Stop Paying Roadside Zoos to Abuse Wildlife

Target: Roy Cooper, Governor of North Carolina

Goal: Stop incentivizing abusive roadside zoos for confining wild animals.

Roadside zoos are disgusting institutions that capitalize on the suffering of sentient wild animals. Wild animals ranging from tigers and bears to lemurs and monkeys are kept in small, filthy cages that encompass a mere percentage of what their natural habitats in the wild would be. Often, these animals are kept alone, entirely isolated from the rest of their kin and denied access to mental stimulation and social inclinations. They are fed inadequate food, given dirty water, and receive little to no veterinary care, even when they are sick or injured.

Still, roadside zoos are somehow legal—and even encouraged—in much of the United States. Early in July of 2022, for example, North Carolina signed a bill that would exempt certain roadside zoo owners from having to pay sales tax on items for the zoo. This bill covers items used in the housing, raising, and feeding of animals for public display, in essence subsidizing the cruel confinement of these wild animals.

Sign this petition to demand North Carolina end this bill and stop incentivizing the cruel capture, breeding, and display of wild animals at roadside zoos.


Dear Governor Cooper,

Animals in roadside zoos endure extreme physical and psychological suffering. Tigers, monkeys, bears, and others are often stolen from their natural habitats, thrown in barren cages that are way too small. These animals are often kept alone, isolated from their friends and kin, and are fed inadequate food and water. Even so, North Carolina just signed a bill that would exempt certain roadside zoo owners from having to pay sales tax on all required housing, raising, and feeding items, essentially subsidizing the cruel confinement of wildlife.

We are asking you, Mr. Cooper, to stop incentivizing abusive roadside zoos and, instead, focus legislative efforts on animal conservation.


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Photo Credit: Animal People Forum 

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  1. Alice Knight says:

    Why does this issue continually come up? Any roadside zoo, farm or other where animals are trapped and confined to cages and living in deplorable conditions are still happening? This needs to be stopped and the owners of these horrible travelling spectacles be held accountable. Do people not learn from the past? That’s why we have a past, it teaches us how to be better.

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