Animal Welfare

Pet Monkey Fed Cocaine and Nearly Flushed Down Toilet Deserves Justice

A woman apparently fed her pet monkey cocaine and then tried to flush the animal down the toilet. For this, the court gave her only a suspended sentence. Demand real justice for this poor animal.

Stop Slaughtering Dogs and Cats for Meat

Dogs and cats endure torturous and agonizing deaths in Indonesia, where they are slaughtered for human consumption. Demand an end to the beyond-cruel dog and cat meat trade.

Two Pit Bull Puppies Abandoned in Freezing Park Deserve Justice

Two Pit bull puppies were dumped in a park in such frigid temperatures that they nearly froze to death. They were dangerously skinny and clearly left by someone. Please, make sure that whoever abandoned them is brought to justice.

Ponies Reportedly Beaten and Sold for Meat at Auction Deserve Justice

Video footage appears to show ponies at an auction being kicked, starved, and abused. Some are reportedly sold for meat. Ban the sale and abuse of these majestic creatures.

Stop Illegal Puppy Trafficking That Claims Countless Lives

Trafficked puppies are dying in shockingly high numbers. They are raised in horrific conditions that no creature should be forced to endure. Urge authorities to find and punish illegal puppy breeders, traffickers, and abusers.

Save Rare Dolphins From Human-Caused Extinction

A rare species of dolphin is going extinct due to human activity. Listing them as an endangered species will help to ensure their survival. Sign this petition to save these wonderful creatures.

Stop Drugging and Racing Horses to Death

Another young horse has died at the hands of the horse racing industry. We must have protections for these innocent animals from greedy and inhumane trainers.

Dog Reportedly Shot to Death By Police Officer Deserves Justice

An innocent dog was reportedly shot four times outside of a gas station in Michigan. The officer who seemingly shot him apparently turned off his body cam before the incident. Get justice for Moose and fire the accused police officer.

Dogs Reportedly Doused in Rubbing Alcohol and Set on Fire Deserve Justice

Two dogs were reportedly doused in rubbing alcohol and then set on fire to stop them from fighting. Demand justice for these animals.

Punish Man Accused of Starving and Mistreating Dogs

Another animal cruelty convict has allegedly repeated his crimes in large part because of inadequate punishment the first time. Urge prosecutors to secure justice for the two dozen dogs reportedly impacted by this latest disturbing case.

Dog That Allegedly Died From Bleeding, Maggot-Infested Neck Wounds Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly found with maggots and flies inside his bleeding neck. Demand the person allegedly responsible for not providing this animal with the appropriate veterinary care be held to account.

Dogs Apparently Abandoned and Left to Die in Woods Deserve Justice

Five dogs were allegedly thrown in kennels without food or water and tied to trees before being abandoned in the woods and left to die. Demand justice for these apparently sadistically abused animals.

Puppies Reportedly Dead After Being Ripped Away From Their Mother Deserve Justice

Three puppies reportedly died after they were unexpectedly taken from their mother and deprived of proper care. Demand the person accused of this crime be given a tough legal penalty.

Save Whales Reportedly Dying at Theme Park

Fifteen whales have reportedly died at a theme park that seemingly has inadequate facilities and should be shut down. All remaining animals must be sent to a sanctuary. Tell the government to save these innocent creatures.

Stop Torturing Animals in Labs for Pointless Testing

Animal testing subjects millions of defenseless creatures to needless pain and suffering. It is also ineffective, only working 1 out of 10 times on humans. Help end this practice today.

Pit Bulls Shot and Killed at Suspected Dog-Fighting Ring Deserve Justice

Three pit bulls were shot dead and dumped in a reservoir. These animals may have been casualties of a dog-fighting operation. Demand justice for these poor creatures.

Stop Dissecting Bears’ Gallbladders for Unnecessary Medicine

Bear bile is a traditional Asian medicine that is harvested by keeping bears in cages and cutting into their gallbladders. This is an entirely unnecessary practice that continues to torture animals to this day. Add your voice to those calling for the end of vicious bear bile farming.

Save Tigers From Abusive Trade

Tigers can still be legally traded in Europe, which leads to poaching and other atrocities. Demand an end to the tiger trade.

Stop Letting Dogs Languish and Die in Abusive Breeding Facilities

Dogs are being exploited, bred, and neglected to death in record numbers in Missouri. In one case, the allegedly abusive breeders only suffered a fine and the closing of their business. Urge this state to clean up its notorious reputation as a place where canines go to die.

Starving Dog Left to Die in Abandoned School Deserves Justice

A starving Pitbull was found in an empty classroom of a boarded-up school. All signs point to him being intentionally abandoned. Please, make sure that whoever did this is found so it never happens again.

Don’t Rehome Imperative Emotional Support Animal

A man who suffers from chronic anxiety is being forced to rehome his emotional support pig, Ellie, even though not allowing him to keep her is discrimination under the Fair and Equal Housing Act. Demand the town immediately stop all legal actions against him and that they allow Ellie to remain with her owner.

Justice for German Shepherd Allegedly Brutally Beaten by Owner on Video

A German shepherd named Ginger was allegedly tortured and beaten in a horrific act of animal cruelty. Demand that the dog’s owner receive the strictest sentence under law and no longer be allowed to adopt or keep pets if he is found guilty of this senseless animal abuse.

Protect Horses Reportedly Forced to Work for Hours Without Water in 90-Degree Heat

Horses and ponies were reportedly left in the heat without water for hours at a Los Angeles-based petting zoo. This is one of many allegations of neglect against this attraction. Act now to protect these animals.

Punish Financial Officer Who Allegedly Stole From Animal Shelter

A chief financial officer has been accused of stealing $300,000 from an animal shelter that was meant to be used for a new building. She is currently accused of two separate felonies and the animals in her care were reportedly neglected. Demand the prosecutor seek the maximum penalty possible if she is found guilty.

Horse Who Suddenly Died Following Alleged Animal Cruelty Deserves Justice

A 23-year-old horse died suddenly after being entrusted to the care of a stabling business. An investigation into the circumstances of this death has commenced. Demand justice if animal cruelty accusations are deemed credible.

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