Stop Putting Jobs At Risk Due to Coastal Erosion

Target: Chris Wells, Executive Director of Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

Goal: Protect coastal communities and their jobs.

Coastal erosion in Mississippi is a ticking time bomb, threatening not only the natural landscape but also the livelihoods and safety of coastal communities. The erosion is accelerated by human activities such as construction and natural factors like storms and rising sea levels. This is not a distant problem; it’s an immediate crisis that requires swift, effective action.

The degradation of the coastline is causing a ripple effect, impacting everything from local economies to ecosystems. As the coastline recedes, properties are lost, and businesses that rely on the coast suffer. Moreover, the erosion disrupts natural habitats, endangering local flora and fauna.

Additionally, erosion increases the vulnerability of coastal communities to natural disasters like hurricanes and floods. The natural barriers that once provided some level of protection are rapidly disappearing, leaving communities exposed and at risk.

The issue is further complicated by its impact on local economies. Fishing, tourism, and shipping are all affected, leading to job losses and economic instability. The erosion also threatens cultural landmarks and historical sites, erasing the rich heritage of Mississippi’s coastal communities.

Sign the petition below to demand that the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources take immediate, comprehensive action to combat coastal erosion. Key actions must include the implementation of advanced erosion control technologies, restoration of natural barriers, and community education on sustainable practices.


Dear Director Wells,

The rapid erosion of Mississippi’s coastline has reached a critical point, endangering both natural ecosystems and human communities. The data is alarming: loss of land, degradation of habitats, and increased vulnerability to natural disasters.

We urge you to act decisively. A comprehensive, science-based strategy must be developed and implemented without delay. This plan should focus on advanced erosion control technologies, the restoration of natural barriers like mangroves and dunes, and community education to promote sustainable coastal practices.

Failure to act will have catastrophic consequences. The erosion will continue to accelerate, leading to the loss of more land, the destruction of natural habitats, and increased vulnerability to natural disasters. These are not just environmental issues; they are matters of public safety, economic stability, and cultural preservation.

We insist that you act with the urgency that this critical situation demands. Implement measures that will not only halt the current erosion but also ensure the long-term stability and safety of Mississippi’s coastal communities.


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Photo credit: Ian Balcombe

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