Success: Mental Health Gets a Lifeline

Target: John Draper, Executive Director of National Suicide & Crisis Prevention Lifeline

Goal: Support nationwide rollout of hotline for mental health emergency services.

The world’s mental health crisis is apparent, from pandemic- induced depression to a recent court case involving social media moderators and the harrowing anxiety they face. Mental health interventions and programs have also been advocated many times on ForceChange, including with this petition. The continued calls to action have yielded a landmark initiative in America that is celebrating its first birthday: a testament to its promise and success.

In July of 2022, the 988 hotline was launched. Intended as a complement to 911 emergency services, this crisis line is intended for callers in need of mental health aid or services. Callers in crisis dial (or text) the 988 number (where they may find a menu tailored to specific issues) and are immediately connected with trained personnel on the other end of the line. These individuals may simply lend a listening ear or may put the caller in contact with local providers who can help address their needs.

This initiative has many important benefits. For one, the number is easy to remember and use. It helps bring together various services under one umbrella. And it provides a safe space for individuals experiencing crisis who may be unwilling or afraid to reach out otherwise. In its first year, over five million individuals utilized the 988 service. Many lives were likely saved as a result.

Sign the petition below to encourage the continuation and growth of this essential service.


Dear Mr. Draper,

With five million contacts made in its first year, the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline is truly living up to its name and its mission. Now, far fewer individuals in mental health crisis will end up in an emergency waiting room, a jail cell, or—tragically—in a morgue. The trained counselors who comprise this nationwide network are changing and saving lives.

Thank you for helping make this life-saving service possible. With time, may 988 become just as ingrained in the public consciousness as 911.


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