Success: Attorney to Pursue the Drug Motive for Double Murders

Target: lan Wilson, South Carolina Attorney General

Goal: Praise decision to include drug charges in the trial of an alleged double murderer.

The ‘day of reckoning’ might be closing in on disgraced legal baron Alex Murdaugh.  The former attorney has been indicted on the double homicide of his wife Maggie and son Paul. Readers at ForceChange took notice of this thrilling trial and sent this petition demanding an investigation of the drug angle. He has been earlier accused of a botched assisted suicide attempt in cohorts with his drug dealer Curtis “Eddie” Smith. Both Smith and Murdaugh have been charged with the manufacture, possession, and distribution of opioids. The judge had earlier ruled out the testimony to this assisted suicide plot as irrelevant to the murder trial. However, in a critical turn of events, Judge Clifton Newman reversed the earlier ruling and sought the jury to take into account the drug angle.

In a twist of fate, this damning line of judgment was opened up by the defense attorney Jim Griffin. In a bid to prove that Maggie and Paul were killed by members of a cowboys’ gang, Griffin established that his client was spending $50,000 a week on drugs at that time. This led Judge Newman to reverse the ruling and point out to the defense that he initiated this vital line of questioning.

Several witnesses have pointed out this aspect of Murdaugh. He was arrested from an Orlando rehab.

The accused murderer had sent a text to his secretary Annette Griswold four months after the homicides. In the message sent from the rehab, he reportedly confessed to doing the most damage to his loved ones. Also, Murdaugh’s sister-in-law Marian Proctor has revealed in her recent testimony that Maggie used to call Paul the ‘little detective.’ Paul had a knack for finding out whether Alex was on a diet of pills.

Enquiring the hectic opioid addiction of the former lawyer may prove to be a breakthrough in this case. Applaud the court for reversing the previous ruling and for investigating the drug angle to establish a motive.


Dear Attorney Wilson,

All eyes are fixed on the murder trial of Alex Murdaugh at the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro. The disbarred attorney has also been accused of drug charges along with his indictment on double homicides. The case has taken a critical turn against Murdaugh, surprisingly because of the defense attorney.

The defense has been trying to portray Murdaugh as a loving family man, and a victim of circumstances. However, in a recent proceeding, defense lawyer Jim Griffin established that his client was spending up to $50,000 a week on his opioid addiction. This has led Judge Clifton Newman to reverse a previous ruling and ask the jury to look into the drug angle.

Attorney Wilson, we appreciate you for being a strong legal influence in this case that has opened up this new line of questioning.


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