Stop Slaughter of School Children with Semi-Automatic Weapons

Target: John Cornyn, U.S. Senator

Goal: Limit availability of semi-automatic weapons to reduce worst outcomes of gun violence.

Bodies at Texas elementary school were so ravaged by AR-15 weaponry that they could only be identified through clothing the children wore. These rounds create large holes that can cause a bleed-out in mere minutes, particularly for a small person. Organs and tissues essentially rupture. The kind of devastation created by these bullets requires the expertise of the most highly trained surgeons in medicine, and even then chances of survival are abysmal at best.

This carnage is caused by a weapon capable of firing hundreds of rounds in a short time. The shooters in Uvalde and Buffalo used this deadly capability to inflict mass destruction. And they needed no nefarious means to secure their instruments of murder. They did it legally, because in the United States of America, one has to be 21 to drink or to purchase a handgun. Yet when it comes to an object capable of inflicting so much more suffering, 18 is the lowest of low bars.

Certain politicians want to do nothing to change this tragic narrative, citing liberty while ignoring the fact that every liberty in America—from the freedom to drive to freedom of speech—comes with responsibilities. In the past, common-sense measures were the expectation. Several decades ago, this nation’s government banned fully automatic weapons like machine guns with nary a cry about infringed freedoms. And no one disputes that the “right to bear arms” should extend to nuclear weapons in the basement.

Meanwhile, gun violence has surged to the leading cause of death among America’s youth. Sign the petition below to demand this nation’s leaders take weapons of war off the streets and out of the hands of unstable young people.


Dear Senator Cornyn,

In an alarming and infuriating sign of the times, the United States now accounts for over 95 percent of gun deaths among children in the entire world. Other nations have mental health issues, violent video games, and any other number of excuses thrown out to explain the violence literally killing this nation’s children. Yet somehow, these countries by and large evade the routine slaughter of their kids at the hands of disturbed people armed not with fists or a kitchen knife but with perfectly legal weapons that almost guarantee the most brutal death imaginable. These countries avoid pairing fire drills with active shooter drills or trying in vain to transform schools into fortresses because they acknowledge and try to rectify the root of the problem.

Take a cue not just from other countries but from this nation’s own past. The 1986 Firearm Owner’s Protection Act saw an outright ban of fully automatic weapons. How many times in the past three-plus decades have you heard about a rampant machine gun attack in this country? Responsible gun ownership should not mean the compulsion to own a weapon designed for the battlefield. The aforementioned law proves that responsible restrictions do work, and they will save lives.

This nation desperately needs to put aside the politics and step up for our children. A ban on semi-automatic assault weapons and high-capacity magazines would be ideal, but if this step forward is “too extreme” for the sake of children’s lives, then at the very least keep these weapons out of the hands of young, at-risk people like the Buffalo and Uvalde shooters by upping the age limit for legal ownership to 21.

The future of the United States may literally depend on your actions today. If you doubt this assertion, talk to a pediatric trauma surgeon who can show you uncensored images that will haunt your dreams.


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  1. Myrna Lipman says:

    The fact that we have to sign petitions and go through all sorts of gyrations just to try to enact laws to protect children from being massacred by guns is truly appalling.

  2. Fuck no. You took away my abortion so those fucking kids get their just desserts. I’m for killing kids. You took my rights away fuck those stupid kids. Kill them all

  3. I support this cause!

  4. Too little too late. Better than nothing scenerio ??
    My new mantra is “22”
    Age to purchase, as they need time to ‘grow a brain.’
    Small children, all children, adults, deserve way better than what has been happening and is happening
    these days …. .

  5. Weird… Roe v Wade overturned after about 50 years yet nothing done about children constantly being shot to death in their schools for years on end… seems the gun rules supreme in America… perhaps home-school kids to try to prevent such ghastly mass killings or move and live in another country…
    laws to protect the unborn yet no laws to protect the living…
    skewed thinking…

  6. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    THIS WILL NOT END UNTIL WE GET LAWS PROHIBITING HUGE MONEY DONATIONS TO POLITICIANS. It’s simple, really. ALL NRA funded politicians will keep offering their “thoughts and prayers” while taking money from the NRA to do nothing about changing gun laws.

  7. Gilda, you’re a firearms illiterate idiot and Tiff is a LIAR…or she wrote this without doing any research. You believed the liberal media, Tiff, and they lied to you. The AR platform is a very popular medium power rifle…as you would have found out if you had done any research at all before getting on here and lying through your eye-teeth. And it fires no faster than your husband’s hunting rifle with significantly less power. Remember that eighteen year old heroes protect your very freedom every day of the year, Tiff! This information is out there, easily found…but you lied!

  8. The only reason why we don’t have reasonable gun control laws is that too many politicians and justices on the Supreme Court are getting paid by the terrorist group, NRA, to keep guns as accessible as possible. No one who is not active-duty police or military needs a weapon designed for war. The second amendment argument falls flat, because reasonable gun control doesn’t prohibit law-abiding citizens from owning guns, but it doesn’t guarantee that everyone can own an assault-style weapon any more than they can own a cannon, surface-to-air missile, or a nuclear warhead. For the politicians that drag their feet on enacting reasonable gun control laws, they need to be voted OUT.

    • Red states have highest rate of mass shootings. Red states are also poorest in country. No abortions? These red states will be further be going downhill. Mississippi is first on the list.

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