Animal Welfare

Justice for Puppy Reportedly Attacked Cruelly on Camera by Other Dogs

An eight-month-old puppy reportedly endured a horrific attack, captured on video. Demand accountability for this cruel negligence.

Justice for Family Dog Subjected to Alleged Sexual Abuse

A married couple faces charges for allegedly abusing their dog in a disturbing act. Call for stringent legal repercussions for such apparent cruelty.

Call for Harsher Penalties on Animal Abuse Image Possession

An alarming number of animal abuse and bestiality images have been reportedly found. Demand stronger legal action.

Justice for Animals Rescued From Reportedly Deplorable Shelter Conditions

In a distressing discovery, 124 animals were allegedly found in dire straits, suffering from neglect and open wounds. Demand accountability and stringent legal action.

Greyhounds Allegedly Abused for Entertainment and Profit Deserve Justice

Greyhounds face alleged abuse for entertainment and profit. Demand legal action against this reported cruelty.

Husky Puppy Reportedly Found Dead with Muzzle Taped Shut Deserves Justice

A husky puppy was reportedly discovered dead with its mouth cruelly sealed with duct tape. Call for swift legal action against this allegedly heinous act.

Animals Reportedly Found Without Food, Water, or Shelter Deserve Justice

Multiple animals were removed from a home where they lacked basic needs due to reported severe neglect. Demand strict legal action against those allegedly responsible.

Puppy Allegedly Left Unconscious After Consuming Illegal Drugs Deserves Justice

Innocent animals reportedly endured severe cruelty and neglect. Demand legal repercussions for those allegedly responsible.

Dogs Apparently Malnourished and Chained Up for Extended Time Deserve Justice

Nearly 30 dogs were reportedly found malnourished on a property, allegedly neglected by an individual claiming to be an animal rescuer. Demand justice for these dogs.

Animals Allegedly Found Ill, Malnourished, and Freezing Deserve Justice

Accused serial animal abusers are seemingly getting slaps on the wrist. Demand stronger legal repercussions in a case involving almost 60 alleged victims.

Dog Allegedly Sexually Exploited on Camera Deserves Justice

A distressing case involving alleged animal cruelty has come to light. Address this grave issue with immediate legal action.

Puppy Allegedly Splashed With Boiling Water Deserves Justice

An 11-week-old puppy reportedly suffered severe burns in a shocking incident. Seek accountability and justice.

Mother Dog and Her Puppies Reportedly Abandoned on Road Deserve Justice

A mother dog and her puppies were reportedly found injured, dumped on a roadside. Demand punishment for those responsible.

Dogs Who Allegedly Lost Lives at Grooming Facility Deserve Justice

Two dogs reportedly lost their lives and more were allegedly injured under a pet groomer’s care. Demand strict legal consequences.

Justice for Free-roaming Chicken Allegedly Killed on Camera

A man was reportedly caught killing a free-roaming chicken in Singapore. Call for legal consequences to protect wildlife.

Justice for Pitbull Reportedly Thrown From 9th Floor

A pitbull was reportedly thrown from a 9th floor, leading to its death. Call for stringent legal repercussions against the perpetrator.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Punched and Kicked on Camera

In a shocking incident, a dog was allegedly attacked by pet clinic staff. Call for stringent legal action against the perpetrators.

Kitten Attacked and Soaked With Bleach Deserves Justice

A man accused of throwing bleach on an innocent kitten is escaping punishment because the animal is believed to have been a stray. Demand that all cats and dogs receive equal consideration under law.

Animal Welfare Activist Reportedly Targeted in Repeated Attacks Deserves Justice

An animal welfare activist allegedly faced repeated, life-threatening assaults while fighting against animal abuse. Demand swift legal action against those responsible.

Justice for 31 Dogs Allegedly Living in Own Waste

Dozens of dogs were reportedly found in deplorable conditions, needing immediate rescue and care. Hold the alleged abuser accountable for this cruelty.

Justice for Pit Bulls Allegedly Starved and Denied Treatment for Heartworms

Four pit bulls were reportedly found abused and starving in the woods. Call for strict legal action against their owner, the accused.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Slammed Forcefully Against Door and Kicked

An individual allegedly abused a dog in a shelter. Demand legal retribution.

Justice for Animals Allegedly Found in Urine and Feces

Animals were reportedly discovered in dire states, suffering from neglect and disease. Call for immediate legal repercussions for the alleged abusers.

Justice for Sheep Allegedly Mistreated in ‘Lamb National’ Race

Alleged mistreatment of sheep in a race sparks outcry. Seek legal action against those responsible.

Justice for Animals Allegedly Overworked and Tortured

An individual was apprehended on charges of animal cruelty. Call for stringent legal consequences.

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