Stop Reportedly Gassing Chinchillas to Death for High Fashion

Target: Nicolae Ciuca, Romanian Prime Minister

Goal: Ban reportedly unethical and unnecessary animal fur farms throughout Romania.

A recent undercover investigation of 11 chinchilla fur farms in Romania has revealed—once again—the disturbing nature of animal breeding and use by the fashion industry. The animal welfare group that conducted this series of investigations reports severe breaches of Romanian law by the facilities in question. Hundreds of chinchillas were allegedly kept in a dark basement in filthy, barbed wire cages stacked one on top of the other. Females were reportedly constantly bred— remaining in what was described as permanent pregnancy cycles—and were apparently forced into a stiff neck brace that would prevent them from escaping during mating. Newborns allegedly struggled to walk against the harsh barbed wire, while older chinchillas frantically chewed at the cages as if to try and escape.

Chinchillas were allegedly illegally killed, as operators were reported to viciously break the sensitive animals’ necks. One farmer even showed investigators a gas chamber—which he constructed out of a pressure cooker—that spews poisonous gas, reportedly killing the animals slowly and painfully. These abuses are seemingly common to most every fur farm across every nation, and we must do better to protect those targeted by the apparently cruel methods employed on these farms.

Sign this petition to demand Romania ban fur farms once and for all. Animal fur is not ours to wear.


Dear Prime Minister Circa,

An undercover investigation of 11 fur farms across Romania has revealed the seemingly horrific circumstances in which chinchillas are forced to live and die. Chinchillas were reportedly kept in a dark, dingy basement, shoved into tiny barbed wire cages that were rarely, if ever, cleaned. Newborns apparently struggled to walk, while females were allegedly restrained with neck braces to prevent them from escaping during repeated mating affairs. Investigators report multiple breaches of Romanian law, including illegally killing chinchillas by breaking their necks.

We are asking you, Mr. Circa, to ban fur farms throughout Romania and stop torturing innocent animals in the name of fashion.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Sarah Coelho


  1. Dawn Richardson says:

    Mr. Circa, you and all Romania should be deeply ashamed. How could you condone such cruelty? You people don’t have much in the way of spiritual evolution. A pox on you and your entire family.

  2. Alice Knight says:

    This is an archaic and barbaric way to make a living! Let’s climb into the 21st century shall we. This is an unacceptable practice. When are we humans ever going to learn we are not the owners of the earth nor the owners of other living beings among us? This Christmas my wish would be that any man or woman would take a stand and not wear any form of clothing made out of any animal. This has to STOP! The chinchillas did not come into the world to be used and abused . They deserve to be free and treated with respect. Not to satiate a human’s desire.


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