Success: Putin Charged With War Crimes for Allegedly Kidnapping Ukrainian Children

Target: Karim Khan, Chief Prosecutor of International Criminal Court

Goal: Support charges brought against Vladimir Putin and Russia for war crimes.

In a twisted bit of irony, Russia just prosecuted a Ukrainian soldier for an alleged war crime. Meanwhile, this nation stands accused by the United Nations of “systematic torture and killing” in multiple occupied Ukrainian regions. In the city of Mariupol alone, over 95 percent of the town was believed to have been decimated following Russia’s invasion. This ForceChange petition documented some of the alleged widescale crimes and called on the world’s foremost criminal court to take action. And they have finally listened.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin. The warrant specifically addresses the reportedly rampant kidnapping and deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia. Experts estimate that at least 16,000 children (along with many adults) have been forcibly moved to Russia, with the count likely much higher. Ukraine’s top prosecutor said of the atrocities: “Russia is literally tearing apart our future. We’ll do our utmost to bring children home and hold every perpetrator of the horrendous crimes accountable.”

Sign the petition below to thank the ICC for beginning this process of accountability.


Dear Prosecutor Khan,

Leaders need to be held accountable for the crimes committed in their name. For decades, the ICC has helped fight for this principle. Thank you for taking the first essential step in building a framework of accountability for one of the most consequential conflicts of our time.

The arrest warrant issued for President Vladimir Putin sends a strong message of condemnation for the alleged youth abductions and other reported war crimes taking place daily in Ukraine. Moreover, this action severely limits the movements and options of the man spearheading this deadly campaign. Justice may be long in coming, but with this action the world has hope that one day it will indeed be delivered in full.


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Photo Credit: Yevhen Sukhenko


  1. If Putin is finally captured, I think he will be extradited to USA, and spend the rest of his life in ADX, a secure prison in Colorado.

  2. Avatar photo Lance Kammerud says:


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