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Don’t Undermine Fight for Women’s Rights With Seemingly Discriminatory Working Environments

Prejudice and discrimination may be infesting one of the world’s most important human rights movements. Mass resignations from the Nobel Women’s Initiative came in the wake of toxic work environment, misogyny, and racism allegations. Demand better for this global advocate of equal opportunity.

Don’t Allow Solar Energy to Be Undermined By Crooked Lobbyists

Solar energy could soon become unaffordable for ordinary citizens with the removal of cost incentives. A group which works to protect the profits of fossil fuel energy producers has petitioned for an end to net metering, a practice that offsets the cost of installing and maintaining the panels. Demand that solar energy be protected for the benefit of the environment.

Don’t Protect Corporate Polluters Who Poisoned Air and Water

America’s biggest polluters have received some of the biggest bailouts from the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies that knowingly poisoned air and water across the country were relieved of paying fines for their dirty deeds, likely due to political favoritism. Urge accountability for these menaces to environmental and public health.

Shut Down White Supremacist Racist Website That Reportedly Threatens Interracial Couples

An openly racist website is publishing the private information of interracial couples in the apparent hope of inciting violence against them. This kind of hate should not and cannot be tolerated. Demand real legislative change that will stop racists from being able to violently target interracial couples.

Educational Series: Elephants Stand at the Precipice of Extinction

By Nick Engelfried Elephants, majestic icons of the wilds of Africa and Asia, are the largest land animals alive today. Known for their intelligence and complex social behavior, they are also impressive for reasons that go well beyond their enormous size. Yet, these magnificent creatures could disappear within the next […]

Stop Giving Coronavirus Aid Meant for Small Businesses to the Fossil Fuel Industry

Millions of dollars in coronavirus aid money meant for small businesses is being used to bailout fossil fuel companies. Reportedly, some of the oil and gas firms receiving money have personal ties to President Trump. Demand President Trump stop giving aid money meant to help struggling small businesses to polluting fossil fuel companies.

Don’t Allow Uranium Mining Near National Park Land Sacred to Native Americans

The Grand Canyon is at risk of being opened to uranium mining by the Trump administration, in the latest abuse of public lands which disregards human and animal rights in favor of profit. Demand that this action be undone before it’s too late.

Success: Dangerous Plastics Plant Put on Indefinite Hold

A dangerous plastics plant in Ohio has been suspended indefinitely, with the company responsible pressured by coronavirus and concerned citizens. Congratulate the hard-working activists who have managed to bring this irresponsible effort closer to an end.

Don’t Pollute Our Planet with Toxic Mercury

Big corporations are saving money while pregnant women and children are put at risk. The Trump administration recently rolled back rules around mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants. Sign this petition to urge President Trump to tighten, not weaken standards that save lives.

Stop Far Right Protests That Will Spread Covid-19

Right-wing demonstrations against stay-at-home orders, supported by armed conservative groups such as the Proud Boys, are putting the public at greater risk of exposure to coronavirus. Demand the Michigan Conservative Coalition halt demonstrations that will increase the spread of Covid-19.

Educational Series: Wetlands Are Vanishing And We Must Act Now

By Nick Engelfried Picture an endangered animal habitat and the first place that comes to mind might be a tropical rain forest or the melting Arctic. It likely won’t be a wetland. Although they are some of the most threatened and important ecosystems on the planet, marshes, swamps, and bogs […]

Stop Trump From Encouraging Air Pollution During Deadly Pandemic

The Trump administration is allowing air pollution from soot to trash our environment during a pandemic that attacks the human respiratory system. Soot pollution is linked to heart disease, severe respiratory illness, and cancer, and leads to more Covid-19 deaths. Demand that the EPA strengthen soot pollution standards in order to save countless lives.

Union Bank: Stop Funding Climate Destruction

Japan’s biggest bank is fueling the climate disaster by funding deforestation and dirty energy. They have financed palm oil in Indonesia, coal fired power plants, and destructive pipeline projects that disrespect indigenous rights. Demand this bank stop funding extractive industry in order to protect our planet from the climate disaster.

Protect the Environment From Ozone-Depleting Chemicals

Harmful, ozone-depleting chemicals will pollute the atmosphere under a proposed rollback of EPA rules. Demand the EPA reverse this decision to deregulate these chemicals and instead work to phase them out completely.

Tell Investment Firm to Stop Funding Deforestation

A major investment firm is financing companies directly tied to deforestation in the Amazon. Demand a change.

Stop Ignoring Vulnerable Communities Most Affected by Climate Change

The protection of disadvantaged communities from the climate crisis was not mentioned in an important New York State climate policy budget plan. However, their protection is required under a new state law. Demand Governor Andrew Cuomo include a provision to protect vulnerable communities.

Don’t Allow Destructive Mining on Protected Land

Coal mining could soon be allowed in a protected area of Tennessee, in spite of the objections of locals and activists. This would irrevocably damage the waterways and natural habitats, with no benefits to the area or the environment. Demand that this destructive practice be stopped.

Protect Environment From Rising Oil and Gas Emissions

The oil and gas industry plans to build or augment 157 new facilities that will be allowed to increase their greenhouse gas emissions by 227 million tons. This is an increase from the 764 million tons they released in 2018. Demand the EPA implement stricter regulations on pollution and work to curb the expansion of the oil and gas industry.

Demand Justice for Communities Affected by Toxic Waste

An Alabama community faces daily exposure to dangerous substances such as coal ash, asbestos, and petroleum. Coal ash contains dangerous chemicals such as arsenic, mercury, and lead. Demand the EPA bring justice to residents by protecting them from exposure to harmful carcinogenic chemicals.

Support Power Plant’s Decision to Switch to Renewable Energy

The Japanese power plant Fukushima Daiichi’s plans to switch to renewable energy are being challenged by the government, who insists that nuclear energy must make up at least a small percentage of the plant’s output. But even a small percentage of nuclear energy is much too dangerous. Do not allow the government to impede Fukushima’s plans to clean up their act.

Save Wildlife From Climate Change-Induced Wildfires

Half a billion animals have burned or suffocated to death in Australia’s climate change-induced wildfires. This has quickly become one of the world’s worst environmental crises and the effects of climate change can no longer be ignored. Urge Australia’s leaders to throw water on the flames in the form of desperately needed policy changes.

Protect Once-Polluted Magnesian Limestone Coastline

Twenty miles of unique and historic coastline, home to a wide range of marine life, is regenerating after being used as a dumping ground for the coal industry. A project has been proposed by environmentalists to protect this coast from further harm. Demand that this important environmental proposal receive full financial support.

Restore Funding to Fight Climate Change And Mass Extinction

Efforts to protect incredible biodiversity from the damage done by climate change and human activity have suffered massive cuts in funding. At such a crucial time in the history of conservation, it is detrimental that these agencies receive financial support. Demand that the British government restore this desperately-need funding to save wildlife in Scotland.

Stop Construction of Nuclear Waste Dumps in Residential Areas

The opening of nuclear waste dumps in residential areas will seriously harm the residents and any local wildlife. Half of one town’s citizens have voted against this construction and their voices have been heard. Demand the Australian government listen to those most affected by this toxic decision and do not endanger yet another small town.

Stop Industrial Pollution in Low-income, Minority Communities

Industrial pollution is threatening minorities and the working class in North Carolina. The agency set up to defend them has betrayed them, siding with companies emitting toxic pollution into the environment. Demand that North Carolina withdraw support for these companies and listen to the concerns of their citizens.

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