Stop Destruction of Vital Rainwater Basin Wetlands

Target: Tim McCoy, Director of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Goal: Preserve Rainwater Basins.

Nebraska’s Rainwater Basins, a collection of unique wetland ecosystems, are facing a multitude of threats. From habitat destruction to water pollution and climate change, these challenges are escalating. The Rainwater Basins are not just ecological wonders; they are vital for flood control, groundwater recharge, and biodiversity.

These basins are a sanctuary for migratory birds and a variety of aquatic species. Their degradation could lead to a loss of biodiversity, affecting the ecological balance of the region. Moreover, these basins have cultural and historical importance, enriching Nebraska’s heritage.

Economically, the basins contribute to the state’s well-being by supporting eco-tourism and recreational activities. Their degradation could adversely affect these sectors, leading to economic instability.

Sign the petition below to call on the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to enact immediate, robust measures to conserve Nebraska’s Rainwater Basins. These measures should include habitat restoration, pollution control, and public education on the importance of these basins.


Dear Director McCoy,

Nebraska’s Rainwater Basins are at a critical crossroads. These unique wetlands are deteriorating due to a variety of factors, including habitat destruction and pollution. The evidence is clear: declining water quality, loss of native species, and increased vulnerability to climate change.

We strongly urge you to go beyond mere rhetoric and take concrete steps. A comprehensive, actionable strategy is essential for the preservation of these irreplaceable ecosystems. This plan should focus on habitat restoration, stringent pollution control, and public education initiatives that foster a sense of stewardship for these basins.

Inaction is not an option; the stakes are too high. These basins are an invaluable part of Nebraska’s natural and cultural landscape.

We implore you to act decisively and without delay. Implement a conservation strategy that not only mitigates current threats but also ensures the long-term viability of Nebraska’s Rainwater Basins.


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Photo credit: USFWS Mountain-Prairie

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