Start Paying Nations Equally for Reducing Greenhouse Gasses

The rise of greenhouse gasses has led to some regions receiving financial compensation for their efforts to reduce this environmental poison. Africa is a major player working with polluters but is not paid as equally as others. Demand fair compensation for African nations who are helping to save the planet.

Stop Making Toxins and Hazardous Waste Under the Guise of “Recycling”

Chemical companies want to classify toxic facilities as “recycling” plants, evading health and environmental regulations. Don’t let polluters get away with greenwashing hazardous waste.

Include Livestock’s Massive Carbon Footprint in Climate Change Talks

The meat and dairy industry’s huge contribution to the global climate crisis is once again being overlooked by policymakers. Call for action to reduce carbon emissions from animal agriculture.

Force Powerful Chemical Companies to Protect Public Health

3M produces toxic chemicals that reportedly leech into nature and eventually our drinking water. This powerful company has seemingly admitted the adverse effects its products can have on people but has done little to address it. Demand 3M work to reverse potential harm done and prevent anyone else from getting sick.

Save Citruses From Succumbing to Yellow Dragon Disease

Yellow dragon disease, a deadly bacterium carried in insects, is targeting orange trees around the world. Demand global leaders utilize a natural predator to fight this deadly foe.

Stop Torturing Transgender People in Singapore

Transgender people in Singapore are at risk of being forced to undertake reassignment surgery before they are ready. Many are already losing their safety and legal rights if the gender as which they present does not match their identification. Demand an end to the torture of transgender individuals.

Give Abortion Access to Immigrant Victims of Abuse

Many pregnant minors crossing the U.S. border come seeking escape from sexual abuse in their countries of origin. Immediate access to abortions is often necessary to preserve these young lives. Take action to give a second chance to immigrant children who are victims of sexual violence.

Ban the Reported Use of Slave Labor in Building Sports Infrastructure

Qatar, the host of World Cup 2022, has been accused of using desperate migrants to construct eight stadiums and tailor the surrounding area for the tournament. It is inhumane to take advantage of struggling people in great need of work. Demand a ban on this apparent use of slave labor to build infrastructure.

End Reported Racial Discrimination of Job Seekers

Racial bias has cost some job seekers to lose opportunities when hiring teams seemingly used racial identity to alienate certain candidates. Demand racial identification questions be removed from job applications to end this apparent discrimination.

Protect Consumers From Losing Big in Cryptocurrency Bubble Burst

Cryptocurrency is in freefall, and it is taking investors along for the ride. Demand leaders protect consumers from unchecked and unregulated greed.

Stop Stealing What Is Left of Native Land

Native American land is being taken over by the federal government. Additionally, land still owned by tribes often comes with heavy restrictions for use of natural resources, something quintessential to native cultures. Demand the Bureau of Land Management lift restrictions, return property to its rightful owners, and stop stealing from those who were there first.

Success: Potentially Innocent Man Granted Stay of Execution

A doomed inmate whom evidence suggests may have been wrongfully convicted now has another chance to fight for his freedom and his life. Applaud the reprieve given to Richard Glossip.

Young Activists Fighting Against Climate Devastation Need Our Support

A wave of youth-led activism has upended the politics of climate change and given us a shot at a livable future, as described in a new, groundbreaking book. Learn more about this mass grassroots uprising and support young people fighting the climate crisis.

Stop Neglect From Taking More Innocent Animal Lives

Neglect harms and kills untold numbers of at-risk animals every year. Urge national leaders to tackle this hidden epidemic of cruelty.

Make Election Day a Federal Holiday

Election Day, despite its importance, is still not designated as a federal holiday. Changing this would offer wider access to voting while reaffirming the vitality of the democratic process. Demand a status upgrade for Election Day.

Give All Communities a Fighting Chance Against Natural Disasters

Clear alerts for natural disasters save lives, yet a large part of the world lacks these vital aids. Demand more investment in early warnings and disaster preparedness as climate change worsens.

Stop Reported Extortion of Detainees’ Families

The soon-to-be-host of a major global sporting event stands accused of imprisoning foreigners for payoffs. Call on Qatar to end its alleged wrongful detentions and blackmail attempts.

Stop Thousands of Children From Starving to Death Due to Civil War

Tens of thousands of children and other innocent people are dying from a lack of food and other resources due to Ethiopia’s civil war. It’s time to put politics aside and help. Demand the U.S. intervene now and send food and water to prevent further loss of human life.

Success: Marriage Equality Reigns Supreme

Another nation has affirmed the right of matrimony to same-sex couples. Applaud the formal legalization of gay marriage throughout Mexico.

Don’t Squeeze Every Dollar Out of Distressed Consumers

A popular low-price discount store may be unfairly overcharging customers for its supposed bargain buys. Call for an end to these reportedly deceptive practices.

Stop Loading Landfills With a Scary Amount of Halloween Waste

The aftermath of Halloween comes in the form of tons of discarded pumpkins and candy wrappers, almost all of which end up in landfills. Fortunately, there is a chance at a new life for these items through compost and recycling. Demand easy access to viable recycling programs in all communities.

Protect Rescue Animals From Alleged Neglect at Shelter

Rescue animals are reportedly being put at risk at the place that should be safeguarding and protecting them. Demand the shuttering of a rescue facility that allegedly needs to be rescued from itself.

Don’t Steal Healthy and Safe Animals for Display in Zoos

Zoos are a resource to see and learn about live animals from around the world, but they may not always have the animals’ best interest at heart. Obtaining and breeding of animals that could easily survive on their own is exploitive and wrong. Demand zoos focus on endangered species and only keep injured or rescued wildlife that cannot survive in the wild.

End Pumpkin Shortage With Eco-Friendly Farming

Pumpkins and other crops are in short supply due to soil degradation. No-till farming could provide the lifeline they need to experience a resurgence. Demand agriculture experts invest in this potential solution.

End Litter’s Disproportionate Impact on Low-Income Communities

Litter pollutes the environment and negatively impacts quality of life in cities. This problem disproportionately affects low-income communities, who have fewer waste disposal options. Call for a more equitable distribution of urban trashcans.

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