Jair Bolsonaro: Stop Undermining the Threat of Covid-19

Brazil is on the pathway to a severe public health crisis thanks to the president’s adamant undermining of the threat of Covid-19. His failure to implement or practice social distancing could lead to the avoidable death of thousands. Demand President Bolsonaro implement social distancing measures immediately in order to protect Brazil from the threat of coronavirus.

Help New York Treat Biggest Coronavirus Outbreak in the U.S.

New York has been hit especially hard by the coronavirus, yet is receiving only a fraction of the relief funds other states with fewer cases are. This is thanks to an unfair and nonsensical pay scale that works off of Medicare payments, rather than the number of coronavirus cases per state. Urge the government to overhaul this system immediately to ensure patients get the care they need and deserve.

Protect Brazil’s Indigenous Communities from Covid-19

A teenager from an indigenous group in Brazil died last week from Covid-19. Leaders suspect that illegal gold miners exposed their people to the virus, and fear that exposure will decimate their population. Demand President Bolsonaro take action to stop illegal gold miners from entering indigenous territory in order to protect them from Covid-19.

President Trump: Don’t End Coronavirus Restrictions Early and Risk Lives

President Trump is suggesting that restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic be lifted as soon as May. The prevailing opinion of the medical community is that this is far too soon, and will lead to far too many lives being lost. Tell President Trump that human lives are worth more than the economy.

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Don’t Suspend Nurse Who Bought Life-Saving Protective Gear for Hospital Staff

Olga Matievskaya raised thousands of dollars to buy much-needed protective equipment for her fellow nurses. The hospital where she works has punished these heroic efforts by suspending her. Demand that Matievskaya be allowed to continue her life-saving work as a nurse battling the COVID-19 epidemic.

Overturn Hong Kong’s Face Mask Ban During Coronavirus

A Hong Kong court of appeals largely upheld a face mask ban, despite the threat of Covid-19. Many turn to face masks for protection from the virus, though fear police could order removal. Demand Hong Kong’s chief executive reverse the face mask ban and instead make masks mandatory during the Covid-19 crisis.

Don’t Stop Federal Funding of Coronavirus Testing

Federal funding for coronavirus testing is under threat as the Trump administration will leave testing up to the states. This is a dangerous change that will leave many people without access to tests. Demand that the federal government continues to fund coronavirus testing so we can adequately fight this pandemic.

Address Disproportionately High Covid-19 Death Rates Among African Americans

Disproportionately high rates of African Americans are becoming infected and dying from Covid-19. This trend affects multiple cities throughout the country and is a growing concern for an already disadvantaged community. Demand the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide racial data so that officials can address this harmful disparity.

Don’t Threaten Funding for World Health Organization

Donald Trump has claimed that he may withhold funding from the World Health Organization, jeopardizing recovery and containment efforts amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Blaming aid organizations for his own failure is totally indefensible. Demand that he guarantee the continued funding of the World Health Organization to protect the health of all the world’s people.

Success: Firefighters’ Health Prioritized in Search for Nontoxic Firefighting Foam

Firefighting foam that contains dangerous, cancer-causing chemicals may soon be phased out, thanks to research done by the United States Air Force. In addition, the Air Force agreed to work with communities contaminated with chemicals and clean them up. Thank the U.S. Air Force for prioritizing the health of firefighters, the public and the environment by working to provide a safer firefighting foam.

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Do Not Ask Residents to Choose Between Voting and Health

Voters in the state of Georgia will have to choose between their personal health and safety and exercising their right to vote for the State and Presidential Primaries. Governor Kemp has been slow in his response to the threat of coronavirus and recently admitted he didn’t know that the virus could be spread by asymptomatic individuals–a fact that has been accepted and cautioned against for months. Demand that Georgia hold their elections through mail-in ballot.

Protect Elderly Refugees From Coronavirus

Bangladesh’s government has failed to provide adequate information about COVID-19 in addition to leaving behind hundreds of elderly refugees in overcrowded, poor-quality camps. The elderly are especially vulnerable to the virus, and this is not the first time refugee camps in Bangladesh have failed their older residents. Demand the government step up protection for older people and provide better information about COVID-19.

