Defenseless Cows Seemingly Brutally Slashed With Butcher’s Knife Deserve Justice

Target: Nayab Singh Saini, Chief Minister of Haryana, India

Goal: Implement strict legal action to stop the seemingly brutal slashing of cows and ensure justice for the injured animals.

In Ismailpur village of the Indian state of Haryana, a gruesome scene of animal cruelty came to light. Sixteen cows were discovered with severe, deep slashes caused by a sharp object, exposing their bones. This horrific discovery was made by animal activist Archana Upadhyay, who was alerted by locals to the dire situation.

The severity of the injuries, which appear to have been inflicted with a butcher’s knife, highlights the extreme cruelty reportedly inflicted upon these defenseless animals. Ravi Dubey, founder of Aastha Animal Hospital, expressed his shock and anger over the incident, describing the injuries as horrifying. This apparent act of cruelty has caused widespread outrage and calls for immediate and thorough investigation into the motives and perpetrators behind this attack.

Given the severity of the incident, holding those allegedly responsible accountable is imperative. Legal action under animal cruelty laws and the Haryana Gauvansh Sanrakshan and Gausamvardhan Act, 2015, must be enforced. Demand a rigorous investigation and stringent punishment for the perpetrators to prevent such cruelty from recurring.


Dear CM Saini,

The recent discovery of sixteen cows with severe, deep slashes in Ismailpur village, Faridabad, has reportedly shocked the community. The injuries, seemingly caused by a butcher’s knife, indicate an extreme level of cruelty towards these defenseless animals. Animal activist Archana Upadhyay and other locals uncovered this horrific scene, prompting calls for justice.

We urge you to take immediate action to ensure a thorough investigation into this reported act of animal cruelty. The severity of the injuries and the apparent use of a butcher’s knife suggest a deliberate and malicious attack. It is essential to identify and prosecute those allegedly responsible to the fullest extent of the law under the Haryana Gauvansh Sanrakshan and Gausamvardhan Act, 2015.

Ensuring justice for these animals is crucial for their welfare and to send a strong message against animal cruelty. We demand strict legal action against the perpetrators to prevent such heinous acts in the future.


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Photo credit: ILRI


  1. Karen Koch says:

    Those people in India are pure savages. They have no kindness for anyone or anything.

  2. So… cows are no longer sacred in India?
    And Karen K… animal abuse is a WORLDWIDE horror, not just in India.

  3. goh maria says:

    India, please protect your cows along with all other animals like street dogs and cats, etc too from those uncivilized vile animal abusers if you want to be a developed country soon. I have signed too many petitions on animal abuse cases already. Your people need to respect all living beings and be kind to animals!

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