Articles written by: Victoria Paige

Prevent the Spread of Brain-Eating Amoebas Caused by Global Warming

A young child in Nebraska died from a brain-eating amoeba after swimming in a lake. More deaths may follow, as warming climates are believed to be spreading this affliction. Demand the government prevent an outbreak of these dangerous amoebas and do more to address global warming.

Stop Destroying Indigenous Land With Environmentally Toxic Pipeline

A natural gas pipeline has threatened Indigenous territories and an abundant array of aquatic animals. The company in charge of this operation has reportedly polluted waterways with no remorse. Demand they be held accountable and that they work towards reducing their environmental impact.

Starbucks: Save Millions of Trees by Using Recyclable Cups

Starbucks uses 8,000 single-use paper coffee cups every minute, most of which end up in landfills due to their plastic coating. Demand Starbucks stop fueling the destruction of our natural environment.

Stop Torturing, Asphyxiating and Decapitating Animals for Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic testing can include injecting animals with toxins, dripping chemicals into their eyes, force-feeding them dangerous substances, and eventually condemning the animals to a brutal death. We must put an end to these barbaric practices.

Stop Animal Abusers and Stop Child Abusers

Tens of millions of animals face abuse by humans and this cruelty is often connected to violence against children. Demand stricter laws against animal abuse in order to protect animals and children.

Help Save Animals From Dangerous Mudslides

A flood exacerbated by the effects of global warming killed at least three people and countless animals. Rescue efforts are underway, but they cannot provide the necessary resources to save the thousands of animals affected by the damage. Demand the U.S. contribute to recovery and rescue projects to make up for their role in this natural disaster.

Protect West Coast Fishers From Extinction

West coast fishers are small, carnivorous mammals that are facing extinction because the government refuses to protect them. Demand these fascinating little mammals receive the protections they deserve.

Turn Exploitative Zoos Into Animal Recovery Centers

Animals in zoos and aquariums endure extreme physical and psychological trauma. Demand the U.S. ban these abusive institutions and, instead, convert them into animal conservation and recovery centers.

Stop Slaughtering Sea Lions Because of Human Mistakes

People are slaughtering innocent sea lions in the name of fish conservation. Sea lions, however, are not the cause of dwindling fish populations – humans are. Demand an end to this cruelty.

Stop Universities From Torturing Lab Animals

Duke University has reportedly underfed lab animals, denied them veterinary care, and did not give them adequate pain relief following experiments. This violates the most basic standards of animal care and treatment. Demand Duke and other research institutions across the country take better care of their animals.

Protect Zoo Animals From Abuse and Early Death With Mandated Reporting

Many animals held captive at zoos suffer severe physical abuse and psychological trauma, and they have minimal legal protection. Demand the government mandate reporting of animal death to reduce animal abuse in zoos and to hold abusive zookeepers legally accountable for their actions.

Use Science to Help Conserve Endangered Wildlife

Animal-tracking tags have long been used to better understand the behaviors of endangered species. However, the lack of public tracking data makes it difficult for conservationists to communicate and strategize. Demand all animal trackers be required to enter basic information into an accessible, online database to preserve animals.

Don’t Let Whales Go Extinct for Human Delicacies

There are only 350 North American right whales left in the world and if fishermen get their way, this rare species may not survive much longer. We must save these whales before it’s too late.

Stop Cutting Open Greyhounds for Entertainment

Greyhound dogs are being cut open and artificially inseminated to produce more puppies for the abusive racing industry. Speak out against this cruel and unnecessary procedure.

Protect Animals From Physical and Emotional Pain and Suffering

Animals experience many of the same feelings, moods, and emotions as people and their wellbeing is equally as important. The U.S., however, has no legal recognition of this, putting them in danger of continued suffering. Demand the U.S. protect animals from physical and emotional cruelty.

Exotic Animals With Reported Curved Spines, Missing Hair, and Confined to Tiny Cages Deserve Justice

A roadside zoo was accused of keeping tigers, monkeys, and other exotic wild animals imprisoned without sanitary conditions or access to appropriate veterinary care. Some of the animals apparently had curved spines, missing hair, and were unable to open their eyes. Demand the government do more to protect animals from abuse-for-profit.

Stop Cow Manure From Contaminating Public Waterways

Concerningly high levels of water pollution, mostly due to runoff from nearby cattle ranches, is harming protected shorelines. Demand the development and implementation of a strategy to better regulate farm waste.

Stop Letting Cows and Sheep Suffer During Heat Waves

Farm animals exposed to excess heat and sun often suffer immensely and can even die from heat stroke. Demand farmers provide their animals with unlimited access to shade in the wake of increasingly frequent and extreme heat waves.

Stop Logging Industry From Destroying Yellowstone Grizzly Bears

A massive logging project is threatening the fragile Yellowstone grizzly bear population. Demand an end to this environmentally destructive project.

Don’t Let “Organic” Farms Keep Animals in Cramped, Tiny Cages

Meat and dairy products labeled as “organic” oftentimes falsely insinuate that farmed animals were treated with care. However, many “organic” farms still confine pigs to tiny cages and prevent chickens from going outside. Demand standards for organic products are heightened and animal welfare is improved.

Success: Animal Welfare Violations Must Now Be Reported

All instances of animal abuse on farms, roadside zoos, breeding facilities, and research institutions must now be fully reported. Thank Congress for upholding animal welfare standards and for helping to keep animals safe.

Don’t Force Pregnant Pigs Into Cruel Confinement at High-End Meat Farms

Sows are reportedly being artificially impregnated at high-end meat farms and thrown into crates barely large enough for them to fit. This not only affects the sow, but her piglets as well. Demand a general ban on gestation crates and do better to improve the welfare of pigs on farms.

Stop Spraying Family Pets with Poisonous Cyanide

Each year millions of wolves, bears, coyotes, and other wild animals are killed by a government-funded agency. To make matters worse, many of these animals are trapped and poisoned with cyanide bombs, leading to slow, painful deaths. Help ban inhumane cyanide traps for good.

Don’t Evict Vital Bat Species From Their Nesting Sites

Bats are vital to American ecosystems, and yet they are flushed out of their natural habitats at an alarmingly high rate. While many end up roosting in manmade structures, there are no rules or regulations protecting them during eviction procedures and bats are often injured or stressed in the process. Demand more suitable alternative roosting sites to keep bats safe during hibernation and pup birth.

Defend What Remains of Our World’s Biodiversity

Sources have estimated that more than 1 million species are currently at the risk of extinction, with thousands of others threatened by continuous human activity. Now, the world’s top representatives are convening to take action. Demand they work together to preserve our world’s biodiversity–and fast.

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