Stop Medicare Cuts From Affecting Millions

Cuts to the Medicare program will go into effect in January 2022. While certain representatives are working to change that, it is important to ensure Congress doesn’t let these cuts don’t happen. Please, act now to call Congress to work together.

Stop Treating People With HIV and AIDS Like Criminals

Americans diagnosed with HIV and AIDS still have targets on their backs from misguided laws that marginalize and criminalize them. Demand an end to these destructive legal dictates.

Stop Lead Lined Cans From Causing Brain Damage

Lead exposure is known to be harmful to both adults and children. It is time to ban or reduce lead content connected to food or drink. Sign the petition to call for more stringent lead safety.

Provide More Funding for K-12 School Counselors

America’s school system is grossly neglecting the mental health of the youth. It’s time we listened to the students’ cries for help and increase the counseling budget for K-12 schools nationwide.

Don’t Withhold Life-Saving COVID-19 Vaccines From the Poor

Moderna, maker of arguably the world’s best vaccine against COVID-19, is striking deals almost entirely with rich countries at the expense of poor and more at-risk populations. Demand a balancing of the scales for public health efforts that will ultimately help the entire world.

Prevent Pet Food From Becoming Deadly Superbug Factory

Raw pet foods and antibiotic-injected livestock feed pose an imminent threat to humans and the animals that consume them. Both products are potential breeding grounds for lethal antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Urge reform in the industries responsible for these dangerous products.

Protect Women From Draconian Abortion Bans

Texas dealt a major blow to reproductive freedom by outlawing abortion after six weeks of gestation. This decision flaunts Supreme Court precedent and strips countless women, including victims of rape and incest, of their healthcare choices. Demand Congress stop this wholesale assault on women’s rights.

Provide Mental Health Interventions and Prevent Police Suicides

An alarming number of law enforcement professionals die by suicide every year. Urge the Department of Justice to honor its promise and implement a national strategy for officer suicide prevention.

Fight Against Dangerous Abortion Ban

A new Texas ban limits abortions at a six-week period, when most do not even know they are pregnant. Tell the governor to stop this attack on reproductive rights.

Keep Kids Safe From COVID-19

Children are being put at risk of hospitalization and death because of irresponsible and politically-driven decisions made by their so-called leaders. Florida has become a ground-zero of dangerous COVID-19 spread largely because of such reckless leadership. Condemn the Florida governor’s interference in school masking guidelines.

Give Minors the Choice to Protect Themselves From COVID-19

Minors are suffering and dying from preventable illnesses through no fault of their own. If these youth are of sound mind and body, they should be allowed to make their own critical medical decisions. Demand mature minors receive unfettered access to COVID-19 vaccines and other potentially life-saving healthcare.

Support Research That Could Prevent Deadly Disease Outbreaks

Investment in scientific research is at a critical crossroads in the wake of the pandemic that has upended the world. Demand one of the nation’s foremost health authorities make the right investments for a safer and more secure future for all.

Stop Stigmatizing Mental Health in Sports

Tennis’ major organizations chose shaming and intimidation over help for a suffering young tennis pro. The stigmatization of mental health just took a disgusting new turn in the sports world. Condemn this unethical behavior and urge reform.

Don’t Endanger and Punish Women for Exercising Reproductive Rights

A misunderstood and discriminatory anti-abortion dictate is harming and stigmatizing women in urgent need worldwide. Join in the calls to stop this decades-old attack on reproductive freedom.

Stop Tying Helping Hands in World’s Worst COVID-19 Outbreak

A devastating onslaught of COVID-19 cases has ravaged India and its healthcare system. Urgently needed aid is not reaching many desperate citizens because of a destructive government policy. Urge India to unleash the full power of charitable outreach.

Success: Leaders Unite Behind Clean and Safe Water

Tainted drinking water and dangerously unregulated wastewater have harmed public health in communities countrywide. United support from Congressional leaders could soon change these fortunes for the better. Applaud needed investments in America’s water infrastructure.

Stop Dangerous Anti-Vaxxer Movement at Highest Levels of School

A Florida school is allegedly punishing employees who get a COVID-19 vaccine. In some cases, teachers could lose their jobs for safeguarding themselves, their families, and their students from serious illness and death. Urge this peddler of baseless conspiracy theories to get educated about a global pandemic killing millions.

Protect the Homeless From Covid

The homeless are in a perilous predicament, with their risks of contracting COVID-19 far outpacing the general population. Greater vaccination access for these vulnerable individuals and families could change the game for them and the country as a whole. Demand increased vaccine availability for homeless Americans.

Don’t Leave the Poor Behind and Uninsured During Pandemic

Millions of the most poverty-stricken Americans still cannot access affordable health insurance. Neither their states nor the federal government will step up to aid these individuals. Help stop the widening of a healthcare gap that endangers lives.

Don’t Deprive Trans Kids of Critical Care

Arkansas politicians want to take medical decisions away from families and physicians and cause grave harm to their new favorite political punching bags, transgender kids. Urge an end to this assault on at-risk youth.

Identify Gun Violence as Public Health Crisis

Scores of Americans are dying every day from gun violence, a plague of our own making. The onslaught of mass shootings is a severe symptom of this raging epidemic. Urge real investment and commitment to combatting gun violence.

Trump: Encourage Hesitant But Loyal Followers to Get Vaccinated

Vaccines could signal the beginning of the end of the worst public health crisis in modern history, but acceptance of these crucial safeguards remains sharply divided along political lines. Encourage a united effort to fight COVID-19.

Ensure Clean and Safe Water for Storm-Battered Communities

Residents of Jackson, Mississippi have lacked access to clean water for weeks. Once more, punishing winter storms have plunged a southern U.S. city into an emergency state. Demand that leaders step up and give real aid to those in need.

Stop the War on Drugs

The war on drugs has always served as a vehicle of oppression. It is time to put it to an end and reconnect with the benefits and healing properties of psychedelics. Demand that the war on drugs be put to end and that entheogens be legalized.

Give the Whole World a Fighting Chance Against COVID-19

The world’s race to vaccinate against COVID -19 is sacrificing too many people to inequities. A stunning lack of vaccine access for poor and developing countries could cost millions of lives and unravel progress for the entire planet. Demand an end to these deadly disparities.

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