Trump: Stop Spreading Dangerous Lies About the Coronavirus

President Trump told multiple lies about the coronavirus pandemic in a recent interview with Fox News. Among them, he claimed that the United States had “one of the lowest mortality rates in the world,” then said that countries with lower death rates “don’t test.” Demand Trump stop spreading misinformation about Covid-19 in order to protect the public.

Don’t Hide the Truth About COVID-19 Infections

Federal officials have cut America’s leading disease control agency out of coronavirus data gathering, in the Trump administration’s latest attempt to downplay the crisis. This action could deprive states hard-hit by rising infections of essential information and aid. Demand a reversal of this destructive threat to public health.

Protect Exploited Firefighting Prisoners From COVID-19

Prisoners who are exploited to fight California’s wildfires are facing an elevated risk of contracting Covid-19. In addition to performing dangerous work for very low pay, they live in cramped conditions and lack the ability to social distance. Demand these valuable workers receive sufficient resources to protect against the coronavirus.

Reverse Dangerous Ban on Mask Mandates During Deadly Pandemic

The Governor of Georgia issued a ban on mask mandates throughout the state, a clear threat to the health and well-being of the local people. This decision could cost lives and it cannot be allowed to stand. Demand that he reverses course on this horrible misstep or resign from his position as governor.

Mandate Masks on All American Airlines Flights During Deadly Pandemic

American Airlines is still allowing passengers on their flights without wearing masks, a clear health risk in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Countless people will die if this isn’t changed immediately. Demand that American Airlines mandates masks for everyone on board.

Tell Ted Cruz to Grow Up and Put on a Mask

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has been photographed on an American Airlines flight and in an airport refusing to wear a mask. Whether he is too vain, too selfish, or too ignorant to take this simple step to save lives, only he knows. Regardless, it’s time to tell Senator Cruz, and other politicians like him, to “put on a mask!”

Trump: Don’t Dismiss International Health Experts During Deadly Pandemic

The Trump administration is withdrawing the United States from the World Health Organization. This could result in many more COVID-19 cases and deaths and delay the development of a life-saving vaccine. Demand that the U.S. protect lives by continuing to work with and listen to health experts.

Offer Immediate Food Aid to Families With Malnourished Children

Thousands of children in England are receiving treatment for malnutrition in hospitals, their families unable to feed them without adequate support under the UK’s coronavirus lockdown. Demand that these families and others at risk be given food assistance immediately.

People in face masks - Henry Merino

Enforce Stronger Penalties for Not Wearing Masks During Pandemic

Many people across the United States refuse to wear masks in public, most notably a Florida man who’s angry reaction to being asked to put one on in a store has gone viral. Several states are issuing fines to those who will not wear masks, but this is not enough to curtail this selfish behavior. Urge the government to issue stronger punishments towards those who selfishly ignore public health concerns for their own “rights.”

Publicize Coronavirus Risks to Workers in Meat Processing Plants

Employees at meat processing facilities are forced to work in close conditions without adequate sanitation or knowledge of the risks posed to them by COVID-19. Demand that their employers be required to disclose infection rates at their facilities and provide effective health protections.

Stop Killing Safety Measures and Healthcare During COVID-19

20 million Americans could lose their healthcare coverage in the midst of a health crisis if the Trump Administration has its way. Do not let the federal government sabotage the health of millions more with negligence and destructive partisanship.

Protect Vulnerable Asylum Seekers from the Coronavirus

Three asylum seekers near the United States border have tested positive for the coronavirus. The encampment they are living at severely lacks the resources needed to fight Covid-19, and the virus will likely spread fast. Demand that asylum seekers are provided with ample resources in order to protect against the coronavirus.

Do Not Charge $3,120 for Newly-Approved Coronavirus Treatment Drug

A pharmaceutical company is planning to charge $3,120 for a coronavirus drug. Sign this petition to urge the company to lower to price of the treatment and to make the patent for the drug public so that other drug manufacturers can produce the treatment to meet global demand.

Ban Toxic Burning and Burying of Animals During Covid-19 Pandemic

Farmers are burning their livestock on open air pyres or burying them in unlined pits due to the coronavirus-related lack of demand for meat. These two methods of disposal can emit carcinogenic pollutants and contaminate waterways. Demand the toxic burning and burying of animals be banned during Covid-19.

Shut Down Florida to Save Countless Lives from COVID-19

The state of Florida’s COVID-19 situation is getting worse by the day. They are averaging significantly more than 5,000 new cases per day for the past week, with no signs of it letting up any time soon. The only way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to shut down the state. Demand that Governor Ron DeSantis does what needs to be done to save lives.

Don’t Allow COVID-19 to Continue to Spread Uncontrolled

The nation’s top expert on infectious diseases says that new cases could reach 100,000 per day in the United States if something drastic isn’t done to stop the spread of COVID-19. Tell President Trump that we’ve already seen enough death in the United States from this virus.

Close All Nonessential Businesses to Combat Rise in Coronavirus

Texas is suffering from a massive outbreak of coronavirus after reopening its economy too early. As ICU beds in Texas hospitals fill to capacity, malls, restaurants, salons, and gyms remain open. Sign this petition to urge the governor to close all nonessential Texas businesses.

Make Urban Living Safer for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers

The health and wellness of individuals battling allergies and asthma is suffering due to the preference for pollen-spouting male plants in urban landscape planning. These medical conditions can be serious in some individuals and exasperate other illnesses. Demand an end to detrimental environmental misogyny.

Protect Migrant Farmworkers From Massive Coronavirus Surge

Migrant farmworker communities have become hotspots for the coronavirus. Regardless of this threat, workers are still forced to work close to one another and live in cramped conditions. Demand more testing and better living conditions for migrant farm workers to protect against the coronavirus.

Don’t Defund Crucial Coronavirus Testing Sites

Coronavirus testing sites will be defunded across the United States due to a recent decision made by President Trump. As infection rates still surge, officials warn that testing is a crucial resource needed to slow the spread of the virus. Demand that President Trump reverse this ill-informed decision.

Trump: Don’t Allow Companies to Hide Leaks of Cancer-Causing Chemicals

The release of toxic chemicals into the air, land and waterways could soon go unreported. These “forever chemicals” are linked to cancer, birth defects, immune deficiencies and more. Demand that companies be required to report any release of toxic chemicals and create stricter regulations on the amount they can release.

Don’t Put Kids at Risk of Contracting Crippling Polio Virus

Polio cases are on the rise in Pakistan due to a halt in production of vaccines. This delay could turn this looming disease into a full-blown epidemic, putting children and infants at an especially high risk of death. Urge investment and immediate action in the fight against one of the world’s most impactful illnesses.

Lock Down Arizona to Stop Rapid Spread of COVID-19

New COVID-19 cases are spiking dramatically in Arizona, putting the population at serious risk. Something must be done to stop the spread of the virus before it’s too late. Demand that the Governor of Arizona lockdown the state and save countless lives.

Forgive All Hospital Bills Linked to COVID-19 Pandemic

Americans are going bankrupt trying to deal with medical costs because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The government mishandled the response to this virus, and Americans should not be stuck with the bill. Demand that COVID-19 medical bills be forgiven.

Don’t “Surprise” Patients With Bankruptcy-Inducing Bills

Surprise medical bills are taking millions of dollars from hard-working Americans at a time when they need it most. These corrosive fines penalize people for unexpected health emergencies that cause them to receive care from out-of-network providers. Demand an end to this profit-driven practice that costs patients millions.

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