Demand Justice for Dozens of Cats Allegedly Found Dead From Neglect

Target: Kim Foxx, Cook County State’s Attorney, Illinois

Goal: Enforce legal action against alleged severe animal cruelty

Amidst troubling allegations of severe animal neglect, a recent case in Chicago has sparked outrage and a call for justice. Ashley Burrell, associated with a nonprofit organization, reportedly managed situations where multiple animals suffered gravely. Authorities intervened after receiving allegations of potential cruelty at Burrell’s premises, where the conditions discovered were disturbing.

During an investigation, it was reported that 51 cats and three dogs were found in dire straits, with some animals found dead due to extreme neglect and others in such poor health that euthanasia was deemed necessary. The surviving cats apparently suffered from various ailments, indicative of profound neglect. These alleged conditions paint a grim picture of suffering that necessitates immediate and decisive legal action.

The community trusts that individuals and organizations meant to protect and nurture animals adhere to the highest standards of care and ethical behavior. The alleged failure in this case not only reportedly led to animal suffering but also betrayed public trust. Demand that those allegedly responsible are held accountable to deter similar future incidents. Ensure that such alleged neglect does not go unchecked.


Dear Attorney Kim Foxx,

We, the undersigned, are deeply troubled by the alleged findings of severe animal neglect and cruelty at the premises managed by Ashley Burrell in Chicago. Reports suggest that dozens of cats and dogs were found in conditions that no animal should ever endure, with some animals dead due to extreme neglect and others suffering severely enough to require euthanasia.

The severity of the alleged situation at Burrell’s facility underlines a significant breach of both legal and moral responsibilities. We urge your office to take a firm stance in this matter by ensuring that a thorough investigation is conducted and, if warranted, that strict legal actions are pursued against those allegedly responsible.

As you consider this case, we implore you to reflect on the broader implications of animal welfare and the message that the legal system sends in such grave instances. We request that you prioritize the enforcement of animal cruelty laws to prevent such alleged neglect and ensure that justice is served.


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Photo credit: Jonathan Kriz

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