Don’t Cover Up Origins of Dangerous Brain Disease

Target: Dorothy Shephard, Minister of Health for New Brunswick, Canada

Goal: Launch full investigation into cause of mysterious neurological illness.

An extremely alarming disease is on the rise in a Canadian province, and politics may be standing in the way of answers to this medical mystery. The condition has affected as many as 150 young people in New Brunswick, with a local health agency whistleblower claiming cases are on the rise. The rapid-onset neurological illness reportedly causes insomnia, hallucinations, weight loss, muscle deterioration, and cognitive decline similar to Alzheimer’s Disease. At least eight people have died. Some caretakers of the afflicted have also fallen ill.

Despite claims they will get answers for affected families, local health officials have seemingly done quite the opposite. They have repeatedly rebuffed calls for autopsies requested by families. In recent statements, they have dismissed the cases as misdiagnoses of other illnesses and are expected to offer similar explanations in a yet-released report. Critics believe the hesitancy to take action stems from a theory that the illness may result from a neurotoxin possibly found in area lobster. Since lobster is a main driver of the region’s economy, the health agencies could be feeling pressure from politicians to play down any potential dangers associated with the industry.

Politics should never cost people their lives. Sign the petition below to call on healthcare leaders to remember their oath of duty and focus all resources on solving this deadly puzzle.


Dear Minister Shephard,

As public health officials, you have a responsibility to look out for the common good, protect communities, and follow the science, wherever it may lead. It seems these commitments are being lost where the unknown neurological illness affecting New Brunswick is concerned. You have promised grieving families resolution, but every action—or inaction—refutes this promise.

Please do not use the upcoming report as an instrument to further obscure and cloud the truth. Stop actively standing in the way of a full research investigation. Honor the calls of families for extensive medical autopsies on their loved ones.

The scientists who can best solve this mystery need your go-ahead, and a growing number of families need the assurance that they come first with their healthcare leaders.


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  1. ALL living, Breathing creatures whether they’re big 0r small will feel pain.
    How inhumane of these people …

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