Dog Allegedly Found Emaciated and Covered in Sores Deserves Justice

Target: Robert Berlin, DuPage County State’s Attorney, Illinois

Goal: Ensure the prosecution of Christina Helm for her alleged aggravated animal cruelty.

Police reportedly found a dog named Olive in a horrific state inside Christina Helm’s home. Olive was emaciated, covered in open sores, and struggling to walk, according to authorities. These distressing conditions were reportedly discovered after a concerned resident, who had been taking care of Olive while Helm was out of town, contacted the police. The dog was taken to an emergency vet where she was treated for severe dehydration and starvation. Olive eventually recovered from her ordeal.

Helm, 32, now faces multiple felony charges including aggravated animal cruelty and violation of owner’s duties. She was also charged with endangering the life or health of a child, as police allege that she abused the animal in a home where a minor was present. The charges followed a search of Helm’s home, where police reportedly found evidence supporting allegations of severe animal abuse. Helm turned herself in on May 28 and is currently held in DuPage County Jail.

The severity of the allegations against Helm calls for immediate and stringent legal action. Animal cruelty, especially when it involves such apparent neglect and suffering, must not go unpunished. Ensure justice for Olive and send a clear message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated.


Dear Mr. Robert Berlin,

We are writing to urge you to pursue the strictest possible legal action against Christina Helm, who has been charged with multiple felonies related to alleged aggravated animal cruelty. Olive, a dog reportedly found emaciated, covered in open sores, and struggling to walk, seemingly endured severe neglect and suffering that demands justice.

The details surrounding Olive’s condition are deeply disturbing. Reportedly emaciated and struggling to survive, Olive was found in a dire state inside Helm’s home. The dog was taken to an emergency vet for treatment of severe dehydration and starvation, conditions no animal should endure. Helm’s reported actions occurred in a home where a minor was also present, adding another layer of concern to this case.

We believe that prosecuting Christina Helm to the fullest extent of the law is crucial. Such severe cases of alleged animal cruelty warrant strong legal consequences to prevent future incidents and to uphold justice for innocent animals like Olive. We respectfully request that your office ensures Helm faces the maximum penalties allowed by law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: David Hilowitz

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  1. This woman needs to feel some of the pain she made Olice endure. She needs to pay all medical costs for Olive. She needs to have Olive placed in animas services. Helm needs a court order restricting her from ever being near an animal our owning one. The minor in the house needs to go to social services. Helm needs to stand trial for her many felonies like Trump but I’m sure he had a few more than Helm. Why hurt a dog? The dog probably loved Helm but Helm enjoyed watching the dog hurting. She’s a sick person needing mental assistance but she is also evil and need prison time for her actions.

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