Success: Allegedly Corrupt Prime Minister Will be Prosecuted to Fullest Extent

Target: Gali Baharav-Miara, Attorney General of Israel

Goal: Acknowledge the Israeli judiciary for being forthright with the Prime Minister.

The tables are finally turning for Benjamin Netanyahu, as the indicted Prime Minister of Israel has finally relented to halt the ongoing judicial overhaul process. Netanyahu has been indicted for breach of trust, bribery, and fraud. Critics have alleged that the ruling party initiated a comprehensive judicial overhaul process as a last-bid attempt to protect the PM from the ongoing trial. Mass protests intensified in Israel, demanding the government put a stop to the controversial process. Western allies of the State of Israel, including the United States of America, urged the administration to rethink the trajectory that might be turning Israel into a de facto dictatorship. The ForceChange community took notice of this vital issue and sent this petition letter, urging the government to stop the debatable overhaul. The administration finally agreed to pause the reforms, a major success for the voice of democracy.

The latest decision came days after the Attorney General (AG) of Israel, Gali Baharav-Miara, accused the PM of breaching a conflict of interest agreement that he had signed.  The AG stated in an open letter that Netanyahu is making an illegal move by intervening in the reforms process referring to a televised address, as it has the capacity to influence his trial. The Movement for Quality Government in Israel (MQG) has also lodged a complaint in the Supreme Court, accusing that the PM’s televised address violates the conflict of interest agreement. MQG has demanded imprisonment, fines, and other sentences appropriate in contempt cases. The SC has given Netanyahu one week to respond to these accusations.

The pattern of events that led the government to accede indicates a strong demand for an independent judiciary in Israel. It was reported that Israeli diplomats in foreign missions  participated in a coordinated strike to demand the government scrap the overhaul process. The protests intensified, with army reservists and trade unions supporting the demonstrations. The sign of the government cracking under pressure became evident when the PM fired the defense minister for demanding a pause on the judicial overhaul.

The recent developments indicate a major victory for a unified voice to defend one of the most powerful democratic institutions in the world. Sign the petition letter to acknowledge the efforts taken by the judiciary to influence this important shift in the government’s attitude.


Dear Attorney General Miara,

The Attorney General’s office has accused the Prime Minister of breaching the conflict of interest agreement signed by him that forbids him of any action that can influence his ongoing trial. Days after your office published the open letter; the indicted PM has decided to halt the planned judicial overhaul process.

We appreciate the efforts taken by the Attorney General’s office to make the Prime Minister of Israel know that he is not above the law.


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Photo Credit: Levi Meir Clancy

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