Animal Welfare

Find a Forever Home for Squirrel, the Green-Eyed, Playful Cat

Squirrel, a 6-year-old cat with stunning green eyes, awaits her forever home. Give her the love and care she deserves.

Find a Loving Home for Bunny, the Brave German Shepherd

After a traumatic rescue from an irrigation drain, Bunny seeks a forever home. Find her the loving family she deserves.

Prevent Wild Elephants from Ingesting Poisonous Waste

Two wild elephants were reportedly endangered by consuming plastic from a dumping yard. Demand urgent measures to prevent further harm.

Justice for Horses Allegedly Lacking Essential Food, Drink, and Sanitary Conditions

Horses at Smithfield Farm were reportedly subjected to inhumane conditions. Seek accountability and justice for their suffering.

Justice for Foster Kittens Allegedly Exploited in Unlicensed Cat Cafe

Foster kittens were reportedly used in an unauthorized cat cafe venture. Take immediate legal action against those responsible.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Beaten to Death With Tree Branch

A dog was allegedly beaten to death with a tree branch. Immediate legal action against the suspected perpetrator is crucial for justice.

Justice for Family Cat Allegedly Subjected to Harrowing Theft and Cruelty

The alleged theft and torment of a cat has sparked public outrage. The perpetrators must face legal consequences for their suspected actions.

Justice for Innocent Puppies Allegedly Punched, Kicked, and Beaten to Death

Innocent puppies reportedly suffered extreme cruelty, prompting urgent calls for justice. Seek legal consequences for the alleged perpetrator.

Give Animal Abuse Victims a Legal Voice

With animal cruelty on the rise and few states taking decisive action to stop it, vulnerable animals need unwavering advocates for their rights now more than ever. Demand a stronger presence for animal welfare advocates within the justice system.

Justice for Raccoon Allegedly Set Ablaze and Suffering From Severe Burns

A raccoon was reportedly set on fire and suffered horrific burns. Call for stringent legal action against the accused perpetrator.

Justice for Stray Dog Allegedly Attacked Over Car Cover Damage

A defenseless stray dog allegedly suffered a brutal attack over a damaged car cover. Demand swift legal action against the accused perpetrators.

Justice for Dogs Allegedly Subjected to Inhumane Birth Control Practices

Reportedly, mismanaged animal birth control procedures have endangered dogs and people alike. Call for stringent oversight and humane practices.

Justice for Horse Reportedly Forced to Work in Extreme Heat Until Exhausted

A horse was allegedly subjected to a brutal assault with a branch. Demand legal action against animal cruelty.

Justice for Five Malnourished Dogs Allegedly Neglected by Homeowner

Five dogs were found in dire conditions, allegedly due to neglect. Demand immediate legal action against the accused.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Taunted, Shocked, and Kicked

A vulnerable dog was reportedly subjected to repeated beating, kicking, and other brutal attacks. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Ban Animal Abusers From Owning Pets in Louisiana

Texas’s groundbreaking law against animal cruelty has set a much-needed precedent. Demand Louisiana follow with similar legal measures.

Justice for Deceased Dogs Reportedly Discovered in Freezer

Fourteen dead dogs were allegedly found in varying stages of decay in a home. Ensure justice prevails for these innocent animals.

Justice for Dogs Allegedly Stuffed in Bag and Discarded in River

Innocent dogs were reportedly found lifelessly stuffed in a bag after having been tossed into a river. Call for stringent legal action against alleged animal cruelty.

Stray Dog Allegedly Tortured with Iron Pipe and Dragged by Metal Wire Deserves Justice

A stray dog was allegedly tortured with an iron pipe and dragged by metal wire. Demand legal action against the perpetrator for this heinous act.

Justice for Cat Allegedly Forced to Smoke in Viral Video

A cat was allegedly forced to smoke a cigarette in a distressing video. Call for urgent legal repercussions.

Justice for Dog Reportedly Found With Slit Throat

A dog allegedly found with its throat slit in a home deserves justice. Seek legal action against those allegedly responsible.

Justice for Abandoned Dog Allegedly Left to Perish in Apartment

A dog was reportedly abandoned and perished in an apartment. Demand accountability for this heartrending neglect.

Justice for Severely Malnourished Dogs Allegedly Left in Animal Waste

In a disturbing revelation, five severely malnourished dogs were reportedly found. Call for strict legal action against the alleged cruelty.

Dog Who Allegedly Suffered Fractured Skull and Severe Burns Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly found burnt and mutilated, hours before a ban on its breed went into effect. Stop the persecution of innocent animals.

Justice for 17 Chihuahuas Allegedly Left to Freeze in Storage Unit

Seventeen Chihuahuas, some with unopened eyes, were allegedly abandoned in a chillingly cold storage unit. Seek justice and preventative measures.

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