Enforce Ban on the Sale of Pigs Kept in Tiny, Metal Cages

Target: Bryan Humphreys, Chief Executive Officer of the National Pork Producers Council

Goal: Stop contesting a law that prohibits pigs from being kept in small, metal gestation crates.

Gestation crates are small, metal enclosures that are often used on pork farms throughout the U.S. and other nations. Typically, these cages are used to restrain pregnant or nursing female pigs who, viewed as breeding vessels, are typically kept in these crates all their lives. Gestation crates are so small that these poor mother pigs can’t even turn around, and many times, they develop arthritis or other health complications due to an inability to stretch their legs.

California’s Proposition 12 is a law that bans the sale of meat and eggs from animals raised using extreme methods of confinement, thereby banning battery cages and gestation crates. However, the pork industry has been fighting this legislation since its introduction in 2018 and, in March, the Supreme Court agreed to hear its case. If decided that this law is unconstitutional, it will subject hundreds of thousands of pigs to unnecessary, prolonged suffering.

Sign this petition to demand the National Pork Producers Council stop fighting Proposition 12 and prioritize compassion for other living beings over the greed of large corporations.


Dear Mr. Humphreys,

California’s Proposition 12 has been one of few crucial protections for animals abused on factory farms. Its ban on extreme methods of confinement–including battery cages and gestation crates–has saved chickens and pigs from cruel fates, stuck in cages barely large enough to stand. This law, however, has come under scrutiny from members of the pork industry who want to strip these farm animals of even their most fundamental rights.

We are asking you to stop fighting California’s Proposition. The pork industry does enough damage to these fragile beings and there is no need to further their suffering.


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Photo Credit: Farm Sanctuary 

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  1. Alice Knight says:

    Is the reason the pork industry continues to protest this law because no one enjoys being told what to do? Do they feel no law will tell anyone how to run their business? Perhaps the pork industry has a sadistic streak. I wish I knew the answers. Why are you so against this law? Be a Trail Blazer for goodness sakes! How would you feel if humans were kept in these conditions? This is shameful.

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