Protect Whales From Death

Target: Janet Coit, Administrator of the National Marine Fisheries Service

Goal: Demand stricter protections for important prey species to prevent marine mammals from dying out.

A total of 230 beached pilot whales were found stranded on the west coast of Tasmania, Australia. This disaster follows the recent stranding of 14 sperm whales on King Island and comes two years after the stranding of another pilot whale pod of over 470 individuals. Dedicated rescuers were able to successfully release 32 of the whales back into the ocean.

While the exact cause of these events is still unknown, scientists predict that global climate change, overfishing, and habitat destruction crises are to blame. Extreme weather conditions combined with falling tides have likely affected whales’ navigation abilities and migration patterns. Plus, as prey populations continue to dwindle, whales and other aquatic mammals desperately searching for any viable sources of food are being pushed into shallower waters, where they can get stuck.

Sign this petition to demand stricter legislation for protecting the prey species of whales and other substantial marine mammals.


Dear Administrator Coit,

On the west coast of Tasmania, 230 pilot whales were found washed upon the shore. While some of the whales were returned to the ocean by dedicated rescuers, most of them slowly dehydrated to death. Beaching events such as this is not uncommon–in fact, this news comes just weeks after 14 sperm whales were found on the shore of a King Island beach. Scientists predict that the combined effects of global warming, habitat degradation, and overfishing are to blame. As populations of whales’ prey continue to fall, whales are having to search for food elsewhere, including shallower waters where they unfortunately get stuck.

We are asking you, Ms. Coit, to enforce stricter regulations to protect popular prey species and, in turn, help save vulnerable marine mammals across the world.


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