Investigate Reported “Graveyard of Animal Bones”

Target: Michael Ferrarese, District Attorney of Chenango County, New York State

Goal: Ensure legal accountability and justice for the alleged severe animal abuse in New Berlin.

On a dismal spring day, New York State Police stumbled upon a scene of apparent profound suffering and long-term neglect at a farm in New Berlin. After receiving an anonymous tip, authorities state that they discovered two dozen animals deceased and over a hundred more in dire states of malnutrition. These animals, ranging from horses to llamas, had reportedly endured years of alleged neglect.

The search apparently yielded heartbreaking evidence, from the visual horrors near the roadway to an unearthed makeshift graveyard of cattle bones, suggesting a staggering number of deaths. Police required additional resources to manage the overwhelming evidence, underscoring the alleged scale of this cruelty. The site, described as “beyond anything ever seen” by officials, paints a grim picture of the alleged suffering endured by these animals.

This seeming catastrophic neglect highlights a severe lapse in responsibility and allegedly criminal behavior by the caretakers of these animals. The surviving animals are now in the care of local SPCAs, incurring significant costs and requiring extensive rehabilitation. The situation demands not just sympathy but action—specifically, a resolute legal response to prevent such alleged atrocities from recurring. Demand comprehensive legal repercussions for those implicated in these alleged heinous acts.


Dear DA Michael Ferrarese,

We, the undersigned, are deeply disturbed by the recent findings of alleged extensive animal neglect and abuse at a farm in New Berlin, as detailed by the New York State Police and local SPCA officials. This situation, where over a hundred animals were reportedly found malnourished and many deceased, is not only heartbreaking but also demands a rigorous legal response.

The details of this case, as reported, suggest a disturbing level of alleged neglect that went unchecked for years. From the visible remains of deceased animals near the property’s entrance to the discovery of a hidden graveyard of cattle bones, the reported evidence points towards a gross and systemic disregard for animal welfare. These findings warrant a thorough investigation and suggest the need for serious legal interventions.

We urge you to take decisive action and ensure that the individuals charged in this matter face appropriate legal consequences for their alleged actions. It is imperative that justice is served, not only to penalize those responsible but also to set a precedent that severe animal neglect and abuse will not be tolerated. We demand that you prosecute these cases with the full force of the law to ensure that justice is served and to prevent future occurrences of similar abuses.


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Photo credit: Scott Supak

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