Prevent the Spread of Brain-Eating Amoebas Caused by Global Warming

Target: Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Demand a plan to reduce the spread of deadly brain-eating amoebas in the wake of warming climates.

In mid August, a Nebraska child died from a rare Naegleria fowleri—more commonly known as brain-eating amoeba—infection. It is expected that the amoeba, which enters the human body through the nose and destroys critical brain tissue, was contracted while the child was swimming in the Elkhorn River near Omaha. The child’s fatality has exposed a grim reality that we very well might be facing.

According to microbiologists, Naegleria thrive in warm waters, and can tolerate temperatures of up to 46 degrees Celsius. This makes the warming climate especially opportune for the spread of these deadly amoebas. While previously limited to southernmost states, amoebas are starting to show up in parts of the US where they hadn’t been previously found, posing a threat to individuals in midwestern regions as well. In addition to swimming in lakes, they can be transmitted to humans by way of contaminated water used for household activities. Extreme weather events including flooding and droughts can also likely introduce Naegleria to novel environments.

Sign this petition to demand the public be informed about the potential dangers of brain-eating amoeba outbreaks and that climate change be addressed before it’s too late.


Dear President Biden,

As global warming continues to raise temperatures across the world, it brings with it many unexpected—yet devastating—consequences. Recently, a Nebraska child became infected with the deadly Naegleria fowleri—brain-eating amoeba—while swimming in a river outside of Omaha and died shortly after. Microbiologists claim that the warming climate makes the spread of these dangerous amoebas—which thrive in waters of up to 46 degrees Celsius—even more likely. While previously limited to southernmost states, these amoebas are beginning to pop-up in other regions throughout the U.S. where they weren’t previously found. Naegleria are easily transmitted, and might be spread by way of increasing floods and drought also brought on by warming climates.

We are asking you, Mr. Biden, to make sure you properly monitor this problem and start taking the necessary precautions to stop these amoebsa before the death toll rises. What else has to go wrong before we take action to stop climate change?


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