Animal Welfare

Justice for Defenseless Dog Allegedly Burned

A dog was reportedly subjected to severe burn injuries in a distressing case of animal cruelty. Demand rigorous legal action.

Justice for Rottweiler Allegedly Starved to Death

A Rottweiler reportedly died from starvation after being abandoned. Demand stringent legal action.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Kicked in Head and Face and Left Bleeding

A dog reportedly suffered severe abuse, with bruising, bleeding, and trauma to its head and face. Demand legal action against the perpetrator.

Justice for Dog and Owner Allegedly Assaulted

A defenseless animal was reportedly viciously attacked by a person alleged to be a dog hater. Demand legal action against animal abuse.

Justice for Cats Found Shot in Head and Spine

In a shocking spree of violence, cats were found wounded by gunshots and mauled by a dog. Demand those responsible be found and brought to justice.

Address Crisis of Canine Influenza and Apparent Cruelty Epidemic

Amid a dog flu outbreak, a shelter reportedly faces overcrowding due to an influx of animals seized from alleged cruelty. Call for stringent legal measures against those implicated.

Justice for Defenseless Dog Allegedly Crushed Under Stone While Sleeping

A defenseless dog was allegedly killed while sleeping, crushed under a stone. Demand strict legal action against the perpetrator.

Justice for 15,000 Pigeons Killed in Sporting Event

Roughly 15,000 pigeons were killed in a “Swamp Shoot Out” event that is currently without legal consequence. Seek punishment for this apparent cruelty.

Justice for Poodle Allegedly Left to Die in Dumpster

A dog named Treasure was reportedly found abandoned like trash, weighing only ten pounds and covered in filth and matted hair. Demand justice now.

Justice for Horse Euthanized After Allegedly Being Found Starving in Squalor

In a shocking discovery, 23 animals were reportedly found living in deplorable conditions. Call for strict legal action against those responsible for this apparent neglect.

Justice for Allegedly Malnourished Horse Who Suffered Miscarriage

Over 50 animals reportedly languished in cramped conditions exposed to the elements, with one horse suffering a miscarriage as a result. Seek immediate legal action for this apparent suffering.

Animals Allegedly Left to Die and Stuffed in Freezer Deserve Justice

Over 20 animals were reportedly found in severe neglect, with five deceased. Take action against those allegedly responsible.

Innocent Pet Allegedly Attacked During Walk Deserves Justice

In a shocking incident, a pet dog was reportedly assaulted with a weapon during a walk. Demand legal accountability for the alleged perpetrator.

Free Captive Elephants From Premature Deaths

Asian elephants are having their lives diminished and shortened in captivity. Demand freedom and protection for this iconic species.

Justice for Dogs Allegedly Rescued From Unlivable Conditions

Eighteen dogs were saved from alleged neglect. Call for urgent legal action.

Justice for 50 Dogs Apparently Found in Critical Condition at Hoarder’s House

Fifty dogs were reportedly rescued from a severe hoarding situation. Demand urgent legal action.

Justice for Pet Dog Allegedly Beaten to Death by Domestic Worker at Home

A pet dog was reportedly beaten to death on its owner’s balcony. Call for stringent legal consequences for the alleged abuser.

Demand Justice for Reportedly Cruel Death of Pregnant Bull Shark

A bull shark, reportedly provoked by villagers, faced a cruel fate after attacking a person. Call for stringent legal action.

Stop Cruel Buffalo Fights for Entertainment Purposes

Illegal buffalo fights reportedly subject animals to vicious beating in order to induce aggression. Demand stringent legal action against this apparent cruelty.

Badgers Allegedly Subjected to Baiting and Fighting Deserve Justice

Disturbing allegations have surfaced involving badgers subjected to baiting and fighting. Call for strict legal action against the person allegedly responsible.

Elephants Subjected to Alleged Cruel Training Deserve Justice

The alleged inhumane treatment of captive elephants has sparked outrage. Call for a halt to cruelty and accountability for the perpetrators.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Beaten With Cane in Viral Video

A dog was allegedly assaulted with a weapon by its owner in a shocking incident. Demand punishment for this alleged cruelty.

Justice for Horse Allegedly Assaulted by Concert Noise for Entertainment

A horse was allegedly brought on stage during a concert, where the animal was terrified by loud noise and bright lights. Call for immediate action against animal mistreatment.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Eaten Alive by Fleas

Chewie, a Shih Tzu, was reportedly found covered in fleas and suffering such severe anaemia that he had to be put down. Demand legal measures against those allegedly responsible.

Justice for Animals Allegedly Suffering From Skin Disease Due to Neglect

Two armed robbery suspects reportedly neglected and failed to provide medical care to their animals. Call for legal action against those responsible.

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