Don’t Choose Coal Over Koalas and Gliders

Target: Jamie Merrick, Director-General of Queensland Department of Environment and Science

Goal: Do not approve controversial coal mine extension that would demolish habitats for endangered species and drive up detrimental emissions.

The Minister for the Environment in Australia recently vowed that no more animals within the nation would become extinct. She even touted a plan of action to safeguard them. Meanwhile, a state government is busy mulling a proposed coal mine expansion that could endanger many threatened species.

The proposal involves a metallurgical coal mine operated by conglomerate BHP. While this entity likes to proclaim itself an environmental leader, the extension in Queensland would invade over 9,000 acres of precious land. Animals that call these habitats home include greater gliders and koalas. Worse yet, the company wants this extension to last nearly a century, which would ensure the environmental effects of associated emissions would be crushing.

Sign the petition below to urge leadership to veto this dangerous proposition.


Dear Director-General Merrick,

At a time when the world has been placed on high alert about climate—and at a time when this nation has vowed to curb its own detrimental contributions and protect endangered animals—you are considering imperiling all of these critical objectives. BHC’s  90-plus-year-long metallurgical coal mine expansion would seriously set the country back in reducing its net zero emissions goals. Moreover, it would place thousands of hectares of habitats housing endangered species at dire risk.

The people, from indigenous populations to law enforcement, have dissented against coal’s expanding footprint. They desperately want their leaders to wake up and protect our planet. Please honor their wishes. Do not approve another century of unchecked environmental destruction.


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Photo Credit: JJ Harrison


  1. Dawn Richardson says:

    Coal is supposed to be a thing of the past. Get with the program, Jamie!

  2. We are in a climate crises! There is no room for more profit from coal. There will never be enough profit to satisfy these greedy corporations. To wast lives to comply with coal is a tragic and inexcusable mistake. No one seems to be learning how we are going forward to doom as fast as these corporations can demand. They feel they will not be part of the doom we will all endure.
    But they will be part of the tragedy they have crested and we have allowed to continue.

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