Preserve the Great Basin Wilderness From Rampant Exploitation

Target: Jennifer Carr, Administrator of the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

Goal: Safeguard the Great Basin wilderness.

Nevada’s Great Basin wilderness is a treasure trove of biodiversity, cultural heritage, and natural beauty. However, it faces mounting threats from illegal mining, deforestation, and climate change. The urgency of safeguarding this unique ecosystem is not a matter of debate; it’s a pressing necessity.

The Great Basin is not just a sanctuary for diverse flora and fauna; it’s also a vital cultural and historical landmark. Indigenous communities have deep-rooted connections to this land, and its degradation would be a loss for all Nevadans.

Moreover, the Great Basin contributes significantly to the state’s economy through tourism and sustainable forestry. Its degradation could result in economic hardship for local communities, affecting livelihoods and quality of life.

Sign the petition to call upon the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection to initiate immediate, robust conservation measures for Nevada’s Great Basin wilderness. These measures should include strict regulations on mining and logging, habitat restoration, and public education on sustainable practices.


Dear Jennifer Carr,

Nevada’s Great Basin wilderness stands at a crucial crossroads. The threats of illegal mining, rampant deforestation, and the adverse effects of climate change are jeopardizing this irreplaceable ecosystem. The statistics are unsettling: loss of native species, degradation of natural habitats, and an increase in pollution levels.

We strongly advocate for immediate, tangible steps to be taken for the conservation of the Great Basin. A comprehensive, multi-pronged strategy is essential. This plan should not only focus on stringent regulations for mining and logging but also involve the local communities in habitat restoration and sustainable practices.

Inaction is not an option. The Great Basin is an invaluable asset, deeply intertwined with Nevada’s cultural, economic, and natural heritage.

We request you to act with the urgency that this dire situation warrants. Take actions that will not merely mitigate the current threats but also ensure the long-term viability of Nevada’s Great Basin wilderness.


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  1. Exploitation is the wave of the future and a slide straight into Hell. Nevada is a treasure trove but you and your elected officials can certainly kill it. A seemingly terrific job is presently being done to do just that.

    What a shame and also a sham. To protect or destroy, that is the question. So far your answer is disgraceful.

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