Prevent Poisoning of Military Families

Target: Carlos Del Toro, U.S. Secretary of the Navy

Goal: Launch full review of fuel storage facilities that pose imminent public health risk.

Military families were forced to leave their homes after they were poisoned by jet fuel at the Pearl Harbor naval base. In total, about 6,000 people experienced illness that included nausea and headaches. A recently released report reveals that failures of leadership likely contributed to this health crisis.

The jet fuel had apparently gotten into water supplies following a pipe rupture at the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility in mid-2021. In total, 21,0000 gallons of fuel escaped, and some of this supply leaked into a well several months later after a second accident. It took intervention from the Hawaiian government (who were concerned about a leak into the larger water supply) to get military leadership to finally take action. Even then, they claimed that they could not completely fix the problem for another two years. In addition to this failure to act in urgency, commanders are also accused of removing vital oversight personnel from the facility, greatly increasing the chances of a serious mishap.

Anyone responsible for these apparent derelictions of duty should be reprimanded. The report also calls for a review of other naval fuel storage facilities in order to prevent another dangerous incident. Sign the petition below to demand naval authorities mitigate these ongoing threats to public health.


Dear Secretary Del Toro,

The thousands of military families who were the first to sound the alarm at Pearl Harbor believe their trust has been breached. After over a year of pleas for action and bouts of illness, they are not wrong. The Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility may be closing, but its legacy of seeming ineptitude and hazardous irresponsibility will remain.

These individuals, many of whom have dedicated their lives to serving this nation, were seemingly poisoned by a shocking failure of leadership. Even today, the urgency is lacking, as this continued menace to public health may not fully close down for another two years. Please hold everyone responsible for this crisis fully accountable.

Moreover, ensure it can never happen again. Heed recommendations to evaluate and review other naval fuel storage facilities around the globe. Don’t let these Americans pay the price for their own leaders’ carelessness.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: United States Navy

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  1. Unbelievable the way we take care of our military! They risk their life’s protecting us & do we take care of them & their families?? No we don’t.

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