Success: School Workers Granted Higher Wages and Healthcare

Target: Alberto M. Carvalho, Superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District

Goal: Celebrate the major victory won by thousands of striking school workers in LA.

More than 30,000 school workers in Los Angeles took to the streets in heavy rain to demand change from the school district. They claimed that minimum wage salaries in Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) are insufficient, citing inflation and growing housing expenditure. Organized under the banner of Service Employees International Union Local 99 (SEIU Local 99), the workers rejected an earlier offer from LAUSD that promised a 23% raise. The ForceChange community took notice of this crucial social justice fight and sent this petition letter to the LAUSD Superintendent. SEIU Local 99 demanded a 30% raise and was determined to settle for nothing less. The school authorities had termed their initial offer as ‘historic’ and blamed SEIU Local 99 for refusing to negotiate. However, eventually, the LAUSD relented to the unified voice of social justice and accepted the demands in full. The tentative agreement is on the table for a consensus from members of SEIU Local 99. The workers’ union issued a statement, acknowledging the dedication of its members to “winning respect from the district.”

SEIU Local 99 stated that on average, school workers earn $25,000 per year, a pay scale that stagnated despite years of negotiations. Union members are working without a contract since June 2020, and they finally decided not to accept extensions a few days before the strike. The comprehensive strike was supported by United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA), along with many parents and kids. A White House spokesperson stated that President Joe Biden supports the rights of workers and the power of the ‘collective bargaining process.’

The tentative deal comprises a set of retroactive raises from 2021, that add up to a total hike of 30%. In addition, the deal provides workers with a one-time raise of $1,000, besides setting up the minimum wage benchmark at $22.52. Furthermore, it also involves the creation of a $3 million educational and professional development fund. The district has also agreed to provide free health care to any worker devoting at least four hours a day.

The victory of worker’s rights sets a strong precedent for social justice in the United States. Sign this petition to honor the struggle of workers and their determined fight for human rights.


Dear Superintendent Carvalho,

The LAUSD has finally relented to the demands of the striking school workers. The new offer agrees to pay a 30% rise in wages to union members, calculated retroactively from 2021.

In addition, the deal promises a one-time raise of $1,000 along with free healthcare for workers dedicating a minimum of four hours a day. Furthermore, the minimum wage benchmark has been set at $22.52.

We appreciate the efforts taken by LAUSD to set this precedent-setting and historic contract, championing workers’ rights.


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Photo Credit: Nick Youngson

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