Pennsylvania: Do Not Entertain Trump’s Attempts to Overturn Election Results

President Trump has personally appealed to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania, placing numerous calls to House Speaker Bryan Cutler. There is no evidence of any voter fraud. Sign this petition to urge Cutler to uphold the results.

Trump: Do Not Turn Down Opportunities to Purchase COVID-19 Vaccine Doses

The Trump administration turned down the opportunity to buy hundreds of millions of doses of the COVID-19 vaccination from drug developer Pfizer. Now, Americans may have to wait until the summer months to receive a vaccine that will soon be approved for emergency use. Urge President Trump to take every opportunity to purchase vaccine doses.

Stop Destruction of Sacred Native American Sites By Copper Mining

Ancient sites sacred to a Native American tribe could soon be lost forever to a copper mine. Ask President-elect Joe Biden to stop this backroom deal and give Native Americans the respect they deserve.

End Unfair Sex Examinations Which Violate Athletes’ Privacy and Dignity

Female athletes are reportedly subjected to invasive tests to determine whether they meet sporting authorities’ ideas of acceptable femininity, apparently forcing them to undergo humiliating examinations and operations to compete in the events for which they’ve trained all their lives. Demand that this seemingly cruel and outdated practice be ended.

Puppy Reportedly Shot and Killed With Arrow Deserves Justice

A puppy named Bailey bled to death after she was reportedly shot with an arrow while out for a walk. The suspect had apparently been doing target practice. Demand justice for Bailey and her grieving family.

Stop Killing Wild Ducks by Feeding Them Bread

Feeding bread to ducks causes undernourishment, disease, and other issues with the fowl, while creating an unhealthy and unbalanced ecosystem. Urge our government to stop people from doing unintentional damage to nature.

China: Protect All Animals and Make Cruelty a Crime

More life resides in China than any other nation on Earth, yet this country still refuses to protect its precious animals. Various animals are victimized and killed every day with no apparent consequence. Demand strong action against animal cruelty.

Dogs Allegedly Shot Dead and Left in Woods Deserve Justice

Two dogs were allegedly killed with a revolver in front of an innocent boy and left in the woods to die. Demand the person who reportedly committed this crime be given the severest punishment the law will allow.

Biden: Fire Lobbyist Who Protected Poison-Peddling Corporations

President-elect Joe Biden has appointed an official to his environmental team who defended a major chemical corporation as it spread a lethal poison through countless public water supplies. Demand that this choice be reversed and that Biden appoint known advocates of the environment and public health instead.

Stop Farm Animals From Being Tortured by Electrocution

Livestock are being electrocuted to force them into frightening and unpleasant situations. Cows, horses, pigs, sheep and bison are suffering physical and psychological abuse from the hands of unethical farmers and handlers. Help ban this abusive practice.

Don’t Punish Male Students for Wearing Nail Polish in School

An openly gay male student reportedly received and in-school suspension for refusing to remove his nail polish. This apparent act of homophobia and discrimination cannot be tolerated. Demand that the dress code be amended to allow students of all identities and orientations to express themselves freely.

Tell Portland Mayor to Stop Sweeps of Houseless Camps During Pandemic

Oregon has allowed houseless residents to shelter in place during the COVID Pandemic, yet Portland’s mayor continues to order deadly sweeps that displace and fine houseless individuals without giving them an alternative. Demand an end to this mistreatment.

Prepare California for Potential Trillion Dollar Mega-Storm

Scientists have recently warned of a potential trillion-dollar “mega-storm” set to devastate California with floods. Demand Governor Newsom begin drafting emergency legislation to prepare for this disaster.

Demand Stimulus Relief for Essential Workers

Essential service workers tend to be the least protected and most poorly paid, yet they are at the highest risk of contracting COVID-19. Demand protections for them in newest federal relief package.

Trump: Join Former Presidents in Endorsing COVID Vaccine

Former U.S. Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton have all stated that they are willing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine once it is available, to help stave off skepticism and fear of this important advance in medicine. Sign this petition to urge Donald Trump to also agree to a public vaccination.

Urge TikTok Star to Apologize for Potential Closure of COVID-19 Testing Site

Tik Tok star Addison Rae was scheduled to film a movie at a location that required the closure of a COVID-19 testing site, preventing at least 504 patients from attending scheduled appointments during a global pandemic. Sign this petition to urge Addison Rae to apologize and to commit to prioritizing public health in the future.

Protect Religious Minorities From Brutal Attacks

A majority-Christian village has been brutally assaulted in Indonesia, with four villagers killed and hundreds more forced to flee their homes in the latest assault on religious minorities. Demand that Indonesia’s government take action to end religious violence and protect all citizens regardless of creed.

Facebook: Commit to Removing Posts with Medical Misinformation

People, including at least one child, have died as a result of medical misinformation spread on Facebook. The social media company has committed to removing misleading posts about the COVID-19 vaccine, but this policy should extend to all conditions. Sign this petition to urge Facebook to remove all medical propaganda.

Protect Americans From Homelessness During a Deadly Pandemic

Millions of Americans will face homelessness as early as December 31 if an additional coronavirus stimulus package is not passed. Sign this petition to urge Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to extend eviction protection.

Don’t Fund and Support Suspected Slavery

North Korean slave labor may be producing the personal protective equipment sent to many prominent nations. Workers under duress may endure punishing workdays, limited freedoms, and government-seized wages. Demand the support of these alleged human indignities end now.

Don’t Threaten Critically Endangered Orangutans with Hydroelectric Dam

A newly discovered and critically endangered orangutan could soon be wiped out by the construction of a massive hydroelectric dam in Indonesia’s forests. Demand that this project be cancelled to protect this beautiful animal and others like it.

Don’t Let Diesel Trucks Illegally Pump Toxic Chemicals Into the Air

Illegal tampering of diesel trucks has led to the pumping of hundreds of thousands of tons of toxic and potentially cancer-causing pollutants into the air. Help banish the destructive tools deployed in this environmental assault.

Success: Iconic Joshua Tree Receives Endangered Species Protections

The endangered Joshua Tree has finally earned protected status in an environmental success. Climate change hit Joshua trees and other endangered plants especially hard, with habitat loss worsening the crisis. Applaud recent steps taken to ensure the survival of these beloved plants.

Investigate Possible Desecration of Medic’s Body at the Hands of Soldiers

Philippine soldiers have been accused of desecrating the body of a young medic and using photographs of the event as propaganda. Demand that this possible crime be investigated and atoned for.

Stop the War on Same-Sex Parents

One politician thinks he can overturn legally recognized rights and decide who gets to be called a parent. He is taking his campaign against same-sex couples to the Supreme Court. Do not let this official push discrimination as the law of the land.

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