Puppies Allegedly Taken in Polythene Bag to Dispose in Well Deserve Justice

Target: Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

Goal: Punish man accused of killing two puppies and disposing of their remains in a well.

An alarming incident in Lucknow in India’s Uttar Pradesh caught public and media attention due to its disturbing nature. A video that went viral on social media appears to show a man, Kaushal Kishore Srivastava, picking up two puppies from outside his residence. The footage later reportedly shows him returning and placing the puppies in a polythene bag, then departing on his scooter to dispose of them in a well.

Further allegations include the individual first ending the puppies’ lives before discarding them. These details have sparked outrage among animal rights advocates and prompted police to investigate. Charu Khare, an activist, reported the matter to the police for necessary action. Despite attempts to gather more information from the alleged perpetrator’s residence, responses were reportedly either hostile or uninformative.

This incident is not isolated, as another similarly heinous act of suspected animal cruelty was reported in the same city. These events underline a troubling pattern that requires immediate and decisive legal intervention to prevent further atrocities. Demand significant legal penalties for those reportedly involved in these acts to deter future occurrences.


Dear CM Adityanath,

We write to you deeply disturbed by an incident of alleged animal cruelty in Lucknow, which was recorded and shared widely on social media. The video reportedly shows a man, Kaushal Kishore Srivastava, engaging in acts of cruelty against two puppies by ending their lives and disposing of them in a well. This alleged appalling act has shocked the community and called into question the effectiveness of current animal welfare protections.

Further allegations suggest this incident is part of a recurring issue within the region, as another case of severe animal abuse was reported. These events highlight a critical need for stringent enforcement of animal cruelty laws and a public statement from your office condemning such acts. Those found guilty of such barbaric acts must face full legal repercussions to reflect the seriousness of their crimes and to serve as a deterrent to others.

We urge your office to take swift and decisive action in this matter. Investigate these allegations thoroughly and ensure that justice is served for the innocent lives brutally taken. We count on your commitment to upholding the law and protecting the most vulnerable from such heinous acts.


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Photo credit: Bennet Manuel


  1. goh maria says:

    Kaushal Kishore Srivastava is vile and soulless. The law cannot let this monster off the hook for murdering 2 innocent precious lives prematurely. Do the right thing dear CM Adityanath, dont let these 2 babies die in vain. Animal cruelties must not be condoned!

  2. Irene Leggett says:

    INDIA, such a depraved, cruel, brutal country that it should be wiped off this planet entirely taking with it its psychotic, barbaric, sadistic, inbred, brain-dead masses.

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