Success: Congratulate Montana for Rejecting Coal Development

Target: Brian Morris, Judge for the District of Montana

Goal: Congratulate Judge Morris for protecting precious land and resources from oil drilling.

A Montana court delivered a heroic ruling recently and saved over 15 million acres of land from being turned into coal mines and oil refineries. A proposal by the Bureau of Land Management would have desecrated sacred land in Montana and Wyoming.

Thanks to efforts by conservation groups, the case made it to court in Montana, where Judge Brian Morris ruled the proposal to be unlawful. The case took several years to fight and was an uphill battle for the defense, but thanks to Judge Morris and all of the environmental groups involved, Montana and Wyoming will remain beautiful. Sign this petition below to thank Judge Morris for his tremendous decision.


Dear Judge Morris,

Thank you for allowing pristine land to remain beautiful under environmental protection. By ruling this proposal unlawful, you have set a precedent as we shift towards renewable energy. Now, when land groups seek to desecrate beautiful land, they will have an exceedingly more difficult time doing so.

If judges like you continue to protect our environment in the age of Trump and the Pruitt-led EPA, then our planet stands a chance of survival. With an administration so determined to kill the planet, decisions like yours make all of the difference.


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Photo Credit: United States Forest Service


  1. Great job. Now for other states to do the same. Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you Judge Morris for seeing the value of these beautiful lands just as they are and not their value as dirty energy reservoirs. Finally someone who had the courage to stand up to our present administration and do what was right. We need more people like you in high places.

  3. Gen Agustsson says:

    ban coal in this world.

  4. Thank you for using your God-Given intelligence!

    Coal is death – long live alternative energy!
    In the early 2000’s Germany closed all their coal mines.
    Coal producers – take notes from them.

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