Animal Welfare

Five Guys: Add Vegetarian and Vegan Options to Your Menu

Five Guys is one of a few fast-food chains to not include vegan and vegetarian meal replacement options on their menu. Demand Five Guys choose compassion and inclusion and start offering plant-based alternatives to their popular menu items.

PetSmart: Stop Apparently Letting Sick Animals Languish Without Care and Die by the Hundreds

PetSmart has been accused of denying sick animals access to veterinary care and stuffing hundreds of dead rodents, reptiles, birds, and fish in freezers. Demand PetSmart stop selling live animals at their retail locations.

KFC Chickens Apparently Sick, Injured and Forced to Live in Feces Deserve Justice

Secret footage taken by undercover investigators at a KFC supply farm appears to show the horrific conditions these chickens endure, including being forced to live in their own feces. Demand justice for these animals.

Success: Ban on Retail Sale of Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits Receives Support

New York is attempting to prevent the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits from pet stores throughout the state. This is also a major step in shutting down puppy mills. Thank lawmakers for prioritizing animal welfare and encourage further support.

Stop Subjecting Millions of Animals to Torture for “Research”

Tens of millions of animals are subjected to torturous research experiments, despite the many viable, non-animal testing methods that exist. Demand Congress pass pending legislation to promote the use of these alternative measures and reduce the number of animals used in testing.

Success: City to Lift Discriminatory Pit Bull Ban

A city recently lifted its antiquated, decade-long ban on pit bull ownership. This gives the millions of dogs a better chance at finding a forever home. Thank the Excelsior Springs City Council for speaking up for pit bulls across the U.S.

Don’t Abandon Animals in Need During Natural Disasters

Animals are in danger of being left behind during devastating disasters made worse by climate change. Demand that Congress take action to protect pets and other living creatures from harm.

Stop Skinning Animals Alive

Animals are apparently being stabbed to death, skinned alive, and decapitated with saws at custom slaughterhouses where cruelty is largely unregulated. Demand that these facilities be closed immediately.

Protect Tarantulas During Their Mating Season

Tarantulas, who play a vital role in the ecosystem by controlling insect populations, are killed in huge numbers on busy highways during their mating season. Call for action to protect these under-appreciated predators.

Don’t Let Pets Starve and Go Without Vet Care Due to Financial Distress

Financially distressed Americans often struggle to provide proper food and veterinary care for their pets. Demand the top organization devoted to animal welfare make addressing these clear and present dangers a priority.

Stop Killing Millions of Lab Animals to Save Money and Space

In addition to the millions of animals subjected to torturous experiments, millions of other animals are killed in labs without ever being experimented on simply to save money and space. Demand U.S. labs stop breeding animals in surplus and stop the culling of animals deemed unnecessary or “excess.”

Stop Legal Torture of Highly Intelligent Octopuses in Laboratories

Octopuses and other invertebrates used in scientific research receive little to no protection. Demand these animals receive the same minimal standards of proper housing and care as do other lab animals.

Stop Workers From Reportedly Striking Cows With Paddles

A leading global food processing company has been subject to dozens of animal abuse allegations over the past few years. Most recently, a worker at the supply chain was reportedly seen beating two cows with a paddle for no reason. Demand further investigations to ensure animal welfare standards on farms are being upheld.

Don’t Return Dogs to Breeder Accused of Starving Them on Feces-Covered Property

A total of 41 emaciated dogs were reportedly discovered on a South Carolina property living in squalor atop their own feces. The man responsible will likely be able to retain possession of some of these dogs, according to law enforcement officials. Demand that all animals be removed from the custody of this apparently irresponsible owner.

Stop Killing Unborn Calves for Science

An estimated 1.8 million unborn calves are killed each year for a substance used in cell culture labs. Demand a transition towards more ethical already-existing alternatives and stop the bloodshed.

Stop Draining Animals’ Blood in Cruel Scientific Experiment

Thousands of animals are tortured in labs each year in antibody production experiments. Demand a transition to cruelty free alternative methods of testing.

Punish Owners Who Reportedly Starved Nearly 300 Dogs

Nearly 300 dogs were reportedly starved and neglected at a breeding facility. Most of these dogs were apparently severely underweight, and some were badly injured and left without any access to proper veterinary care. Demand those deemed responsible for the suffering of these 300 dogs receive maximum sentences.

Stop Forcing Roosters to Kill Each Other

The blood sport cockfighting, in which roosters are forced to fight each other until the death for human entertainment, is becoming increasingly popular. Demand stricter regulations on chicken ownership to help stop this cruel practice.

Punish Trainer Accused of Letting 11 Innocent Dogs Die in Her Care

An animal trainer has been arrested after 11 dogs were reportedly found dead on her property. Other, surviving animals appeared emaciated and neglected. Demand this woman receive the maximum punishment if found guilty of these heinous crimes.

Punish Rapper for Reportedly Keeping Baby Tiger in a Cage

Dallas rapper Trapboy Freddy was reportedly keeping a tiger cub caged in his home, an illegal offense. Wild animals belong in the wild, not as pets or for our own amusement. Demand that he is punished, and that custody of the cub is awarded to Animal Services.

Stop Alleged Imprisonment and Exploitation of Sloths for Profit

A so-called educational business seemingly holds sloths captive, subjecting them to constant interaction with strangers. Sloths are not here for our amusement. Demand the closure of Sloth Encounters LI and stop the apparent exploitation of these sensitive animals.

Protect Pet Rabbits From Malnutrition, Drowning, and Abuse

Pet rabbits are being assaulted and abandoned at an alarming rate in the United Kingdom. Demand stronger protections for these animals at risk from human carelessness.

Former Star Accused of Beating Dog With Chair on Video Must be Punished

Reality TV personality Ceaser Emanuel is accused of beating and abusing his dog. A video appears to validate the charges. Demand this man be held fully accountable if he is found guilty.

Stop Abusive Misuse of Antibiotics on Farm Animals

Animals on factory farms are forcibly administered antibiotics, allowing farmers to keep them in filthy, overcrowded conditions without spreading diseases. However, misuse and overuse of antibiotics has led to a rise of antibiotic-resistant and sometimes fatal bacteria in farm animals across the U.S. Demand improvements to farm animal welfare and stricter regulations on antibiotic use in these animals to prevent another epidemic.

Stop Breeding Beagles for Poisonous and Deadly Experiments

Horrible breeding farms are pumping out canine test subjects for equally grotesque experimentation. Call for reform that will rein in this legalized animal cruelty.

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