Articles written by: Victoria Paige

Stop Torturing Dogs and Cats in Gas Chambers

Hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters across America each year. One method of euthanasia is the use of gas chambers to inhumanely kill dozens of animals at once. Ban this cruel practice and free innocent dogs and cats from this immense suffering.

Save Hippos From Extinction Due to Illegal Poaching

Innocent hippos are being pushed out of their homes and slaughtered for their skins. We must step in to save this species before it is too late. Demand hippos be protected from poaching and all threats that will lead to their extinction.

Stop Tearing Young Puppies and Kittens Away From Their Mothers Too Soon

Puppies and kittens are often prematurely taken from their mothers and littermates, resulting in an onset of temperamental and health issues later on in life. Support a ban on selling these young animals when under 8 weeks old.

Stop Discriminating Against Certain Dog Breeds

Many innocent dogs may never find a loving home, thanks to bans on owning certain “dangerous” breeds. This results in countless Pit Bulls and other dogs that fit a breed stereotype being euthanized. Demand an end to this unfair practice today.

Stop Letting Poachers Off the Hook for Slaughtering Animals

Hundreds of millions of animals are illegally killed, trapped, or trafficked as part of the global wildlife trade industry. In the U.S., poachers barely receive a slap on the wrist for these crimes. Sign this petition to demand much stiffer penalties for poachers.

Stop Mass Killing of Wildlife by U.S. Government

Nearly 2 million animals ranging from red-winged blackbirds to the nearly extinct Mexican gray wolf have been killed in culls backed by U.S. Wildlife Services. Demand this federally funded agency stop slaughtering wildlife.

Success: Animals Freed From Cruel Medical Testing Mandate

Hundreds of thousands of animals have been saved from cruel and unnecessary drug test research. Thank the U.S. House for ending the archaic mandate that all experimental drugs be tested on animals before they could be used on humans in clinical trials.

Ban Non-Recyclable Plastics to Protect Oceans and Wildlife

Billions of tonnes of plastic end up in our landfills and waterways, remaining in the environment for thousands of years. Demand a ban on non-recyclable plastics in favor of more sustainable alternatives.

Expose Slaughterhouses That Slit Throats of Living Animals

Farm animals must endure horrific cruelty as they are transported and slaughtered. Many countries are in the process of installing security cameras in slaughterhouses and transport trucks. Demand lawmakers in the U.S. also take this action to protect innocent livestock.

Costco Chickens Reportedly Caged With Feces and Corpses Must be Freed

Costco, one of the largest retail chains in the entire world, has been accused of abusing millions of chickens in the name of profit. These animals are reportedly forced to live in overcrowded sheds, crushed beneath their unnatural weights and unable to properly move, and they are apparently dying agonizing, premature deaths due to untreated illness, injury, and starvation. Demand Costco put an end to this alleged cruel practice.

Cows Imprisoned and Impregnated With Metal Rods to Maintain Milk Supply for Humans Deserve Justice

Cows on corporate dairy farms are forced to endure endless amounts of suffering. They face constant physical abuse and are artificially impregnated year after year, until eventually being sent off to slaughter. Sign this petition urging Starbucks to stop seemingly endorsing dairy milk by upcharging non-dairy alternatives.

Success: Justice Secured for Over 150 Abused Puppies and Horses

Justice has been served to the woman who neglected 135 dogs and 23 horses while operating a horrific underground puppy mill. Sign this petition to thank officials for prosecuting the abuser and encourage them to continue fighting for voiceless animals.

Stop Climate Change From Drying the Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake of Utah has been shrinking at a rapid pace, mainly due to global changes in climate. As the lake continues to dry, the potential consequences for the region’s biodiversity and human health are catastrophic. Urge lawmakers to take the necessary steps to decrease our overall contribution to climate change and to improve the water quality of our national lakes.

Stop Cruelly Boiling Animals Alive

Boiling lobsters, crabs, crayfish, and other crustaceans alive is a cruelty that must end. They are sentient creatures and can feel pain in the same ways as mammals and other animals. Demand that animal welfare laws be changed to protect crustaceans.

Stop Imprisoning Pregnant Pigs in Tiny Metal Cages

Female pigs on factory farms are referred to as “breeding machines” and are repeatedly artificially impregnated and forced to reside in tiny metal chambers known as gestation crates. Demand an end to this abusive practice.

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