Articles written by: Victoria Paige

Stop Capturing Whales and Implanting Them with Invasive Electrodes

Whales are being coerced into tiny cages and implanted with electrodes by the US Navy. These conditions are extremely stressful for the animals and have failed to produce meaningful data. Demand an end to this cruel research endeavor.

Promote Cruelty-Free Meat Alternatives

Functionally equivalent, cruelty-free meat alternatives are expected to hit national markets as early as 2023. Farmer coalitions, however, are advocating against labeling cultured-meat with the same terms used for meat harvested from slain animals. Demand equal labeling and help promote humane meat options.

Stop Caging Lab Animals in Tiny, Barren Cells

Laboratory animals are kept in barren, isolated cages and denied their natural instincts to forage, hunt, socialize, and play. Demand that labs are required to provide animals with environmental enrichment tools to better their mental and emotional welfare.

Stop Letting Animal Abusers Get Away With Their Crimes

Commercial animal abusers are routinely ignored by the government, which allows the abuse to continue. Demand action be taken to shut down abusive facilities immediately.

Stop Confining Chickens to Small, Filthy Cages

Chickens on battery-farms are forced to spend their entire lives in tiny, overcrowded cages with no access to sunlight and no room to stand. Australia has promised to phase out this cruel agricultural practice by the year 2036, but that’s not soon enough. Demand a ban on battery-cages now.

Stop Suffocating Millions of Terrified Animals on the Way to Slaughter

Millions of animals die stuffed inside transport vehicles without air or water before they even make it to the slaughterhouse. Call for an end to this horrific cruelty.

Return Formerly Threatened Species to Their Habitats to Restore Ecosystems

The reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone had transformative effects. Now, scientists are suggesting similar steps to reintroduce several select species into their former habitats. Demand the government fund these efforts and help to replenish entire ecosystems.

Stop Killing and Wasting Sealife With Fishing Nets

Millions of metric tons of fish are unintentionally caught and killed through a fishing technique referred to as bottom-trawling. Most of them never even make it to our plates. Demand an end to this excessive waste and better regulate bottom-trawling.

Stop Treating Alligators and Other Wildlife as Pets

Wally, an emotional support alligator, has brought up questions around the legitimacy of using undomesticated animals as therapy pets and the morality of keeping wild animals in homes. Protect wildlife and people by demanding that wild creatures no be used as service animals.

Stop Algae Bloom From Suffocating and Poisoning Thousands of Marine Animals

Toxic algae is killing thousands of fish, poisoning marine mammals, and harming local fishing economies around San Francisco Bay. Demand the State of California take action and fund bay recovery.

Stop Selling Wild Animals as Family Pets

Live animal markets and auctions throughout Texas legally sell wild animals to unqualified buyers. Demand the sale of wildlife at these events is banned and help protect animals from the exotic pet trade.

Don’t Allow Water Crisis to Disrupt Education of Black Students

Black university students have been forced into coping without water due to an ongoing crisis exacerbated by recent flooding. Demand the state of Mississippi allocate the proper resources and funding to help them end this catastrophe once and for all.

Cats and Dogs Reportedly Found Covered in Maggots and Living in Filth Deserve Justice

Thirty-three dogs, cats, and puppies were reportedly found covered in maggots and with broken bones, mange, and parasite infections. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Protect Global Biodiversity From Deforestation

Forests provide vital habitat for an estimated half of the world’s species, and are home to indigenous communities that depend on them for sustenance. However, each year 18 million acres of forest are destroyed to make room for agribusiness and industry. Demand California help stop mass deforestation.

Stop Hunting, Trapping, and Terrorizing Big Cats

Recreational hunting of mountain lions, bobcats, and Canada lynx is still being allowed in Colorado. Protect thousands of beautiful wild cats from being trapped, poisoned, and slaughtered.

Five Guys: Add Vegetarian and Vegan Options to Your Menu

Five Guys is one of a few fast-food chains to not include vegan and vegetarian meal replacement options on their menu. Demand Five Guys choose compassion and inclusion and start offering plant-based alternatives to their popular menu items.

Don’t Punish Activists for Exposing Animal Abuse

Undercover investigations have exposed corruption and protected the health and welfare of consumers and animals. Several states, however, still prosecute undercover activists. Demand that lawmakers stop treating these advocates like criminals.

PetSmart: Stop Apparently Letting Sick Animals Languish Without Care and Die by the Hundreds

PetSmart has been accused of denying sick animals access to veterinary care and stuffing hundreds of dead rodents, reptiles, birds, and fish in freezers. Demand PetSmart stop selling live animals at their retail locations.

KFC Chickens Apparently Sick, Injured and Forced to Live in Feces Deserve Justice

Secret footage taken by undercover investigators at a KFC supply farm appears to show the horrific conditions these chickens endure, including being forced to live in their own feces. Demand justice for these animals.

Eliminate Food Waste by Feeding the Hungry

Post-pandemic spikes in unemployment and homelessness have been accompanied by increased national food insecurity. Help feed those living in poverty while reducing runaway food waste.

Success: Ban on Retail Sale of Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits Receives Support

New York is attempting to prevent the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits from pet stores throughout the state. This is also a major step in shutting down puppy mills. Thank lawmakers for prioritizing animal welfare and encourage further support.

Protect Giraffes From Poachers Before it’s Too Late

Giraffe populations have declined by 35% but officials still refuse to grant these animals the protection they deserve. Demand efforts to protect and restore giraffes before it’s too late.

Success: New Mexico County to Stop Funding Federal Wildlife-Slaughtering Agency

Grant County, New Mexico commissioners recently voted against funding a federal agency responsible for killing millions of wildlife each year. Sign this petition to thank commissioners and to encourage other counties throughout the nation to do the same.

Success: Coca-Cola Vows to Transition Towards Plant-Based Plastics

Coca-Cola has vowed to go completely plastic free by the year 2023, in favor of biodegradable, plant-based alternatives. Commend Coca-Cola for their commitment towards reducing their footprint on the environment.

Protect Endangered Animals From Climate Change Induced Catastrophes

Record-breaking floods have destroyed precious Australian forests, threatening thousands of already endangered species. Demand the US reduce their carbon footprint and to help ease the impact of global flooding.

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