Success: Coal to be Phased Out as Primary Fuel Source

Target: Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of Germany

Goal: Praise Germany’s decision to phase out reliance on coal over the next few decades.

Germany has finally agreed to completely phase out their use of coal by 2038, a move that will be a big step forward in Europe’s contribution to clean air laws. Germany has long been “the last major bastion of coal-burning in north-western Europe,” with the dirtiest fossil fuel providing 40 percent of the country’s power; it had been difficult to reach a consensus on how quickly to phase out the fuel, but 2038 is still sooner than we would have previously imagined.

This is a very important and much appreciated step concerning the overall phasing out of fossil fuels worldwide. Fossil fuels are among the biggest causes of air pollution due to the toxic fumes they give off and one of the leading causes of climate change, as well as the decline in the health and well-being of humans and wildlife alike. Coal mines, in particular, have threatened to displace many vulnerable wildlife species, with petitions such as this one being circulated to put a stop to their construction.

This step may be a major work in progress, but it is an important one nonetheless; with any luck, it will be enough to cripple the coal industry as a whole and lead to its shutdown in the future. Sign this petition to thank Germany for making this choice.


Dear President Steinmeier,

Thank you for Germany’s decision to phase out the use of coal as a fuel. This is not only an important part of Europe’s contribution to clean air laws, but also vital to the fight for clean air worldwide. Coal is one of the most dangerous and obstructive fossil fuels; the pollution caused by the fumes is largely responsible for the growing problem of climate change, and the mines constructed lead to deforestation and wildlife displacement.

You are taking a very important step in the fight for clean air with this choice, and we deeply appreciate it. We also understand that the process may be a slow one, but progress takes time. It is hoped that your decision will cripple the coal industry, as a whole, and eliminate this toxic fuel.


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Photo Credit: League of Conservation Voters


  1. I refuse to praise Germany for phasing out coal when this planet will not survive until 2038.

  2. Justin Recht says:

    Thank you Sir for taking the lead!
    Let’s hope the rest of the world will follow.
    Too many old-thinking knuckleheads are in politics which stifles progress!

  3. Elizabeth Story says:

    We only have a decade to save the climate so we’ve got to stop burning fossil fuels sooner than 2038. Australia has just had a record breaking heatwave and now NZ are experiencing one. So only a half thankyou for committing to a phaseout of coal by 2038, but hoping you can beat your goal for an even earlier exit.

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