Success: Global Leaders Commit to Ending Plastic Pollution

Target:  Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization

Goal: Support breakthrough agreements reached for global treaty to address plastic pollution.

An astronomical 400 million tons of plastic is produced globally each year. A sizeable chunk of this waste finds its way into the world’s oceans and other waterways, to the tune of 14 million tons. As a result, wildlife are poisoned, drinking water is compromised, and even air pollution intensifies. Signers of this ForceChange petition called on the world to make an urgent binding commitment to ending plastic pollution. Global leaders have now taken consequential steps forward.

At a recent international meeting in Paris, representatives from 180 countries convened to debate a proposed United Nations (UN) plastics treaty. While the discussions were contentious, a vital framework was established by consensus. Lynchpins of this framework include agreements about microplastics management, aiding populations disproportionately impacted by plastic waste, more rigorous regulation of plastic chemicals, and funding for these efforts. Many nations also championed limiting plastic production as a whole. And perhaps most vitally, the majority of countries backed a legally binding treaty (rather than a strictly voluntary one) with implementation set to begin as early as 2024. An upcoming meeting in Kenya will hash out the details and hopefully yield a final draft.

Sign the petition below to laud this important progress toward a healthier and more sustainable planet.


Dear Director-General Azoulay,

Ironically enough, a plastic gavel may have heralded in the world’s first significant action on plastic pollution. The framework established at Paris’ UNESCO meeting could be the action plan the planet needs to treat its sickness from plastics. Perhaps more importantly, it could bring swift, binding, and decisive action in the form of robust investments, stringent production guidelines, rigorous enforcement of policies, and a strong emphasis on environmental and public health.

Thank you for leading the way during these transformational talks that could shape our collective futures.


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Photo Credit: Lucien Wanda


  1. This IS good news!!!

    Now let’s see how long this lasts after the lobbyists pay money to have it disappear into oblivion.

  2. Avatar photo Richard Hofman says:

    Ha, ha, ha, I am sure 1000% that human ants will destroy this planet and this is just one tiny step forward to do that!!!
    All the Government people being paid by their Taxpayers do nothing to force significant changes to happen!!!

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