Save Irreplaceable Farmland From Soil Erosion

Target: Sherry Vinton, Director of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture

Goal: Mitigate soil erosion across agricultural lands.

Nebraska’s fertile lands, the backbone of the state’s agriculture sector, are experiencing alarming rates of soil erosion. This degradation is largely due to outdated farming methods, excessive tilling, and improper land management. The situation is critical and demands immediate, effective solutions.

Soil erosion doesn’t just affect farmers; it has a ripple effect across communities. The loss of fertile topsoil leads to decreased agricultural yields, which in turn affects food security and local economies. Moreover, soil erosion contributes to water pollution, further exacerbating environmental issues.

The economic ramifications are not to be underestimated. Agriculture is a cornerstone of Nebraska’s economy, and the decline in soil quality could lead to a decrease in agricultural output, affecting both local and national markets.

Sign the petition below to call on the Nebraska Department of Agriculture to take immediate, effective steps to promote sustainable agriculture practices. These should include the adoption of no-till farming, crop rotation, and the use of cover crops to prevent soil erosion.


Dear Director Vinton,

Nebraska’s agricultural lands are at a critical crossroads. Soil erosion, exacerbated by outdated farming practices, is leading to a decline in both land quality and agricultural productivity. The statistics are concerning: reduced crop yields, increased water pollution, and a decline in overall soil health.

We strongly advocate for immediate, concrete steps to address this pressing issue. A comprehensive strategy is essential, one that promotes sustainable agriculture practices such as no-till farming, crop rotation, and the use of cover crops.

The stakes are high. Neglecting this issue will have a domino effect, impacting not just agriculture but also water quality and community well-being. The lands are not just economic assets; they are part of Nebraska’s heritage and future.

We urge you to act decisively and without delay. Implement a plan that not only mitigates the current soil erosion crisis but also ensures the long-term sustainability of Nebraska’s valuable agricultural lands.


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