Success: Trophies Taken Away From Big Game Hunters

Target: Henry Smith, MP for Crawley

Goal: Support ban on grisly imports acquired through trophy hunting.

Trophy hunting has stirred strong outrage across the globe, with high-profile incidents such as the hunt involving Cecil the Lion stoking the flames. ForceChange has frequently brought attention to the controversial issue, including in this petition. Moved by such appeals and growing popular support, the United Kingdom (UK) is finally taking an important step against this deadly practice.

Banning trophy hunting itself is one crucial advocacy measure, but stopping trafficking of these “trophies” (animal parts) is an equally needed initiative. The UK parliament has passed a bill that would ban hunters from importing parts of frequently targeted animals (mainly in Africa) like elephants, lions, and giraffes into the region. In all, 6,000-plus species will be helped by the ban, including many endangered animals.

Sign the petition below to thank the leader behind this long-overdue conservation effort.


Dear MP Smith,

“This will play an important part in helping reverse the decline of wildlife across the world. I look forward to it becoming an act of parliament.” These words from the international diversity minister represent the feelings of countless advocates who have long lobbied for action against the trophy hunting industry and, more importantly, in favor of protections for the many endangered animals put at risk by these practices. The import ban introduced by you is an important step in the right direction.

Thank you for finally helping achieve this widely popular goal.


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Photo Credit: Zdravko Pecar


  1. Michelle Taylor says:

    The only good hunter is a dead hunter. Hunt the hunters!

  2. Taking away trophies from hunters does really hurt. And it couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people ( tongue and cheek)
    Trump lifted all bans so his son color kill at random and he did kill. I like the idea of taking away their prices. Excellent idea. Make it a law. America needs to stop Fed Ex and UPS from delivering body parts as that supports this horrible endeavor.
    Animals are on earth to live their lives. Humans need to respect that and also share land for habitats. Humans are the worst of the animal kingdom.

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