Urge TikTok Star to Apologize for Potential Closure of COVID-19 Testing Site

Tik Tok star Addison Rae was scheduled to film a movie at a location that required the closure of a COVID-19 testing site, preventing at least 504 patients from attending scheduled appointments during a global pandemic. Sign this petition to urge Addison Rae to apologize and to commit to prioritizing public health in the future.

Facebook: Commit to Removing Posts with Medical Misinformation

People, including at least one child, have died as a result of medical misinformation spread on Facebook. The social media company has committed to removing misleading posts about the COVID-19 vaccine, but this policy should extend to all conditions. Sign this petition to urge Facebook to remove all medical propaganda.

Trump: Cancel 20+ White House Holiday Parties Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

President Trump has recently sent out invitations to over twenty different holiday parties scheduled to take place at the White House this season, disregarding the advice of public health officials seeking to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Sign this petition to urge President Trump to cancel White House holiday parties.

Don’t Let Accused Anti-Masker Nurse Practice Medicine and Endanger Patients

A nurse reportedly bragged on social media about not following Covid-19 safety guidelines. Demand that the Oregon Health Authority revoke her ability to work in public health.

Stop Poisoning Caused by Industrial Chemicals in Plastics

BPA causes cancer, reproductive issues, heart disease and many other ailments, yet it is used to package countless common consumer goods. Call for a ban on this harmful industrial chemical in our food production.

Do Not Ban Abortions Involving Life-Threatening Conditions

Poland is considering banning abortions in cases where the fetus has a serious or life-threatening condition. These types of abortions make up the majority of the very small legally performed procedures in a country that is already very conservative regarding this issue. Urge the Polish Prime Minister to keep abortions legal in the case of life-threatening conditions.

Trump: Provide National Guidelines to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

President Donald Trump has ignored the growing danger of the worsening coronavirus pandemic in the wake of his loss in the US presidential election. Thousands more become infected every day with no government response in sight. Sign this petition to urge President Trump to provide federal guidelines and a directive on the prevention of the virus.

Save the Affordable Care Act and Maintain Health Care for Millions of Americans

Millions of Americans could soon lose their access to health care as the Affordable Care Act is debated in front of the US Supreme Court for the third time. If it is revoked, then many will not have access to medical assistance during a global pandemic. Sign this petition to urge US Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett to vote in favor of healthcare for all.

Cut Harmful Pollutants That Lead to More COVID Deaths

Thousands of people have been needlessly killed by COVID-19, due to the aggravating effects of fossil fuel pollutants which Trump’s EPA refuses to regulate. Demand that this shocking failure be remedied immediately.

Trump: Stop Attacking Top Infectious Disease Expert and Downplaying COVID-19

President Trump called Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s top infectious disease expert, “a disaster” and an “idiot.” This comes despite the fact that the U.S. has reached its highest peak in COVID-19 cases since July. In order to prioritize public health, demand Trump stop trying to turn the public against a trusted scientist.

Stop Anti-Maskers as COVID Cases Surge

Masks have been proven to decrease COVID cases by as much as 75 percent. So why are some local governments debating their use? Demand that one of the nation’s largest counties extend life-saving mask mandates.

Trump: Join Effort to Save Millions of Lives from COVID-19

The Trump administration has refused to join nearly 200 countries in working to find a safe, effective vaccine for COVID-19, depriving medical researchers of vital resources and knowledge and putting impoverished communities at risk. Demand that this cruel position be reversed immediately.

Denounce Trump’s Dangerous Disregard for COVID-19 Safety

President Trump removed his mask and told the public not to fear the coronavirus following his release from treatment for the illness, in a dangerous dismissal of universal medical opinion and basic safety. Demand that the chair of the Republican Party call the president out for his reckless disregard for public health.

President Trump: Stop Ignoring the Medical Experts Regarding Covid-19

President Trump’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis highlights the urgency of expert and professional health guidance. The man in charge of advising the president on the current crisis has instead routinely questioned the value of masks and encouraged herd immunity that could cost millions of lives. Demand the ouster of this enemy of public health.

Don’t Lift Mask Mandate While Coronavirus Cases Still Surge

The mask mandate was lifted in Mississippi thanks to a recent decision by Governor Tate Reeves. This comes despite the fact that coronavirus cases are still surging in several counties. Demand the governor prioritize public health during a pandemic and reverse his decision to no longer require face coverings.

Trump: Apologize for Pressuring School Reopenings During the Pandemic

The White House downplayed the threat of the coronavirus to children in a dangerous and politicized attempt to reopen schools before election day. The Trump administration even pressured the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to produce biased data showing that children are at a low risk of contracting Covid-19. Demand Trump admit to and apologize for downplaying the threat of sending children back to school and pressuring health officials to follow his reckless agenda.

Trump: Stop Killing Thousands by Undermining Science

President Trump continues to lie to the American public about the availability of a COVID-19 vaccine and has even engaged in a public disagreement with the director of the CDC. Demand that Trump stop undermining crucial guidance from the CDC in order to protect the public from the pandemic.

Demand Trump Supports USPS Effort to Get Masks to All Americans

The U,S, Postal Service had a plan in place to send masks to every address in the country, but the Trump White House put a stop to it at the last minute. There’s no telling how many lives could have been saved if everyone had easy and free access to masks early in the pandemic. Demand that Trump reverse course and get all Americans their masks.

Amazon: Do Not Put New Hires at Risk of Coronavirus

Amazon is allegedly exposing thousands of workers to risk with lax COVID-19 safety measures, and not it wants to put thousands more in unsafe warehouses and fulfillment centers. Sign this petition to urge Amazon to create safe and healthy environments for their employees.

Secure Port in Response to Huge Fire That Destroyed Supplies for Humanitarian Aid

Just one month after Beirut’s port was destroyed by a huge explosion triggered by a fire, another blaze wrecked a warehouse in the same location. The fire was fueled by flammable materials such as oil and tires, but the source of the fire is unknown. Sign this petition to urge the Lebanese government to investigate the fire and secure the port of Beirut for the safety of all.

Trump: Stop Holding Indoor “Super Spreader” Rallies

President Trump recently held an indoor campaign rally outside Las Vegas where thousands of people attended without wearing a mask. The event could result in a dangerous surge of coronavirus cases. Demand Trump apologize for his reckless decision and stop holding indoor rallies during the pandemic.

Trump: Stop Pushing Unauthorized Coronavirus Treatments for Political Gain

President Trump pressured health agencies to authorize a coronavirus treatment so that he could display progress in the battle against Covid-19, regardless of the fact that officials cited concern over the effectiveness and safety of the remedy. Scientists and regulators fear that the White House will try to push a vaccine before Election Day, which could be dangerous to public health. Demand Trump stop rushing a coronavirus treatment for political gain.

U.S.: Join the Global COVID-19 Vaccine Effort

The United States will not be participating in a global cooperative effort to develop and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine, to the detriment of the nation and the international community. Demand that the U.S. join the WHO’s worldwide push to end the pandemic.

Stop Playing Political Games With the Right to Choose

Republicans led by Senator Ted Cruz are trying to force the Food and Drug Administration to ban the so-called “abortion pill,” despite all testing proving it to be a safe method of inducing miscarriage. Demand that the FDA stand up to Cruz and protect people’s right to choose.

Protect Public Health By Recommending COVID-19 Testing for All Exposed

New guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention say people who have been exposed to COVID-19 do not need to be tested, contrary to scientific and medical best practice. This is a dangerous precedent to set, as asymptomatic carriers contribute to the spread of the virus. Demand that health officials recommend COVID-19 testing for all exposed in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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