Articles written by: Jennifer McCue

Success: Migratory Birds Protected Against Slaughter

Migratory birds killed in incidental acts can now receive justice, thanks to advocates who fought the Trump administration’s efforts to curb their protections. This means that anyone who treats birds as collateral damage will face legal consequences. Support this conservation victory.

Success: Yellowstone Bison Granted Reprieve from Culling

The culling of bison at Yellowstone National Park will be halted, thanks to a lawsuit brought by conservation advocates. Park officials are exploring alternative options of managing the species, including giving them more freedom to roam. Thank those who saved hundreds of animals from certain death.

Success: Abortion Pill to Be Mailed During COVID-19 Pandemic

Women will no longer have to expose themselves to COVID-19 in order to obtain an abortion. Healthcare providers can now mail or deliver abortion-inducing medications to patients at home. Thank those who fought for this reproductive health victory.

Success: United Nations Calls for Worldwide Ban on Conversion Therapy

The United Nations has recommended a worldwide ban on conversion therapy. Their recent report determined that the scientifically discredited practice of forcing a subject to change their sexual orientation or identity “may amount to torture.” Thank those who took this stand for gay rights.

Success: Endangered Monk Seal Granted Safe Haven

The endangered monk seal has been given a second chance at a former prison island turned conservation paradise. The island has been repurposed to provide the perfect protected habitat for a species threatened by hunting, fishing, and coastal development. Thank those responsible for this conservation success.

Success: Trees That Resist and Combat Climate Change Protected From Deforestation

Trees that have developed a resiliency against the effects of climate change have been given a chance to thrive, potentially saving forests from extinction due to global warming. Amazon has funded a grant which will help forest owners to protect climate-resilient forests and reduce their carbon footprint. Thank Amazon for its dedication to the environment.

Success: Fisheries Held Accountable for Right Whale Deaths

The National Marine Fisheries Service has been found guilty of failing to prevent Right whale deaths due to entanglement in fishing gear. This is a landmark conservation victory which will lead to better protection for Right whales. Thank those who demanded justice for this vulnerable species.

Success: Eating of Dog and Cat Meat Banned

The consumption of dog and cat meat has officially been banned in Shenzhen, China, as part of a larger ban on the eating of wildlife following the coronavirus outbreak. This could save millions of innocent animal lives. Thank those responsible for this groundbreaking animal rights success.

Success: Rabbit Beaten and Decapitated Receives Justice

A convicted animal cruelty offender will serve jail time after he beat a rabbit with a stick and then beheaded the innocent animal at a shelter. Thank Iowa’s rescuers for fighting tirelessly for this beloved rabbit to receive justice and for their continued work in protecting animals.

Success: Endangered Right Whale Protected Through Fishing Restrictions

The North Atlantic right whale will now be better protected from entanglement in fishing gear, a major cause of their endangerment. A recent decision to permanently close off fishing areas where the whales gather will give them the safe space they need to grow and thrive. Thank those responsible for this important conservation effort.

Success: University Divests From Fossil Fuel Industry

Georgetown University has stepped up in the fight against climate change by withdrawing its endowment funds rooted in fossil fuel companies and pledging to invest in renewable energy instead. This success came at the vote of students and activists who have been paramount in making the university sustainable and environmentally friendly. Thank those who took this important stand against the fossil fuel industry.

Success: Facebook Prohibits Invasive Facial Recognition Software

Facebook has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Clearview AI, a facial recognition software company that uses social media to mine data and invade the privacy of internet users. This practice has reportedly been used to assist law enforcement and could pose harm to those who maintain their privacy for personal reasons. Praise Facebook for forbidding this invasive practice.

Success: Cruel Wildlife Killing Contests Banned

Wild animals will no longer be hunted as part of promotional or profit-driven incentives, thanks to the recent ban on wildlife killing contests. These privately sponsored contests offered cash prizes or incentives to the so-called hunters who brought in the largest prey. Thank those who took a stand for animal rights.

Success: Endangered Kakapo’s Population Increased Through Conservation  

The endangered kakapo has experienced a population increase due to multiple targeted conservation programs. Scientists have implemented captive breeding programs to help these struggling birds and tracking efforts to ensure their health and safety. Thank those who have dedicated their time and effort to saving this species.

Success: Planned Parenthood Combats Abstinence-Only Sex Education

Roo, a free chatbot program developed by Planned Parenthood, has provided sex education to teens and young adults who have nowhere else to turn. With abstinence-only programs taking funding precedence over comprehensive sex education, this accessible alternative could save lives. Thank those who are providing education and comfort to this vulnerable population.

Success: Couple Who Reportedly Dragged Horse Behind Truck Face Charges   

A horse was dragged behind a moving truck and those reportedly responsible have been charged with animal cruelty. Originally labeled as “normal ranching activity,” this apparently cruel action has sparked outrage and concern for the welfare of this animal and others in the ranching industry. Thank those who brought these charges and took a stand for animal welfare.

Success: State Embraces Alternative Fuel Sources  

Greenhouse gases, emitted by gas-powered vehicles, continue to negatively affect the earth’s health and sustainability. However, one state has embraced alternative fuel sources by providing access to electric charging stations and environmentally friendly fueling and transportation options. Support these efforts to save the planet.

Success: Sale of Inhumane Foie Gras Banned

Foie Gras has officially been banned in New York City, prompting celebration amongst animal rights activists. The cruel culinary practice, involving force-feeding ducks until their livers are painfully engorged, will no longer garner profit in one of the country’s largest fine-dining cities. Thank those involved in this monumental decision.

Success: Sickle Cell Disease Gets Funding Boost

The lives of 100,000 Americans with sickle cell disease will soon be improved, thanks to a recently funded program. The Sickle Cell Data Collection program aims to identify gaps in care throughout patients’ lives and give aging sufferers added comfort. Praise those who made this debilitating disease a funding priority.

Success: Remains of Native American Children Sent Home

The remains of three Native American children were returned to their tribe after over 300 years. The children were part of a larger group who were kidnapped and forced into a boarding school, where their culture and values were to be erased. Thank those involved in bringing these children home.

Don’t Take Our Word For It… A ‘Fair and Balanced’ Critique of Donald Trump

So you don’t trust the “mainstream media” to report fairly on President Donald Trump? How about Fox News? Here are some facts about the Donald Trump presidency presented solely through the reporting of Fox News.

Success: Mountain Lions Granted Safe Haven

California mountain lions will soon have a new habitat with safe passage and access to other big cat families. This wildlife overpass will give the vulnerable species a chance to reproduce and thrive in the face of predicted extinction. Praise this landmark conservation effort.

Success: Giraffes Granted Protection from Trade

Giraffes now have one less obstacle in their fight against extinction, thanks to a bold move made at an international convention. Giraffes have been added to a protected list, banning their trade in all but extraordinary circumstances. Thank those involved in protecting this vulnerable species.

Success: Saudi Arabian Women Granted Right to Solo Travel

Saudi Arabian women can now travel freely without male accompaniment or permission. This is an important step forward for a country long-saddled with patriarchal and sexist attitudes. Praise this most recent advancement in women’s rights.

Success: Beavers Protected From Hunting and Trapping

Beavers will no longer be threatened by hunting and trapping, thanks to a bold legal move. Beaver dams provide a safe haven for many endangered animals, meaning that those species will also benefit from this decision. Thank those who advocated for this important cause.

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