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Stop Churches from Ignoring Science and Endangering Society During Pandemic

Churches in Texas are ignoring the urgent warnings of health officials and continuing to hold in-person services, increasing their members’ risk of exposure to the coronavirus. Governor Greg Abbott has said that churches are exempt from his statewide stay-at-home order, which puts churchgoers and their communities in danger. Demand that he order churches to suspend in-person services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Provide Life-Saving Multilingual Services to COVID-19 Patients

Thousands of patients may not be getting the life-saving care they need because of a lack of adequate language services in hospitals. In New York, where over 250,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported, non-English-speakers are at risk of receiving improper treatment and are often left isolated, confused, and unable to communicate their symptoms. Demand that Governor Andrew Cuomo expand multilingual medical services for the 2.5 million New Yorkers who do not speak fluent English.

Protect Vulnerable Farm Workers From Coronavirus Exposure

U.S. farm workers currently work without protective gear, information, or laws on their side during the COVID-19 epidemic. These workers are more important than ever, providing the food needed by hundreds of millions of people sheltering in place. Demand that the U.S. government fund the protection of these crucial workers.

Stop Construction of Cancer-Causing Plastics Factory

A toxic plastics factory will soon be constructed in Louisiana’s “Cancer Alley,” where residents already struggle to maintain their health under the onslaught of lethal industrialization. Demand that Louisiana’s environment chief withdraw permission for this destructive and dangerous plant.

Don’t Allow Religious Exceptions to Shelter-In-Place

Religious services have been allowed to continue in Florida, despite a statewide shelter-in-place order. This is a dangerous exception that could lead to many more deaths if it isn’t stopped. Demand that there be no unnecessary exceptions to shelter-in-place that threaten so many lives.

Make Shelter-In-Place Nationwide to Save Lives

Recent predictions show that between 100,000 and 240,000 American will die because of COVID-19. A national shelter in place order should have been given more than a month ago, but it’s not too late. Demand that Trump issue a federal shelter-in-place order to save thousands of lives.

Don’t Use Coronavirus as an Excuse to Stop Abortion Rights

Abortion rights are under threat in Texas where the governor made a declaration that all “unnecessary medical procedures” be put on hold during the Coronavirus pandemic. Tell the governor that abortions are time sensitive procedures and should not ever be considered unnecessary.

Demand Loan of Urgently-Needed Hospital for Struggling City

An important hospital sits empty in Philadelphia, depriving its citizens of a critically important facility for fighting coronavirus and protecting public health. Demand that the private owners of this hospital act with compassion and loan it to the city in order to protect the most vulnerable residents.

Protect Refugees From Overcrowded Camps That Spread Coronavirus

Bosnia’s government is forcing migrant refugees to stay in low-quality camps, which not only provide little in the way of supplies or clean water, but are a COVID-19 disaster waiting to happen. COVID-19 spreads easily through prolonged contact, which is why many countries have discouraged or outright banned big social gatherings or situations. Tell the Bosnian government not to put these people’s health at risk through such a situation.

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Don’t Risk Students’ Lives by Keeping Campus Open During Pandemic

Thousands of students and faculty members are being forced to risk exposure to the coronavirus because their university has refused to close its campus. Many of these students have traveled during spring break, putting this small community at risk. Demand that Liberty University protect public safety and close their campus.

Don’t Use Coronavirus Pandemic as Cover to Slash Pollution Laws

Power plants and factories are allowed to pollute more freely thanks to relaxed environmental regulations pushed through by the Trump administration under the cover of the Coronavirus pandemic. Sign this petition to protest the putting of polluters’ profits over human health.

Jair Bolsonaro: Apologize for Disgusting Cruel Remarks on Coronavirus Deaths

President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro has cruelly dismissed the danger of coronavirus to vulnerable Brazilians and insulted governors who are working to protect the people. Demand that he apologize for this shameful behavior and instead fulfill his responsibility to help all of his people.

Don’t Deny Healthcare to Uninsured People

A teen who tested positive for Coronavirus died after being denied care at an unnamed urgent care clinic in California for not having health insurance. This is unacceptable. Demand a change in the law so that people cannot be denied care because of lack of insurance.

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