Stop Dumping Toxic Chemicals in Rural Ditches

Harmful chemicals are sprayed into agriculture ditches year after year. These toxins can stay in the ground and water for decades, causing significant health conditions in people and animals. Help stop this unnecessary poisoning of nature.

Protect Ancient Pine Trees Perched High in Mountains From Ravages of Climate Change

Whitebark pine trees are the guardians of nature’s high mountain environments but they are being decimated by climate change. Sign this petition to protect these incredibly special trees from destruction.

Malnourished Horses and Dogs Allegedly Victimized by Owner Deserve Justice

A woman allegedly neglected her horses and dogs to the point of near-death, with a newborn colt dying tragically. She seemingly tried to escape justice by failing to appear in court and answer these charges. Demand her reported victims receive justice.

Fire Police Officer Who Reportedly Bragged About Driving Into Protesters

A Boston Police officer was recently caught on camera seemingly bragging about hitting protesters with his car. This is unacceptable. Stand with us in demanding the mayor take action against this officer.

Don’t Victimize Poorest Households in Fight Against Climate Change

Single mothers, retirees, and low-income families in Canada could suffer from new fuel regulations announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government. Demand that these new rules be altered to provide crucial funding to protect Canadians from rising fuel costs.

Don’t Use Covid Relief Funds to Accelerate the Climate Crisis

Billions of dollars in Covid relief funds are being locked into fossil fuels. Sign this petition to demand a shift toward clean energy.

End Discrimination Against Black Service Members

Black service members in the U.S. Air Force are significantly more likely both to face racial discrimination and to have their complaints about it dismissed or ignored. Demand that this discriminatory culture be ended immediately.

Lift Children Out of Poverty by Removing Limits on Aid

Thousands of children are at risk of falling deep into poverty under restrictive British laws which deny them the aid they need. Demand that this policy be ended to aid Britain’s most vulnerable citizens.

Justice for Millions of Livestock Who Die During Transport

Over 10 million farm animals die as a result of inappropriate transportation every year. Despite updated regulations, livestock still suffer fatal trucking conditions or are condemned and killed on arrival. Urge the government to take further action and stop this animal abuse.

Stop Imprisoning Pregnant Sows in Horrific Conditions

Sows are locked in small cages where they cannot turn around, and lie on a cold slated floor for long periods of their pregnancy. Stop the imprisonment of pregnant sows by signing this petition.

Tell Saudi Officials to Stop Spying on Journalists

A watchdog agency recently found Saudi and Emirati officials guilty of spying on Al Jazeera journalists. This is completely unethical and should be stopped immediately. Demand action from the King of Saudi Arabia.

Create Nationwide Eviction Moratorium

In the face of the looming housing crisis, we need strong leadership to step up and put a stop to evictions caused by COVID-19 complications. Demand President Donald Trump pass emergency legislation to stop evictions during a pandemic.

Protect Delicate Marine Life from Deadly Fishing Practices

Fishing nets which capture juvenile fish, trap dolphins and sea birds, and cause extensive damage to the ocean floor and reefs are once more allowed for use in Indonesia. Demand that the long-standing ban on these destructive methods be restored to protect weakened marine life.

Cats in cage - Christopher Gross

Justice for 20+ Cats, Dogs, and Squirrels Found in Alleged “House of Horrors”

Over two dozen cats, dogs, and even squirrels were found living in a so-called “House of Horrors.” Many of these poor creatures had to be euthanized. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Stop Slashing at Americans’ Healthcare for Political Gain

Millions of Americans could lose their Medicaid coverage because of a political dispute between the Trump Administration and the state of California. The nation’s premier health agency is threatening to slash 200 million dollars in funding if the state continues to require insurance providers to cover abortions. Urge an end to this ploy that endangers lives.

Dogs That Allegedly Died Without Water at Training Facility Deserve Justice

Two dogs allegedly died due to neglect at a training facility, and another was also said by a veterinarian to be extremely dehydrated. Demand the trainer responsible for this reported abuse be given the strictest sentence possible if he is found guilty.

Stop Torturing and Mutilating Lambs for Profit and Fashion

Lambs raised for wool have chunks of their skin cut off of their rump without anesthesia or pain killers. They are forced to undergo the mutilating operation because the sheep are bred to maximize wool production and are managed ineffectively. Help stop this abhorrent practice of “mulesing.”

Stop Forcing Pigeons to Perform for Human Entertainment

Racing pigeons is an abuse of pets that should be stopped. Many pigeons die during races, and are killed by their owners if they do not perform. Sign this petition to stop forcing these birds to fly for amusement and profit.

Stop Mercilessly Killing Coyotes for Bounty

Thousands of coyotes are killed each year due to the sizable bounties placed on their heads. These small but majestic creatures are an integral part of the ecosystem and this merciless slaughter must stop. Join the movement to stop the coyote bounty.

Free Teenage Girl Imprisoned for Online Pics

An Iranian teenager posted digitally altered photos of herself online. She was arrested for “corruption” and “disrespect” and thrown into prison for a ten-year sentence. Demand justice for a girl punished for the “crime” of being a teenager.

Success: Endangered Corals and Reef Habitats Protected

Coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea that have been decimated by climate change and other human destruction will be granted critical habitat protections. Thank the advocates who helped give some of nature’s most beautiful artifacts a shot at survival.

Trump: Restore Vital Living Space Robbed From At-Risk Wildlife

The Trump administration has doomed countless species to destruction and endangerment by restricting the definition of protected habitats and forbidding the designation of new ones. Demand that this cowardly act be undone before the new administration takes charge.

Justice for Cats and Chickens Allegedly Left to Die in Apartment of Horrors

Two cats and three chickens allegedly suffered starvation and mutilation before they died. The family who was supposed to care for them has been charged for their grisly deaths. Urge proper punishment in this case of reported gross animal cruelty.

Compensate Victims of Violent Abuse in State-Run Facilities

Hundreds of thousands of children in state care suffered extensive abuse over the course of decades in New Zealand. Demand that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern offer assistance to all survivors as they come to terms with this tragic legacy.

Share Conservation Funds With Crucial Overlooked Species

Vital species including snails and spiders receive a fraction of the European Union’s conservation budget, despite being essential to a variety of ecosystems. Under current practices, popular vertebrates such as wolves, bears, and birds receive more than their fair share of support. Demand that this funding be redistributed to protect all species equally.

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