Stop Farms and Factories From Polluting the Yellowstone River

Target: Chris Dorrington, Director of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality

Goal: Improve the water quality of the Yellowstone River.

The Yellowstone River, one of Montana’s most iconic waterways, is facing a water quality crisis that requires immediate attention. The river is grappling with a range of pollutants, from agricultural runoff to industrial waste, that are severely impacting its ecological health. This is not a localized issue but a widespread problem that affects the entire river ecosystem, from its headwaters to its confluence with the Missouri River.

The river’s deteriorating water quality has far-reaching implications. It threatens aquatic life, including several endangered species, and poses risks to human health through contaminated drinking water and recreational activities. Additionally, the river is a significant economic asset, supporting a vibrant tourism industry and local fisheries. The degradation of its water quality could have devastating economic consequences for the communities that rely on it.

Moreover, the river holds immense cultural and historical significance. It is a vital part of the state’s identity and serves as a natural resource for indigenous communities. The decline in water quality not only threatens the river’s ecological balance but also erodes its cultural value.

Given the multifaceted importance of the Yellowstone River, the need for immediate, effective action to improve its water quality is both urgent and undeniable.

Sign the petition below to demand that the Montana Department of Environmental Quality take immediate, comprehensive action to address water quality issues in the Yellowstone River. Key initiatives must include stringent pollution control measures, enhanced monitoring, and community engagement for sustainable river management.


Dear Director Dorrington,

The Yellowstone River, a cornerstone of Montana’s natural heritage, is at a critical crossroads. The water quality has been steadily declining due to a variety of pollutants, including agricultural runoff and industrial waste. The data is alarming: increased levels of harmful chemicals, reduced fish populations, and heightened risks to human health. The gravity of the situation mandates immediate, targeted intervention.

We call upon you to formulate a comprehensive plan that addresses the root causes of the declining water quality in the Yellowstone River. This plan should encompass rigorous pollution control protocols, enhanced monitoring systems, and active community engagement to ensure sustainable river management.

Neglecting to address this urgent issue will have severe, long-term consequences, affecting not only the river’s ecological health but also the economic and cultural well-being of the communities. The Yellowstone River is more than just a waterway; it is an integral part of Montana’s identity and heritage.

We urge you to act decisively and without delay. Implement measures that will not only improve the current water quality but also ensure the long-term health and sustainability of the Yellowstone River.


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Photo credit: Betty Wills (Atsme)

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