Stop GOP From Bankrupting Diabetics With High Insulin Prices

Sky-high insulin prices are endangering the health and financial stability of diabetic Americans. Legislators have already failed once to rein in costs. Demand they take immediate action to correct their latest failure of the people they serve.

Prevent Drug Overdoses With Federally Funded Programs

America is currently facing a drug-related overdose epidemic, and officials are going about it in all the wrong ways. Demand the Biden Administration step up and take more vigilant steps in decriminalizing drug use and, instead, showing compassion towards those who use.

Success: Veteran Burn Pit Victims Get Healthcare Coverage

Health care for veterans has received a major boost. Soldiers who have fallen ill due to toxic exposure will now have enhanced coverage for their conditions. Laud this win in the battle for better healthcare.

Stop Spread of Paralyzing Polio

Polio is rearing its head in regions once thought free of the potentially paralyzing and deadly disease. Demand global health leaders step up to provide equal and safe vaccine access.

Prevent Poisoning of Military Families

Pearl Harbor is once again the scene of American suffering. This time, thousands were poisoned by their own drinking water. Call for accountability in this public health nightmare allegedly fueled by reckless leadership.

Stop Slaughter of School Children with Semi-Automatic Weapons

Children continue to be slaughtered by unregulated guns while the Supreme Court works to invalidate more gun safety laws. Demand politicians take action to protect our children and communities from gun violence.

Don’t Let Supply Shortage Weaken Disease Prevention

Patients are losing access to life-saving diagnostic imaging procedures that can help prevent worst-case health outcomes. Supply shortages are to blame. Demand a boost in availability of these essential materials.

Stop Defunding and Devaluing Mental Health at Cost of Countless Lives

Politicians blame mental health problems for mass shootings, while undermining efforts to combat this crisis daily. Call on hypocritical leaders to invest in mental health access, programs, and related laws.

Protect Employee Health With Four-Day Workweek

Overworked employees are increasingly facing mental and physical health problems. Demand America’s labor leaders give a shorter work week a shot at solving the expanding worker crisis.

Provide Mental Health Services to Soldiers at High Risk of Suicide

A rash of suicides recently rocked a naval aircraft carrier. These latest tragedies are part of a troubling trend of mental health crises being ignored in the armed forces. Call on leaders to help save their soldiers from deadly despair.

Save Students From Life-Threatening Brain Tumors

Over 100 former students and employees of a high school have developed brain tumors or cancers. As the search for answers continues, urge public health officials to protect current attendees of the school.

Stop Forever Chemicals From Poisoning Food

The food millions of people eat contains dangerous amounts of disease-causing chemicals. Demand action against this hidden threat to our health.

Don’t Burn Veterans With Deficient Aid for Toxic Health Exposure

Veterans are facing serious chronic health problems due to the reckless actions of their leadership. Urge America’s leaders to support and aid victims of toxic burn pit exposure.

Success: Patients Protected From Surprise Medical Bills

Many healthcare providers have been taking advantage of patients in crisis with surprise medical bills. These unfair practices can send individuals and families into massive, crushing debt. Applaud the legislative push to end balance billing and other destructive forms of surprise billing.

End Epidemic of Moms Dying in Childbirth

New mothers are dying at a higher rate in America than almost anywhere else in the world. Racial inequities are compounding this crisis. Demand leaders take decisive action on behalf of all moms.

Don’t Cover Up Origins of Dangerous Brain Disease

A dangerous ailment is increasingly finding victims in a Canadian province. This illness robs young patients of their minds, their ability to move, and even their lives. Demand health officials stop obstructing a desperate search for answers.

Get Cancer-Causing Chemicals Out of Our Drinking Water and Food

Deadly chemicals are infecting the water we drink and the food we eat. Demand the government take immediate action to combat these toxins.

Fix Landfill Reportedly Causing Community-Wide Illness

A faulty landfill is reportedly putting the health of communities and the environment at risk. Demand action to mitigate this apparent menace and prevent future widespread dangers.

Stop Medicare Cuts From Affecting Millions

Cuts to the Medicare program will go into effect in January 2022. While certain representatives are working to change that, it is important to ensure Congress doesn’t let these cuts don’t happen. Please, act now to call Congress to work together.

Stop Treating People With HIV and AIDS Like Criminals

Americans diagnosed with HIV and AIDS still have targets on their backs from misguided laws that marginalize and criminalize them. Demand an end to these destructive legal dictates.

Stop Lead Lined Cans From Causing Brain Damage

Lead exposure is known to be harmful to both adults and children. It is time to ban or reduce lead content connected to food or drink. Sign the petition to call for more stringent lead safety.

Provide More Funding for K-12 School Counselors

America’s school system is grossly neglecting the mental health of the youth. It’s time we listened to the students’ cries for help and increase the counseling budget for K-12 schools nationwide.

Don’t Withhold Life-Saving COVID-19 Vaccines From the Poor

Moderna, maker of arguably the world’s best vaccine against COVID-19, is striking deals almost entirely with rich countries at the expense of poor and more at-risk populations. Demand a balancing of the scales for public health efforts that will ultimately help the entire world.

Prevent Pet Food From Becoming Deadly Superbug Factory

Raw pet foods and antibiotic-injected livestock feed pose an imminent threat to humans and the animals that consume them. Both products are potential breeding grounds for lethal antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Urge reform in the industries responsible for these dangerous products.

Protect Women From Draconian Abortion Bans

Texas dealt a major blow to reproductive freedom by outlawing abortion after six weeks of gestation. This decision flaunts Supreme Court precedent and strips countless women, including victims of rape and incest, of their healthcare choices. Demand Congress stop this wholesale assault on women’s rights.

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