Stand Up for Cat Apparently Shot With Long-Barreled Gun

Target: Ellen Rosenblum, Attorney General of Oregon

Goal: Hold those accused of the cruel shooting of Vortex accountable.

An alarming incident has shattered the peace of a Salem neighborhood, involving the alleged brutal killing of a beloved family cat named Vortex. Home surveillance appears to show a distressing scene where a group of individuals noticed Vortex, and shortly after one shot her with a long-barreled gun. It appears this shocking event not only robbed a family of their pet but also highlights a severe lack of respect for life.

Further details of the incident reveal more about the cruelty involved. After the initial shot, surveillance footage appears to show the cat in distress, flopping on the ground, while around five individuals encircled her, recording the agony as entertainment. Moments later, the same perpetrator seemingly took a second, point-blank shot, compounding the brutality of the act. The group then allegedly moved the lifeless body of Vortex to a neighbor’s yard, demonstrating a disturbing level of premeditation and disregard for the emotional impact on the pet’s family.

The callous nature of this act and the alleged behavior of those involved necessitate a firm legal response. We must ensure that such cruelty is met with justice and that those allegedly responsible are held accountable. Demand that the Salem police take swift and decisive action to investigate and prosecute the individuals involved in this heart-wrenching incident.


Dear Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum,

We, the undersigned, are deeply disturbed by the alleged actions that led to the cruel death of a family cat named Vortex in Salem, as reportedly captured on home surveillance. This incident seemingly not only took a beloved pet from her family but also displayed a horrifying disrespect for life and the law. According to reports, a group of individuals was filmed interacting with Vortex before one of them allegedly shot her with what appeared to be a long-barreled gun. The footage reportedly shows further torment of the cat, with individuals recording her distress on their phones, followed by a second, point-blank shot.

The actions apparently depicted in the surveillance footage are shocking and unacceptable. They reportedly show a group of young people treating a living being’s suffering as entertainment and then attempting to conceal their atrocious act. This incident has not only caused irreversible harm to a family but has also raised serious concerns about public safety and animal welfare in our community.

We urge you to ensure a thorough investigation and to hold those allegedly responsible for this heinous act accountable. It is crucial that justice be served, not only to honor Vortex’s memory but also to send a clear message that such acts of cruelty will not be tolerated. We demand that all efforts be made to prosecute those involved to the full extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Anne Jacko


  1. These abusers are insane. They were looking to hurt and kill and they found a cat and took advantage of the situation to do all the harm and torture they could to this family pet. These people, I imagine they are young, are also arrogant, ugly and vicious. They deserve to serve time. The shooter and the whole gang who wanted to witness and watch Vortex suffer as he died. They took no sympathy on the family so why should society have empathy for them? THESE ABUSERS ARE NOT MENTALLY WELL AND SHOULD NOT BE PART FO SOCIETY.

  2. These abusers are lowlife cowards who will just keep doing this until they aren’t getting away with it, in other words, until they are in jail they’ll treat this as a form of entertainment. Letting them get away with this sadistic and brutal act will help to cement Oregon’s reputation for disregard for life. Find them and offer some real punishment for every one of these little freaks, they have no place in society and need to be removed from the streets.

  3. Alice K Knight says:

    This is an unbelievable and heinous act of brutality. These five individuals need to be found and prosecuted with harshest of penalties. This act of animal atrocity should not get over-looked. This type of behaviour is dangerous. All five need to be held accountable for their acts, whether premeditated or not and no matter their age.

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