Protect the Rocky Mountain Front From Irresponsible Land Use

Target: Chris Dorrington, Director of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality

Goal: Protect the ecological and cultural integrity of the Rocky Mountain Front.

Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front, a breathtaking expanse of natural beauty, is facing a multitude of threats that jeopardize its ecological and cultural significance. From irresponsible land use to climate change, the challenges are numerous and escalating. This is not a trivial concern; it’s a critical issue that demands immediate, effective intervention.

The Front is a sanctuary for diverse wildlife, including several endangered species. It also serves as a natural buffer against climate extremes, and its rivers and streams are vital for both human consumption and ecological balance. Moreover, the area holds immense cultural and historical value, particularly for indigenous communities.

The threats to this area are multi-faceted. Unsustainable land use, including logging and mining, is degrading the landscape. Climate change is altering habitats and increasing the frequency of wildfires. Moreover, the encroachment of invasive species is disrupting local ecosystems, leading to a loss of biodiversity.

The Rocky Mountain Front is not just an ecological treasure; it’s an economic asset. It supports tourism, recreation, and even sustainable agriculture. Failure to conserve this area could have devastating economic consequences, affecting livelihoods and community well-being.

Given the multi-dimensional importance of the Rocky Mountain Front, the need for immediate, comprehensive conservation measures is both clear and urgent.

Sign the petition below to urge the Montana Department of Environmental Quality to enact immediate, comprehensive measures to conserve Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front. Key actions must include sustainable land management, wildlife protection, and climate resilience measures.


Dear Director Dorrington,

The ecological and cultural richness of Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front is at a critical juncture, imperiled by unsustainable land use, climate change, and the spread of invasive species. The data is alarming: loss of native species, degradation of natural landscapes, and increased vulnerability to climate extremes. The situation demands immediate, substantive action.

We insist that you formulate and execute a comprehensive strategy that addresses the multiple challenges facing this unique area. This should encompass not only sustainable land management but also robust wildlife protection and climate resilience measures.

Failure to act swiftly will have far-reaching implications, affecting not only the ecological balance but also the economic stability and cultural heritage of the communities. The Rocky Mountain Front is an irreplaceable asset, integral to Montana’s identity.

We urge you to act with the urgency that this critical situation demands. Implement measures that will not only mitigate current threats but also ensure the long-term sustainability of Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front.


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Photo credit: Sam Beebe

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