Success: Greyhounds Better Protected From Blood Sport Abuses

Target: Georgie Purcell MP, Animal Justice Party Member of the Legislative Council for Northern Victoria

Goal: Support improved tracking systems to safeguard greyhounds from illegal breeding, trafficking, and exploitation.

The horse racing season and its continued controversies serve as a stark reminder of the plight of another group of animals abused, neglected, and exploited for competitive racing purposes: greyhounds. This ForceChange petition and its supporters called on leaders to do more to protect these vulnerable canines. Now the efforts of a legislative party dedicated to animal justice could bring these long-overdue protections to fruition.

MP Georgie Purcell decried the sad state of these beautiful dogs, who are “killed in pounds, buried in shallow graves, starving, living in their own excrement hoping to be rescued or in concrete cells breeding hundreds and hundreds more greyhounds offshore.” She advocated for a more efficient and far-reaching tracking technology that would monitor greyhounds from the time they are born and throughout their lifespan to prevent their trafficking and export to other nations where they would be used for racing purposes. The tech would also crack down on trainers accused of funneling young pups into breeding mills under the guise of rehoming.

This proposal garnered unanimous support and will be integrated into the six-and-a-half million dollars of investments leaders have made to improve welfare for greyhounds. Sign the petition below to thank the person who spearheaded this important progress.


Dear MP Purcell,

You recently lamented how greyhounds “are not afforded the same protections as every other breed of domestic dog” and how one day “we will look back in disbelief that we allowed this industry that exploits such vulnerable, gentle animals to ever exist.” Thank you and your party for never letting the spotlight stray too far away from the threats posed to greyhounds and other exploited animals. And thank you for achieving legislative victories that codify protections such as the passed motion for enhanced greyhound whole-of-life tracking technology.

These living beings are now one step closer to enjoying the peaceful and humane life they deserve.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Ron Lach


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