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Success: Largest Coal Plant in the Western United States Will Be Shut Down

A massive coal plant will close its doors permanently at the end of its lease. Applaud the utility company for this decision, which sends a powerful message that coal in the U.S. is obsolete and must be phased out.

Success: Permit for Construction of Coal Export Terminal Denied

A project which posed severe threats to local indigenous people and the environment at large has been rejected by the Army Corps of Engineers. Applaud the Army Corps of Engineers for protecting the Earth and its people from Big Coal.

Don’t Let Fossil Fuel Special Interests Dictate Public Policy

One of the Senate’s most influential members is once again derailing critical climate action with misleading, ill-informed rhetoric. Urge Senator Joe Manchin to cut his ties with fossil fuel special interests for good.

Don’t Evict Hundreds of Thousands of People

New York State’s eviction moratorium has ended, leaving 600,000 residents vulnerable to losing their homes. In light of rising homelessness, unemployment, and crime urge lawmakers to reinstate the moratorium and help those at risk.

Stop Fossil Fuel Takeover of America’s Lands and Future

One of America’s largest repositories of coal, methane, and other destructive fossil fuels is continuing to serve up environmental damage that will last for decades. The federal government is sponsoring and propping up these dangerous projects. Demand President Biden honor his promise to shepherd the U.S. into a cleaner, safer future.

Don’t Surrender in Battle Against Catastrophic Climate Change

The United States is letting its best opportunity to combat destructive climate change pass by. One man, funded by special interests, stands in the way. Urge Senator Joe Manchin to change his mind and his heart about investing in the world’s future.

Save Hundreds of Lakes and Wildlife Habitats From Disappearing Forever

Beautiful lakes and diverse wildlife are disappearing at an alarming rate in Turkey. Humanity’s exploitation of these lands and waters are to blame. Call for urgent action to rescue these natural wonders from annihilation.

Grow Grains Capable of Fighting Climate Change and World Hunger

Sustainable grains, an unlikely but powerful ally, can help the world survive the climate crisis. This crop grows yearly without replanting, reducing the need for destructive farming practices. Demand global investment in sustainable grains that can put farmers on the front lines of successfully combating climate change.

Don’t Withhold Life-Saving COVID-19 Vaccines From the Poor

Moderna, maker of arguably the world’s best vaccine against COVID-19, is striking deals almost entirely with rich countries at the expense of poor and more at-risk populations. Demand a balancing of the scales for public health efforts that will ultimately help the entire world.

Congress: Act Now to Prevent Catastrophic Climate Change

After a devastating year of heat waves, hurricanes, floods, and other extreme weather disasters, the costs of inaction on climate change are clearer than ever. Tell leaders in Congress to prioritize climate action in the reconciliation bill.

Success: Fracking Banned in Delaware River Watershed

A recent win led to a complete and permanent ban on fracking in the Delaware River Watershed, which provides drinking water to millions of people. Thank the organization who drove a large portion of these efforts.

Boycott Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for Anti-Vax, Anti-Democracy and Pro-Climate Change Support

A ski area owner is financially supporting a politician who has advocated white supremacist, anti-Semitic, pro-climate change, anti-vaccine and anti-mask conspiracy theories, comparing the latter to Jews being sent to gas chambers. Sign this petition to take a stand against this hateful ideology.

Save ‘Animals on Fire’ From Climate Change Driven Devastation

More than 2,000 farm animals have been burned alive by out-of-control wildfires in Turkey. The fires, driven by climate change induced heat waves, are the worst Turkey has seen in modern times. Sign this petition to demand action.

Don’t Let Evicted Americans End Up on the Streets

Millions of Americans are in imminent danger of eviction as a moratorium on the practice expires. Minorities, low-income citizens, and women will suffer most. Demand immediate action to stop this looming nightmare scenario.

Save Majestic Bighorn Sheep From Poisoning

Bighorn sheep are being poisoned by toxic contaminants leaching into the environment from coal mines. This has been known for years, yet the government has failed to act. Demand these hazardous sites be cleaned up.

Cut Super-Pollutant Methane to Fight Climate Change

Targeting a dangerous but often hidden natural gas pollutant could transform the fight against climate change. Demand American leadership in neutralizing the climate threat of methane gas.

Crack Down on Pollution and Commit to Clean Energy

China produces the most carbon dioxide of any country in the world, making it one of Earth’s most preeminent polluters. The planet will soon be on life support if they do not take a strong stance against climate change. Demand China make good on its promise to spearhead an era of clean energy.

Stop Endangering People With Toxic Chemicals in Food

The Kraft-Heinz company allegedly poisons consumers with dangerous chemicals in their processed foods. Phthalates are linked to serious health issues like thyroid disorder and sexual dysfunction. Sign this petition to protect consumers from this ghastly substance.

Stop the Filibuster From Paralyzing Congress

Fundamental rights and meaningful reforms that could improve lives too often die on the Senate floor due to stalling techniques. Demand an end to a political weapon that denies the will of the people.

Combat Climate Change With Clean Renewable Energy

Clean energy could quite literally save the world. Demand that America’s leaders prioritize clean energy infrastructure in order to fight climate change.

Provide Communities Battered by Punishing Winter Weather With Sustainable Power

Millions of people were left defenseless against a merciless Arctic storm. The power grid that should have protected them failed in devastating fashion. Urge needed changes to this dangerous and deadly system.

Don’t Allow Millions of Innocent People to Starve to Death in Yemen

The Trump administration’s terrorist designation of the Houthi rebels is a death sentence for millions of innocent civilians, as it will block aid from reaching those facing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Tell President-elect Biden to reverse this designation and restore humanitarian aid to Yemen.

Don’t Infringe on the Right to Record Police Brutality

France may soon criminalize recording police violence, threatening the rights of citizens. Demand that the French Senate protect basic rights and restrain the power of the police.

Cut Harmful Pollutants That Lead to More COVID Deaths

Thousands of people have been needlessly killed by COVID-19, due to the aggravating effects of fossil fuel pollutants which Trump’s EPA refuses to regulate. Demand that this shocking failure be remedied immediately.

Trump: Fight Climate Change, the Greatest Challenge of Our Lifetime

As the world burns, the endless cycle of politically motivated environmental destruction turns. Lives and habitats will be lost forever, and basic health standards diminished for the long-term. Urge a reversal of course on this path to self-destruction by demanding President Trump finally fight climate change.

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