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Stop Prioritizing Coal Companies Over Climate Change

Wyoming’s pro-coal climate legislation boosts fossil fuel companies, puts profits over people, and likely increases environmental pollutants. Call on Wyoming’s governor to stop catering to coal companies and pass legislation that actually addresses climate change.

Don’t Put Coal Lobbyist in Charge of Environmental Protection

Virginia’s environmental future could be derailed with one confirmation. The former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, infamous for his destructive policies, is now up for a prime position managing Virginia’s natural resources. Demand leaders stop history from repeating itself with this horrible choice.

Don’t Prioritize Coal Production Over World’s Future

China could make or break the world’s victory against climate change. Demand this top global polluter end its addiction to coal and commit to cleaner, safer, and more economically beneficial renewable energy.

Success: EPA Corks Coal Industry’s Toxic Waste-Water

Coal plants won a free pass to pollute our waterways in the waning days of the Trump administration, but crucial public health protections have now been restored. Celebrate this win for people and wildlife.

Success: Canadian Rockies Temporarily Safe From Coal Mining Devastation

The Rocky Mountains are safe from coal mining exploitation for the time being. Thank the people responsible for temporarily halting unsound operations, and encourage them to further protect this magnificent mountain range.

Save Canadian Rockies From Destructive Coal Mining

The Rocky Mountains in Canada are about to be pillaged for coal. Help protect this incredible mountain range from environmental ruin.

Demand Control and Closure of Water-Poisoning Coal Ash Ponds

The Trump administration has announced that it will allow poisonous coal ash to continue to be dumped into rural water supplies in the latest attack on the environment and public health. This toxin has been linked to a rise in cancers and internal organ ailments. Demand that this administration protect life and the environment rather than corporate profits.

End Construction of Coal Power Plant in Ecological Reserve

A harmful coal-fired power plant may soon be built in a pristine region of natural beauty in the Philippines, despite years of opposition from local Indigenous groups and scientists. This pollution factory could cause immeasurable damage to the area’s highly unique flora and fauna. Demand that this effort be stopped.

Success: Coal-Dependent Region to Invest in Sustainable, Safe Energy Sources

Poland has announced massive investment in green and sustainable energy, signaling a faster move away from coal which has been both the country’s main source of power and a perpetual stain on the environment. Congratulate the Polish government for this sensible decision.

Success: Renewable Energy Outstrips Coal for the First Time in Over a Century

Renewable energy has seen more use in the United States than it has since the 1800s, marking a small but important victory in the fight against climate change and fossil fuels. Congratulate the organizations who’ve worked to make this change a reality.

Save Koalas From Destructive Coal Mine

A proposed dirty coal mine threatens to doom koalas living nearby. Demand that everything possible be done to make sure these animals are protected.

Don’t Allow Coal Mine to Pollute Air and Endanger Health

The potential go-ahead for a massive coal mine in the United Kingdom would not only prove destructive for the environment, but also incredibly dangerous for public health during the pandemic. This project will poison the air millions of citizens rely on for survival. Demand leaders abandon this reckless, irresponsible idea.

Don’t Bail Out Coal Company That Pollutes Developing Nations

A South Korean company which profits off polluting coal power has been given a bailout worth hundreds of millions of dollars, despite intending to continue harming the environment. Demand the government withhold the bailout until this company divests itself from coal.

Success: Biggest Drop in Coal Use in 30 Years

Coal emissions from the global electricity sector have dropped in the last year, thanks partly to the European Union’s efforts. The EU has been one of the world powers most reluctant to drop coal as a fuel, but this is finally changing. Thank the bloc of countries for finally doing the right thing for clean air.

Success: House Coal and Wood Burning to be Phased Out

The UK will be phasing out coal and wet wood as household fuels over the next few years, starting with retailers emptying their stocks and stopping their sale of these fuels. Thank DEFRA for making this victory possible.

Don’t Subsidize Environmentally Destructive Coal Power

Coal power could soon receive further subsidies and protection in Indiana, threatening efforts to help wean the state off of archaic and dangerous energy sources. This decision would damage the environment, slow progress, and raise costs for Indianans. Sign this petition to demand that it be halted.

Success: Insurance Withheld from New Coal Projects

New coal projects are effectively dead in the water thanks to British insurance companies who are refusing to cover them. This marks a victory for sustainable energy and hastening the death of one of the worst pollutants in the world. Praise the United Kingdom’s efforts to drop coal and build a greener future.

Stop Environmentally Damning Coal Investments

China’s investment in and reliance on coal does not match their pledge to lessen the use of this dangerous fossil fuel. As one of the largest and most influential countries in the world, they have the potential to be a leader in climate change. Pressure the Chinese government to stop their use of coal and live up to the Paris climate agreement for cleaner energy.

Don’t Open Dirty, Polluting Coal Mine

A new, destructive coal mine threatens to set back Britain’s efforts to combat climate change. Add your signature to demand that this backward step be halted before it can do further harm.

Shut Down Coal Mine in Suffering Town

A small town has nearly been destroyed by a coal mine’s rapid expansion over the last few years. Pollution sickens the inhabitants, many families have been forced to move, and the local primary school has recently been forced to shut down. See that this coal mine is closed down immediately, to preserve and help rebuild these citizens’ comfortable lives.

Success: Coal Emissions Reach Record Low

Coal usage in the United Kingdom has reached an all-time low, with emissions totaling less than one percent. For years, coal dependency has been a problem due to the country insuring big coal companies. People have died from air pollution related health complications, and coal plants have ruined many green spaces. Thank the UK government for finally taking public concern about coal seriously.

End Dangerous and Obsolete Coal Industry

The coal industry is failing as it becomes more and more apparent how dangerous and obsolete coal is as a fuel. Appalachian coal miners are now supporting the Green New Deal and the end of the coal industry. Unfortunately, the Republicans are fighting them every step of the way. Support the miners’ push to end the industry and promote cleaner energy sources.

Success: Coal to be Phased Out as Primary Fuel Source

Germany has agreed to slowly phase out their use of coal as a fuel, which promises a major positive impact on the Paris Climate Agreement as well as the quality of air worldwide. The country is the last in the region to rely so heavily on coal, which has made up 40 percent of their power. While 2038 is a long time to wait, their decision is still much appreciated. Sign this petition to thank Germany for phasing out coal.

Success: Congratulate Montana for Rejecting Coal Development

15 million acres of precious land were just saved by a judge in Montana. Thank this judge who is fighting to preserve national treasures and the rule of law.

Success: Largest Coal Plant in the Western United States Will Be Shut Down

A massive coal plant will close its doors permanently at the end of its lease. Applaud the utility company for this decision, which sends a powerful message that coal in the U.S. is obsolete and must be phased out.

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