justice

Robin the cat reportedly walked around with an arrow embedded in his torso for days before finally being rescued. Demand the person accused of shooting him receive the maximum punishment.

Grant Former Prisoners Who Fought Wildfires Firefighting Jobs

California uses people in prison to fight raging wildfires, but upon release these returning citizens aren’t allowed to get the training needed to become professional firefighters. Demand that people released from prison be allowed to pursue their EMT licensure and protect their communities from the damage of wildfires.

Justice for Crowing Rooster Allegedly Gunned Down by Angry Neighbor

A rooster was reportedly shot and killed for crowing loudly. This apparent crime caused widespread condemnation across France. Demand punishment for the man who seemingly confessed to this alleged act of cruelty.

Stop Capture of Royal Pythons for Meat and Profit on Black Market

Millions of royal pythons are captured every year to be killed for their meat or sold as pets. Studies have shown that snakes can experience emotions as easily as warm-blooded creatures, making their subsequent imprisonment even more unethical. Demand Africa’s government put a stop to the capture, sale, and killing of royal pythons.

Protect Lives of Threatened Land Rights Activists

Dozens of land rights defenders have been murdered in Colombia, making it the deadliest country in the world for those who stand up against abuse and exploitation from environmentally destructive industries. Demand that the government investigate these murders and protect those still fighting for rights and recognition.

Justice for Black Man Brutally Shot by Police While Entering Car

A Black man was shot several times by police officers while opening the door of a car. Reports stated that he was in “serious condition,” and it remains unclear why police turned to lethal force. Demand justice for Jacob Blake.

Protect Endangered Butterfly from Expanding Ski Resort

A ski resort expansion may mean death for the struggling Mount Charleston blue butterfly. Demand that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service stay true to the Endangered Species Act and protect the butterfly from extinction.

Success: Migratory Birds Protected Against Slaughter

Migratory birds killed in incidental acts can now receive justice, thanks to advocates who fought the Trump administration’s efforts to curb their protections. This means that anyone who treats birds as collateral damage will face legal consequences. Support this conservation victory.

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