Stop GOP From Bankrupting Diabetics With High Insulin Prices

Target: Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senate Minority Leader

Goal: Stop obstructing price caps for insulin that manages diabetes.

Diabetes is a dominant health condition in the United States, afflicting 30 million-plus Americans. Insulin has become a critical weapon for fighting this illness, and seven million of the country’s diabetics depend on it daily. As the number of people battling diabetes increases, the price of potentially life-saving insulin has skyrocketed in turn. The average insulin price per unit now stands at nearly 100 dollars. Without insurance, the price jumps to about $250. For an estimated 15 percent of insulin users, this bill claims almost half of their income. Congress recently had an opportunity to tamp down this pharmaceutical highway robbery but, once again, they chose politics over the public interest.

The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act originally included a provision that would have capped insulin prices per unit at 35 dollars, which may have resulted in invaluable savings for already cash-strapped Americans. While seven Republican senators joined with Democrats in supporting this inclusion, most of the party voted against it. They did not want to hold private insurers to the same standard as Medicare. Therefore, the final version of the law only enacts the price cap for Medicare recipients. The privately insured and the uninsured receive no such benefit.

Republican leaders claim they want to act on this effort via a stand-alone bill. Sign the petition below to hold them to this pledge.


Dear Senator McConnell,

Millions of Americans must buy numerous vials of insulin a month to safeguard them from the worst debilitating effects of diabetes. These individuals are already suffering under the weight of soaring prices in every aspect of their lives. The pharmaceutical industry is essentially extorting Americans and holding their very health hostage for a big payoff. Insulin rationing for diabetics has become a troubling reality.

Through your inaction and your refusal to back insulin price caps, you are abetting this cause and adding to the pain of financially and physically suffering constituents. Your state of Kentucky ranks eighth in the nation for diabetes.  If your claims are true that you simply want this issue addressed in a separate bill, then you should have no problem supporting the bipartisan effort unveiled by your colleagues Senator Susan Collins and Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

Demonstrate your word means something by fully advocating for this bill. Help millions of everyday Americans live a healthier and more financially secure life.


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