Support and Protect Victims of Domestic Violence and Their Pets

Victims of domestic violence are more likely to stay in dangerous relationships if they have pets, as abusers may use the animal’s welfare as a bargaining chip. One piece of legislation can protect and support those in this situation. Demand funding and legal safeguards that will save many women and their pets from abuse.

Allow LGBTQ Groups to March in St. Patrick’s Day Parade

A St. Patrick’s Day Parade is banning LGBTQ groups from marching, even after nearby Manhattan lifted its ban. No one should be barred from this celebration due to beliefs based in hate and ignorance. Demand the head of the parade committee allow LGBTQ groups to march.

Success: Premier Female Athletes Score Equal Pay Victory

U.S. women’s soccer won a landmark settlement that will finally secure them equal pay for their talents. Applaud this strike against gender discrimination and this step toward long-needed reform.

Prevent Pandemic of Podcast Disinformation

Podcasting platforms have become the latest haven for conspiracy theorists and opportunistic profiteers spreading chaos and division. Meanwhile, real lives are being destroyed by online lies. Demand leaders stop letting these destructive elements stay unleashed.

Ban Apparently Abusive Auction From Veterinarians’ Property

An allegedly abusive animal auction was hosted by two veterinarians. Footage appears to show workers striking multiple different animals at the event. Demand any upcoming auction be banned from the property and that the victims get justice.

Support Puerto Rican Government Workers Demanding Fair Wages

Puerto Rico’s government workers have taken to the streets to demand fair wages. Call on the governor to guarantee higher salaries in the face of an increased cost of living.

Don’t Hit Brakes on Tackling Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is losing priority among America’s leaders, just as the United Nations is sounding another alarm on its future impacts. Call on U.S. leadership to keep clean energy and other climate-friendly actions top-of-mind.

Stop Over-Charging and Concealing Information From Electricity Consumers

An electricity monopoly is raking in money at the expense of consumers, while shrouding its decisions in secrecy. Demand transparency and accountability from companies that provide essential services.

Sledding Dog Reportedly Slammed to the Ground and Stomped on Deserves Justice

A dog at a sledding facility was reportedly abused on video by a current employee. These dogs are allegedly confined to their leashes and are not allowed to run-free. They deserve freedom and humane care. Demand a full investigation and the immediate firing of all employees that are found to be abusing the dogs.

Dog Allegedly Abandoned and Left Outside to Starve Deserves Justice

A dog named Tank was apparently left to die a cruel death from starvation. His body was reportedly covered in untreated sores and frostbite, and feces were found in his mouth. Demand justice for Tank.

Stop Slaughtering Crocodiles for Handbags

Thousands of crocodiles and other wild animals are being farmed and slaughtered annually so humans can wear so-called fashionable accessories. Demand an end to the production and sale of exotic animal skin products.

Stop Stealing Money From Starving Afghans

Children and families are still suffering and starving by the millions in Afghanistan after a brutal Taliban takeover. The American government is withholding funds from the country that could help its desperate citizens. Demand U.S. leaders stop reallocating life-saving aid.

Punish Russia to Fullest Extent for Ukraine Invasion

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has caused casualties, chaos, and could devolve into a tragedy of massive proportions with worldwide impacts. Demand global leaders take urgent and decisive action to curtail this crisis.

Protect Transgender Youth and Families from Blatant Bigotry

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas is pushing the idea that any gender affirming medical treatment is “child abuse.” He wants to investigate parents and have doctors, teachers, and the public report any instances they are aware of. Demand trans youth and their families be protected.

Don’t Cut Down Forests in Name of Clean Energy

Clean energy needs a workable path forward that does not cause harm to its main mission: protecting the environment. Demand a major New England electric power project deliver on its promises to the people.

Support Ukraine’s Efforts to Defend Itself From Russian Invasion

Russia has launched an imperialistic invasion of neighboring Ukraine in an attempt to rebuild the Soviet Empire. Ask President Biden to provide more weapons to Ukrainians fighting to defend their homeland.

Success: Bear Who Broke Into Homes for Food Saved From Euthanasia

The bear who broke into multiple California homes has been saved from euthanasia. DNA samples showed that he was not the sole culprit, and it is safe to relocate him to a different part of the forest once captured. Thank the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for investigating, listening to the public demands, and saving Hank the Tank.

Dogs Reportedly Left to Starve in Abandoned House Deserve Justice

Two dogs were allegedly left behind without food or water inside an abandoned home. It was reported that one dog died, and the other animal had lost a massive amount of weight due to starvation. Demand justice for these innocent dogs if it is discovered they suffered because of their owner’s neglect.

Success: Bobcat is Healthy and Safe After Reported Theft

The bobcat that was reportedly stolen from a farm is back safe and sound. The farm itself released video of Blanche the bobcat looking happy as ever. Thank the farm owner who took measures to ensure the safety and security of their animals after the alleged theft.

Don’t Euthanize Bear Named ‘Hank the Tank’ for Destroying Property in Search of Food

A 500-pound bear named Hank the Tank is being threatened with euthanasia because he is breaking into homes for food. The bear has not hurt any humans. Demand that he be relocated safely to a sanctuary and not killed.

Justice for Goldie: Protect Puppies From Deadly Neglect

Puppies and other vulnerable animals are dying due to widespread failures at the federal agency that should be protecting them. One such dog, Goldie, apparently declined right before an inspector’s eyes. Urge legislative leaders to fix deadly loopholes that are killing countless animals.

Blind Dog Apparently Starved and Abandoned in Remote Area Deserves Justice

Two dogs were reportedly denied food or water and then abandoned by their owner. One of the dogs was completely blind, leaving the animal at a huge disadvantage. Demand justice for these animals.

Success: Transport of Monkeys for Experimentation Stopped

The flights that transport macaque monkeys to be used in experiments will be stopped, thanks to public outrage. Kenya Airlines will not be renewing their contract. Thank them for saving so many monkeys from cruelty and death.

Success: Applaud Hate Crimes Verdict in Murder of Black Man

The three men who took Ahmaud Arbery’s life were convicted of federal hate crimes. Support the repudiation of horrific violence driven by racism and prejudice.

Enforce Stronger Security at Animal Shelter After Puppy Was Reportedly Stolen

A 7-week-old puppy was reportedly stolen from an animal shelter just days after undergoing surgery. Thankfully, she was returned and is now safe, healthy, and up for adoption. Demand stronger security at the shelter to ensure nothing like this happens to any other animals.

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