Don’t Destroy the Mojave Desert With Urban Expansion

Target: James A. Settelmeyer, Director of Nevada Division of Natural Heritage

Goal: Counteract habitat fragmentation in the Mojave Desert.

Nevada’s Mojave Desert, a unique and fragile ecosystem, is under siege from habitat fragmentation caused by urban expansion, road construction, and industrial activities. This isn’t a topic for idle chatter; it’s a red-alert crisis that demands immediate attention.

The Mojave Desert is home to an array of unique species, many of which are endangered or threatened. Fragmentation of their habitats puts their very survival at risk. Moreover, the desert serves as a cultural and spiritual touchstone for indigenous communities and holds geological wonders that attract scientists and tourists alike.

The economic ramifications are also noteworthy. The Mojave is a hotspot for eco-tourism and scientific research, both of which could suffer greatly from ongoing habitat fragmentation. The livelihoods of local communities are at stake, as are the educational and recreational opportunities the desert provides.

Sign the petition to insist that the Nevada Division of Natural Heritage take decisive, immediate steps to halt habitat fragmentation in the Mojave Desert. Key actions should include land-use planning that prioritizes conservation, stringent regulation of industrial activities, and public awareness campaigns about the desert’s ecological importance.


Dear Director James A. Settelmeyer,

The Mojave Desert, one of Nevada’s ecological gems, is in peril. The fragmentation of its unique habitats is accelerating, fueled by unchecked urban sprawl and industrial encroachment. The evidence is clear: dwindling populations of native species disrupted migratory routes, and increased human-wildlife conflicts.

We call for immediate, concrete action. Develop and implement a holistic plan that addresses the root causes of habitat fragmentation in the Mojave. This should involve not just regulatory measures but also community engagement and education to foster a culture of conservation.

Failure to act swiftly will result in irreversible damage to this unique ecosystem, affecting not just the flora and fauna but also the human communities that depend on it. The Mojave Desert is not just a stretch of sand; it’s a living, breathing entity that deserves respect and protection.

We implore you to act with the urgency that this critical situation demands. Take steps that will not only halt the current fragmentation but also ensure the Mojave’s long-term ecological health.


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Photo credit: Rennett Stowe

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  1. Human sprawl has come to the Mojave dessert. The same demands and suggestions can apply here as the ones already spoken to for other areas of America. Something is wrong with this picture. Money is flowing to obstruct critical thinking only to allow developers to destroy this entire country. Climate change demands we correct int greed, mistakes, and kick backs. The human expanse can not be tolerated or we will destroy our most precious natural resources. Where are the sound minds, the intelligence and the common sense needed to remove filters and expose what some politicians are allowing to happen. A few people and their bottom line isn’t worth the trauma of the aftermath. Assistance is needed now for future generations!

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