Safeguard Glacier National Park From Climate Change

Target: Charles F. Sams III, Director of the National Park Service

Goal: Preserve the natural and cultural heritage of Glacier National Park.

Glacier National Park, one of Montana’s most iconic natural landscapes, is at a critical crossroads. The park is grappling with a host of challenges, ranging from climate change-induced glacial melt to increasing human encroachment and pollution. This isn’t a situation that can be put on the back burner; it demands immediate, decisive action. The urgency of the situation calls for more than mere discussion; it demands immediate, effective action.

The park is a sanctuary for a diverse range of flora and fauna, some of which are endangered. The rapid melting of glaciers not only threatens these species but also has a cascading effect on the park’s ecosystems. Additionally, increased human activity, including tourism and adjacent development, is putting pressure on the park’s resources and contributing to pollution.

Moreover, the park holds significant cultural and historical value, particularly for indigenous communities. It also serves as an economic engine for the region, drawing tourists and supporting local businesses. The degradation of the park would have far-reaching implications, affecting not just the environment but also the cultural heritage and economic vitality of the surrounding communities.

Sign the petition below to call on the National Park Service to take immediate, comprehensive steps to protect Glacier National Park. These steps should include stringent pollution control measures, habitat restoration, and sustainable tourism guidelines.


Dear Director Charles F. Sams III,

The state of Glacier National Park is reaching a critical point, with increasing threats from climate change, human activity, and pollution. The data is alarming: accelerated glacial melt, loss of biodiversity, and rising pollution levels.

We request that you formulate a comprehensive strategy that addresses the multi-faceted challenges facing this invaluable natural sanctuary. This should include effective pollution control, habitat restoration, and the development of sustainable tourism practices that respect both the environment and the cultural heritage of the area.

Failure to act swiftly will have devastating consequences, affecting not only the park but also the communities that rely on it for their livelihood and well-being. Glacier National Park is not just a tourist destination; it’s a vital part of Montana’s ecological, cultural, and economic landscape.

We urge you to act with the urgency that this critical situation demands. Implement measures that will not only mitigate current threats but also ensure the long-term sustainability of Glacier National Park.


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Photo credit: Mark Wagner

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